Porsha Williams Shaded For Having “No Star Power”


HSK Exclusive – Star power is something Porsha Williams seems to be missing!

That’s probably something Porsha didn’t consider when she agreed to have David Tutera’s reality TV show cameras join the event. Know why? No one from the RHOA’s cast — not even NeNe Leakes — showed up for the launch of her “Naked Lingerie” line.

Here’s what David Tutera was overheard saying:

“None of the Atlanta Housewives showed up for her big night! They’d have to get real creative with the editing to make it look like something.”



  1. Best wishes to you on your new lingerie line. May the goddesses and gods show you favor.

  2. I wish her success! Cuz she’s going to need it, as there are already established names in that niche market.

  3. I’m supposed to buy designer lingerie from a woman whose idea of fashion is a Hefty Bag tied around her waist?

  4. If I was her I would have gone the affordable makeup line route. Everybody loves makeup and looking good these days is a must it seems what with all of he cameras around us 24/7. She could have cleaned up.

  5. She looks so different in these pics. Maybe it is the make-up I guess looks kind of harsh. She usually looks very pretty.

    • her looks changes because she is always overloaded with makeup and fake hair and fake lashes so I guess it depends on the make up artist…I personally thinks she looks like a man..a very pretty man but a man never the less and I am positive that is what Kordell saw in her ….men on the downlow love that transvestite look

      • She’s My Little Pony with those batty lashes and that long face.

        But a cute pony!

        • I think ol Kordell was attracted 2 dat big Strap-On that iz standard equipment for da Fag Hags hoping 2 land a DL in da ATL.

          Congrats 2 her 4 stay N on da Grind doe.

  6. Miss Andy and the RHOA cast left Porsha out to dry. Lol. She dug her own grave by going on reality tv and letting these miserable broads get all in her head about her ex husband. Porsha better find a real job that african prince done dropped you like a bad habit.

    • Those women aren’t even loyal to Andy. They won’t attend the reunion shows without receiving a big bonus. They didn’t go to Porsha’s show because they just don’t care about her. Nice huh?

    • Miss P iz get N Ran Thru and Hung Out 2 Dry.

      Cold doe wit da girlz not show N up, after she let dem talk her n 2 fuk N up her Marriage.


  7. Poor thing, no showed up or did she invite her former castmates. Either way good luck to her, she will need it

  8. Porsha is a beautiful young black woman and she is doing the best that she can with the publicity she received from RHOA. Let’s face it, who knew who she was several years ago. Now she has some degree of
    fame and if she plays her cards right that translates into money, dollars and possibly wealth. On top of that she is beautiful. Worse case scenario, this venture fails and she says “OH Well Next” So stop being so judgemental and pessimistic.

    • Exactly! REGARDLESS of non support of cast members or whomever, she’s doing her, & i’m very proud of this sista! Do your thang Ms. Porsha!!!!

    • Yep, do u Porsha! At least she know where the underground railroad train stops at now
      jk : )

  9. Girl bye to you troll, did you buy any WHORE? ..I see you back in here WITCH..I think its very easy to spot your negative presence DEVIL aka TIPPIETOES!

  10. If David Tutootie thought things were going to have to be creative to make it look like something, he should have pulled a Tangy Superman move and save the day. Should have found a phone booth ran in that bitch and came out with some of Porschas signature girl drawers on. That would have been real creative.

    • And he should have too that other thing with that Fred G Sanford Smoking Jacket with him, they both could have been the faces of whatever the f*ck this dingbat has going on here. But props to her for creating something, that’s real.

      • Eddie, I’m pretty sure that’s his assistant in the smoking jacket. David Tutera used to be real smooth and not overly femme, but ever since he got the show “Celebrations with David Tutera” he has morphed into Liberace. At one time he was one of the tree top party planners in the US along with Preston Bailey and Colin Cowie. He’s even done stuff for Oprah. His brand has really suffered in the last two years.

        • Why has it suffered? I didn’t know about dude or what he does but if he was doing Oprah and now he is pushing Porsha products in two years, his elevator is about to bust through the basement with that Jupiter gravity pulling on it. We gon need to call a catastrophe clean up crew, it’s gon be ugly yall…

        • I don’t know how its suffered. He’s still booked for years to come and he still has his show.
          And that’s not his assistant. That’s Porshas gay friend from her Dish Nation show. I’d rather have them show up and show support that those Real Househos.

