Kathy Lee Gifford: Cosby “Respected” My Decision To Decline His Advance

Kathy Lee Defends Bill Cosby

Kathy Lee Gifford is the latest female to put a Cosby encounter out there.

Here’s the twist — Gifford’s story is much different than what we’re heard from others. According to The Today Show host … Cosby “respected” her wishes after she declined his alleged kissing-advance.

Gifford put out that word during yesterday’s broadcast of her show, telling that the alleged incident went down back in the late 70’s. That’s when she says she and Cosby were on tour together.

Check out what Kathy Lee Gifford had to say about it:

“I will admit towards the very, very end of the last time I saw him, he did try to kiss me. I said, ‘No, Bill, no, we’re friends,’ and he said, ‘OK, good night,’ and I said, ‘Good night.’ And I went into my room, and he went into his room.”

A lot of married men come on to single women. But once I said, ‘No, absolutely not,’ he respected it.”


    • Are we forgetting that she ran a sweat shop that’s why Reggis got rid of her ass ?!!
      Let’s not forget that you never heard of bill not paying well on anything. !!!
      But this low down dirty broad forces people to make her rich for nothing, slave labor !! Next month she’ll be claiming she was touched by some one something.

    • AFTER 30 YEARS in my mind he has done nothing worthy of talking about ..IF ONE WOMAN HAD COME OUT 30 YEARS AGO then hey it might hold weight but at this point THERE ARE NO VICTIMS

  1. Kathy lee Gifford is a thisty ass opportunist, she just had to put her l spin trying to capture so exposure bitch stfu, u probably went in his room and tried to give him some, and he knew it was ran threw and didn’t want the shit, bitch stfu you just talk’en to be talk’en, you not get’en enough publicity, don’t nobody talk about your ol washed up skunk ass coochie bitch GTFOH wit that, you could’ve saved that bullshit you just said.

  2. She turned down marries Bill Cosby, but she accepted the then narrowed Frank Gifford…. Ok

    • @Dyvastyle; u r correct . She was messing around with Frank Gifford while he was married.

      Her revelation is pointless. It’s a shame that some ppl will do anything to try to remain relevant.

      Bill pissed somebody off. Maybe it will be revealed in the next set of hacked Sony e- mails.

    • I wouldn’t try to smash Kathy Lee, she aint my type of hype. But Shit, I might mess up and get the wrong vibe from her if she took a picture with me with her hand on my leg all close to my dick region.

  3. Sounds like a lie.
    She likes being on TV and slandering/ telling the truth about Cosby might jeopardize her career..


    • Remember, KLG is on an NBC show, and Cosby was also an NBC show. There could be some collusion I suppose.

      I think the dizzy headed alkie was attempting to help him out without going too far.

  4. And…this so-called “revelation” is important why? Does her account of anything make a difference in Bill Cosby’s current situation?

  5. Atleast Bill doesn’t have to pay out to none of these old ladies! I think Bill was being friendly to her and she just wants to talk for exposure. Sounds like a friendly goodnite thank you for the show kiss. I’ve been kissed by celebs and it meant nothing but a friendly kiss. Men just be careful of hungry women using their time with you to holler rape when nothing happened.

  6. If they were on tour then she knew daggone well what he was up to.. she would see women of all ages coming and going, usually in a stupor.

    I call BS.
    And get your hand off that muppets private region!

  7. Are people forgetting that this man admitted to giving a woman benadryl without her knowledge in a civil trial in 07? The woman went to the plice with her story and they refused to charge him so she filed a civil suit against Cosby.She had 13 other witnesses who could testify he did the same thing to him. I remember during that time a few news stations reported it ,but the storys soin went away. Wendy Williams even said he tried to get her fired for talking about it. The same way he just tried ti bully the black media into not reporting on the situation.

    • Thank you Gloria Allred for refreshing the memory of anyone who’d forgotten. And yes, his latest bullying attempt was noticed by those who have an unbiased view.

    • Agreed…Why are so many people jumping to his defense? Not every allegation took place “30” years ago. Some took place more recently. Bill Cosby is a big part of holly weird. if Bill Cosby was not famous , would you give more credit to the women taken advantage of and coming out years later? Lets get the “huxtables’ OUT OF OUR MINDS while we stand by for more of the story. You could have enjoyed the cosby show (not real) but it does not mean this man is truly ‘Heathcliff Huxtible”.

  8. At some point people need to realize that Bill ain’t shyt. Sorry Bill defenders but this is just way too much smoke for there to be no fire.

    • Not in the black community
      U can molest, rape and sexually abuse someone and still wear a crown
      Blacks live in constant denial and love protecting predators at times

      • He could only get more respect if he got sentenced to 20 years and came home..

      • anonymous 08:13 Yes and there are so many of us grown up women who are still tore up inside behind the ish that was allowed to go on in the name of “protecting” the family predator. It’s a generational curse.

  9. I believe he did it–maybe not all, but some–especially using the date rape drug. The drug was popular in the entertainment business and sports before the general public knew about it.

