Karrine Steffans Files Restraining Order Against Columbus Short

karrine steffans columbus short restraining order

A week after kicking Columbus Short to the curb, Karrine Steffans has received a temporary restraining order against the actor.

According to sources, Superhead was granted the restraining order after she made claims he’s a drunk who goes crazy at least three times a week. He also allegedly kicked in their bedroom door, and threatened to “beat her 18-year-old son like a man.”

Columbus has been ordered to completely move out the home.

“I don’t want a divorce — the temporary order of protection is tough love so Columbus realizes he needs to get treatment for his drinking,” ~ Karrine Steffans

Columbus says he doesn’t want a divorce either, but also claims they aren’t legally married…something HSK hinted at earlier this year.


  1. NOPE….sorry, WTH is really going on? I didn't even read the damn story yet…
    Exactly WHEN did they get married…to each other??? Ms Reg, Sasha, DaRadiant1, you people will need to explain ALL this shit right here because a playa is straight up CONFUSED AS HELL right about now!
    Didn't she just very publicly put his ass and all the belongings he had at her house OUT in the lobby of her building and left his ass sitting on the right corner of her phone sitting in a chair quietly looking at his phone? Now what the hell is REALLY going on in that camp?

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