          • That was my bad on the gentleman in the photo. I have seen his show once, and I remember him having a black assistant so I incorrectly made the connection.

            Eddie I’m sure he had his reasons for shifting his career path from planning ultra high-end society weddings and galas for the rich and famous to having a reality show on basic cable, but I can’t imagine what those reasons could be other than the desire to be a “tv star.” lol

  11. Ever notice how all of Porsha’s stans are mostly dumb, thottish looking black women? It’s amazing how these SAME women praise an arrogant FOOL who doesn’t even know BASIC black history and an arrogant FOOL who trashes beauty queens (Cynthia, Kenya, Claudia) and doesn’t even apologize for yanking someone’s hair on national television. No, all I see is the “Porsha is such a beautiful woman” and this and that. Never mind she’s been HOEING with MARRIED men for a living! These same stans profess to be “godly” and all that crap. The hypocrisy of the black community is astounding! It really is! Oh and Porsha is NOT that pretty! Take away all that makeup and WEAVE and all you have is Bambi the deer. Also she’s got some BIG teeth. Thank goodness and Kordell didn’t reproduce cause that child would have been a hot mess!

    • I agree with you anon 10:35, and the most confounding element of Porsha’s ignorance of black history is that her OWN GRANDFATHER marched side by side MLKJr on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Alabama!
      That would be like having Earl Campbell as your grandpops and not knowing how many points are given for a touchdown.

      • Exactly!!! I’ve heard that her grandfather doesn’t have the best legacy in ATL though. Heard he used to steal and be an alcoholic, who knows. LOL point is, this chick is given waayyy too much praise because we NOW live in the era of the skank and we’ve been in this era for years now. If this was the 80s or 90s, Porsha wouldn’t stand a chance now!

        • @anon 21:09 Yeah, old Hosea was a mess in his later years, but that doesn’t negate what he stood for in his better days. He was a drunk, but I hadn’t heard anything about stealing. ?????

    • Damn you are angry tho! She musta either f*cked your man or cut in front of you as you were waiting in line in front of The Weave Shoppe.

      • LMBO sounds like something YOU’D do probably. I don’t wear weaves. I also don’t sleep with married men for money and then brag about it or brag about the fact that I yanked another woman’s REAL hair on national TV. I also know how many days and weeks there are in a year. Nice try troll.

        • LOL bitch calm down! I didn’t sleep with your man either. You always this angry? Probably . Esp since you found out that Kenya wears weaves too . Don’t be so.upset just cuz little ceasars now charges 6 dollars per pie . Maybe you will get super lucky and they will start accepting food stamps LMAO! Bitter old skank.

    • U sure aint lying @Anon 10:35 and @Anon 12:52
      Her fans are so dumb, clueless and transparent
      With no real substance
      The type who float along in life just in the middle with no real base
      Like @Anonymous 16:56 said, u got to watch sneaky cut throat hoes like Porsha cuz shes out to phuck your husband or your man just to get weave bundles
      Tee hee hee, Lol !
      But seriously u really have to watch sneaky fake hoes like Porsha, NeeHee, Fakedra and Im starting to think Kandi cuz she hang with these type of low down hoes

      • Exactly!!! I’m all about #teampretty honey, Kenya, Claudia, and Cynthia. I just want Cynthia to pick a side and STAY on it! Her husband was right the other night and it saddened me to see so many side against him. Once a trick tries to sabotage your job and money, that’s the end of that friendship!


  13. We Need More Business Driven Sista’s In The World Most Lingerie Line Are Owned By White People

    Black People Need To Run Their Business

    • True. Have a friend who is doing exactly that! And she’s doing well with it too. Our bodies are Da bidness so I support designers that deal in quality materials and colors that work well with my skin tone. Hard to relate to Victorias secrets when.most of those wearing it on runway are pale skinned yellow haired and a size zero

  14. Just because a chick was dating or f*cking a pro ball player doesn’t make her a celebrity! Damn these low budget cable tv networks have come up with a way to put no talent D-list groupies on tv. All of these chicks on reality tv are old, desperate pathetic; especially the ones who wear cheap horse hair weaves!

    • If the media has used cheap, desperate, no talent ass white women since the beginning of the cinema age, then WHY NOT some black ones? Fuck it, it’s called their “40 acres & a mule” sans the horse hair!

