Erica Mena’s Manager NOT Shot @ L&HHNY Premiere

Erica Mena Manager Albee Shot

HSK Exclusive – Despite numerous reports, Erica Mena’s manager, Albee, was not shot last night at the Love and Hip Hop New York premiere party held at the Salsa Con Fuego nightclub in the Bronx, New York.

Here the word according to Albee:

“Someone did get shot last night but it wasn’t me”

“I got five stitches because someone hit me with a bottle. But whoever reported I got shot is full of sh*t.”


  1. This Is What Happens When You Work For The Devil, Nasty Shyt Happens

    Mona’s Pimping Out Her Race For A Quick Buck, White People Are Laughing At Black People’s Down Fail

      • a long time ago a wise men told me not to bother with people who are ignorant and hateful, so I decided not to retaliate in mischievous behavior

        god dammit is Christmas next week, you people should be gift wrapping presents instead of causing hate

        no wonder black people are soo far back because of hatred in the black community

  2. Can someone tell this fool he should be happy anyone is even speaking his name out of their mouths as NO ONE KNOWS WHO THIS CLOWN IS?

  3. He is trying to get his foot in the door to be on the show lol…lahh before was a show of washed up rappers now its a show of who the f**k are these people??

  4. They actually showed daryl strawberry’s daughter leaving her own daughter in l.a. to fly to n.y. for the show wtf!!

  5. When you hang around with people like Erica Menace your bound to get hit over the head with a bottle or shot. Wake up this chick aint nothing but trouble. I hope Bow Wow wises up. Its not worth it. Didnt Benzino get shot up last season at his mother’s funeral. I guess anything for ratings right Mona.

  6. Mona is Haitian just like Haitian jack, Jimmy henchmen, yayo and q from worldstar. Tupac warned us on against all odds. Notice how Mona had the black girl from Hollywood say something disrespectful about greencards. Now it’s the blacks who are racist? How many black girls on love and mariachi? Notice no hint of racial tension in LA except the black girl with the green card comment. And the funny thing is the other check wasn’t even latin.

    • Hatians are bad tour saying? I’m not Haitian but I’m just curious about what you’re trying to say.

  7. Haitian’s Have A Slave Mentality They Love The White Men, Not The Other Men

    Mona’s Only Doing What She’s Been Told, To Bring Down The Black Human Race.

    Sadly These Washed Up Has-Beens Are Giving Her, What She Wants, For The Love Of Money And To Kick Start Their Bumbling Careers.

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