  10. Oh my God No one believes this chicken head…she’s drunk by 6 a.m. on wine every morning before the Today Show.

  11. This is not an illuminati set up,and there’s a such thing as the truth finally coming to the light which is happening to this gray headed pervert as we speak.

  12. Wendy just reported on her show that Spelman College has broken ties with Cosby after having been allied with him since the mid-80’s. As Wendy said, “NOBODY turns away big money without a damn good reason.”

    I imagine that the student body has a fair share of feminists, and they must have raised a ruckus about taking funds from an accused rapist.
    Cosby must have been their single largest benefactor I would think.

  13. okay trip down memory lane back in the 70’s Kathie lee was on name that tune singing like a soul sister.

    bill was like this white girl got soul and keeping it funky.



  15. don’t forget this is the same woman who helped Kris Jenner get Her own talk show.

    Bill, all the cheating and scheming is finally coming out, to cook and it’s hot and sizzling but it smells nasty

  16. Well, I’ll be damn…

    I’m working from home the rest of the week due to the upcoming holidays after being given an overly-generous cash gift from the the owner of our company in addition to a holiday bonus on our payroll & gifts for our kids. I’m feeling like the Belle of the Ball right about now…that is until I turned the tv on. (THIS is why I leave it OFF)

    As it is I NEVER watch mainstream tv EVER but immediately on the screen was the beginning of the Dr. Phil show of whom is STILL covering the Bill Cosby scandal. I’m actually letting it play, it’s still on & I’m still listening while I prepare 2015 overseas event schedules & invoices…in doing so I can tell you what I’m clearly gathered after “Media Whore Personified, Gloria Allred,” made her profound & clear point…IT’S COMES DOWN TO MONEY! I’m NOT at all discounting the stories of the “alledged victims.” Quite honestly, I believe most of them, however, Ms. Allred has purposed that retired judges hear the victim’s stories & collectively decide if the cases should be heard in court.

    THIS…in spite of “the fact that the statute of limitations has clearly expired in all these cases” yet there is a NEW expectation that Gloria Allred can somehow get the statute of limitations expiration removed &/or bypass it all together in an effort to get the alledged victim’s cases heard in court before a judge OR…force Bill Cosby to agree to an out of court settlement. (which he should not do)

    I strongly disagree with ALL these antics & clear violation of our already skewed judicial system for one HUGE reason & I wish someone would slap Gloria Allred in her greedy-ass mouth.

    IF they feel so inclined to push setting aside the statutes of limitations for the “alleged victims”of Bill Cosby then THEY SHOULD DO SO FOR ALL ALLEDGED RAPE VICTIMS, male & female alike. There should be NO special treatment for these women as if they are more deserving of seeking justice or a CASH SETTLEMENT than anyone else in their position. This is beyond unfair & extremely humiliating to every other rape victim in this country.

    IF our judicial system is allowed to do this it will SURELY MEAN IT IS OPEN SEASON ON ALL BLACK PEOPLE NOT JUST BILL COSBY.

    • Hey Ms Reg, I saw this story on another site, and I must say this whole Cosby ‘Pudding Pop Rapist’ ordeal has gotten beyond ridiculous at this point, even though he, like Tom Hanks, apparently has/had a reputation for this kind of behavior. Also, Allred’s quest for remuneration for white victims of alleged incidents from decades ago reeks of White Privilege, (White) Feminism, and yes, Media Whore-dom. The latter is especially evident when the fact that she seems to go the extra mile to divest successful black men of their money while increasing her bank account and media profile is considered. I’ve been wondering what your take on this whole ordeal is, considering your being ‘on the inside,’ so to speak.

    • In that article it says more than 2 women are seeking money. So, what about the other 28 who aren’t?

      Other ppl who know him.. other comedians.. have spoken out. Apparently, his ways aren’t a well kept industry secret..

  17. How r u sis? Yeah, I saw this yesterday. Something about this particular account sounds funny. He just opened the door, grabbed the ribs and raped her?? LOL…Something seems to be missing here. And I’m most certainly not saying this justifies rape, but why is she picking him up at his hotel? Maybe a rendezvous gone wrong? He didn’t pull out the cappuccino this time.

    • Hey @TB & @Raheim,

      I hope you both are in great spirits as the holidays are approaching. Love, peace & abundant blessings to you both, your friends & your families. I love you both but the thing is…I love you everyday, all the time NOT just on Christmas!!!

      With regards to Bill Cosby, I’m apalled at this debacle. There is a whole lot going on behind the scenes politically that are helping to add momentum to this scandal. I firmly believe some of the alledged victims are telling truth, however, I also feel it’s all quite a moot point…LEGALLY speaking. They know this & are working very hard to change this. Stripping wealthy black men of their money, social status & pride is the norm now it seems.

      This is no more than an elaborate $100M extortion scheme legally hosted by Gloria Allred right now. What’s so sad is even if Bill Cosby settled out of court & paid the money the “alledged victims” wouldn’t see 40% combined due to Ms. Allred’s fees.

      IF they get their way by having the rules regarding the statute of limitations set aside Bill Cosby will be DONE. He’ll be stripped of his fortune & his freedom.

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