      • The standard women in the industry is white women and they can get away with being wretched (not ratchet). When will back people like you get it through your head nothing has change, black people in this country had remain in the same position. The jesters, mammies, mandingo, to black sex kitten (or Jezebel) has been given a an update version but still the same role. These black women was put up to give black women an ugly reputation and there’s a plenty of women of other races that look at us the way we’re portrayed on television. Most of the cast is addicted to plastic surgery, drugs , very much broke with no education or business sense. That’s what keep these women holding on and i forgot to add their whores. White women of other housewives, majority are actually rich, while some maybe dealing with fraud but they will not be shamed the way black women will.

    • The weave is her choice. I’m not down with criticizing black women about their hurr. That’s why so many wear wigs in the first place.
      Reality starlets are the showgirls of today. They are what burlesque dancers used to be in the 50s and 60s. You didn’t have to be talented. You just had to be pretty. Have big hair and tits, and bag a rich guy. Why hate? Whether people like it or not reality shows are a path to fame these days. Porsha is the same loveable ditz Lucille Ball, Goldie Hawn, suzanne Sommers pretended to be. Granted she really is dumb but people like her. And she’s not famous because she married a baller. Shes still around because people want to see her win, whereas they want to toss NeighNeigh Beakes into the ocean with a cement collar around her neck.e

      • I was behind Porsha until she attacked another black sister queen by her real natural hair on national tv
        A sister queen (Kenya) who knocked down barriers in the 90s, The 1st natural cocoa brown sister who became Ms USA
        I dont give phuck what Kenya have done or have said
        They ALL need to bow down and ALWAYS give her
        Her due respect cuz if it wasnt 4 Kenya accomplishments, there would be no dark skin beautified sisters on tv or in ANY beauty front line capacity

        • Very well said! Also I notice that outside of ghetto black people not a LOT of other races are really checking for Porsha. Most of her fans look and act stupid like HER. However, I’ve seen people of all races compliment Kenya on social media and some of these white media outlets LOVE her. Access Live, Anderson Cooper, KTLA (LA News station), and etc. Not to mention Porsha also went after Wendy Williams and notice how none of the HWs have been back since. I’ve always said Porsha was pressed over Kenya not wanting to be friends with her and I’ve never gotten the hype on this basic chick. Hell, I’d rather see Kordell win!

          • Thank you Anon 18:24 and Anon 21:24
            Its like an agenda to tear down the image of elegant classy graceful women of color and introduce loud mouth, dim witted
            and sneaky insecure women of color
            Granted, Kenya knows what makes good tv
            But whats with the face scratching hair pulling antics? Like we are uncivilised. angry creatures who cant express ourselves otherwise
            Smh. It digust me so much to see someone who represented us in such a great way be attacked by an grandchild of a legacy who went through great lengths so that we may have equal rights and dignity in a great way
            Its such a sad state we are living in now

        • LOL….omg@ all the fake cosigning. Kenya wears pieces in.her long natural hair and talks mad shit while doing so. Her ass is fake and so is her personality. Yall team Kenya cosigners can have that wench. She didn’t rep anything well for me . Shea another used up stank ass hoe that sells ass as a sideline. Gtfooh with that queen bs.

  15. You all need to stop hating on Porsha. She is a business woman in the beginning of starting up her companies. At least she knows he market and opportunity and is taking advantage of her platform. You know that queen Andy and queen Carlos did not allow those other puppets to attend her event because she actually set limits on what they could video about her life. She still get that Bravo check, Dish Nation Check, Naked Hair check and now the Naked Lingerie check. One boat don’t stop no show…she is sailing out on another boat. Keep you bad wishes for others in tact and forcus on building your business and brand. Much continued success Porsha.

    • Smh
      Sorry but Porsha hates on Porsha
      If u dont believe me just ask the married African Prince and all the other married men she fool with
      “To make her moves happen”

      • Kordell needs to tell us what’s up with those late nights in the park. Uhhhh huhhhh.

  16. The butterfly wrist tattoo is bothering me. Tattoos are for bikers, whores, faux eccentrics and hoodrats. Henna is awesome and non permanent.

    Hope she is successful peddling panties.

  17. We Need To Respect The Black Women, Stop Knocking Their Hustle.

    Porsha On The Other Hand Isn’t Very Smart, She Married A Basket Ball Player, Now She’s Single And Still Dumb

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