Kardashians: “Only One of Us Smashed The Game”

the game kardashians smashed

The Game released his new track “Sauce,” and claimed he had sex with three Kardashian sisters. Everyone has been trying to figure out which three sisters were desperate enough to let Game smash, and now, the family is speaking out.

The K-klan says Game is lying when he says he slept with three of them…because he has only been with one sister.

A source tells TMZ “you can count out Kylie, Kendall, Khloe, Kourtney and Kris … none of them had sex with Game.”

So that leaves one person…Kim…what a surprise. The two even dated back in the day.

TMZ says Game reached out to Kanye to “get his blessing for the song,” and Kanye said “he didn’t have a dog in the fight.” You know Kanye is obsessed with all of Kim’s previous sex partners so he was probably all giddy when he heard Game’s track.

What a weirdo.


  1. Wow, why brag about having even one of these women? O_O

    Speaking of Black men who cape for Becky and all the other good white folk, Sasha can you do on article about the caped COON crusader Sheriff Clark. Um about to to pop a casket up here looking at the news.

    His own words….

    “When social order collapses tribal behavior takes over. The law of the jungle replaces the rule of law and that’s why you end up with what you saw. Last night it was a little better, not good enough for me. I won’t be satisfied until these creeps crawl back into their holes.”

      • No, because he bends over backwards to save any white woman in distress including his white wife. I suggest you do your due diligence and research the man before you start making excuses for him. The man is the epitome of self hate. And I'll be your Kneegress today but what will you be tomorrow?

        He said he wont be satisfied until these creeps crawl back into their holes. Hmmmm, crawl or buried in holes? I bet good ole Amerikkkans know what he meant. Don't believe me? Ask Rush Limbaugh, he keeps a hard on for him.

        Do me a favor and wake the hell up, oh my bad, you are…. Never mind.

        • I didn't know he had a white wife. hmmm

          They're grooming him for the next election as a VP candidate. Perhaps a senator in the meantime. He knows he's going places that's fo sho.

          • Yes, and she is opening doors for him that would not be opened to him if his wife was Black. Watch to vid of him where the above quote was taken from, listen to the vile in his voice, you can tell that he wanted to call us apes in the jungle like his ass is not Black smh. Everyone at that protest was not vandalizing and looting but he pegged us all as being of a tribal culture, wth does that mean?

            You are right he is going places, he's right in Walker's pocket and we know who he answers to. This is a power play to make a name for himself. He asked Walker to call in the National Guard because his lilly white friends didn't want a "repeat of Ferguson" when they have no jurisdiction in the matter, they can call them but the police chief makes that decision as whether they can deploy them. And believe me they had every other county near Milwaukee chomping at the bits to come and back them up if you know what I mean.

            Milwaukee like Chicago is a political petri dish. Sheriff Clark hates the fact that police chief Flynn has more jurisdiction than him and add the fact that Milwaukee County Executive Abele (Scott Walker's old job) cut funding from the sheriffs department and gave it to the police department and what you have is a big ole pissing contest and guess who the piss falls on? Umm hmmm, us. It's a contest as to whom can best keep us corralled in the inner city and away from their jobs and suburbs.

            Just for shits and giggles google chief Brier of Milwaukee, that's what they want to go back to….Yep, the good ole days when Blacks knew their place. Boy, I tell ya! Only in AmeriKKKa Kids!

            • Hey BE! How are you?? I've been of this piece for a minute. lol Hope everything is fine where you are.

              • Hey Puerto Rican Princess! I am taking it day by day, I know we (the old gang LOL) used to talk about where ground zero would be, I never thought that it would start where most of my family is, smh.

                Hope all is well with you and yours too as well as all of our old friends here. Miss you, them, the dialog and the knowledge that was shared.

                ((((Praying for us all))))

              • You already know. Nice to talk to you again and see you out here droppin' that knowledge. Alright love, you stay strong and powerful like you are. 🙂
                We'll have future dialogue, I'm sure.

    • TMZ says Game reached out to Kanye to “get his blessing for the song,” and Kanye said “he didn’t have a dog in the fight.”

      Now Chris you know he is, he lives vicariously through her. Probably lost it when game called….lil bimp.

    • @Chris! Do you really have to wonder??? Uuuuuugh, I understand you giving someone the benefit of the doubt, buuuuuut Kanye! Nah!???

    • @ Sarah! Yes Boo! These Negroes are perceived as "progressive" by the masses, and if you state otherwise, your hating! Lmao!…..Industry folks are disgusting!…Industry Negroes are the most insidious, debased, sumbitches on the planet! They always have to prove how much they're down for whatever!?????

  2. It is really a SAD SAD DAY when a BLACK man has the audacity to BLAST the fact that he SLEPT with A HOE! Good Job THE GAME! It's even a SADDER DAY when a BLACK man has the NERVE to open his mouth and say "THIS IS THE WOMAN I'VE ALWAYS WANTED"! That SAID WOMAN has SLEPT with just about every man around, has a well known sex tape, and is a NASTY EDOMITE! GREAT JOB KANYE! Both of Ya' ll are such HUGE IDIOT'S and all the rest of you who deal with these succubus's! You don't stand for something you fall for anything!

  3. If think he slept with all of them maybe not the one with three kids I don't she likes black men those women should be ashamed of themselves they have kids and it's tapes and song's all about them please god when will this family of sluts and pimps go away.

  4. Im sorry, but black men in 2016 are a f*cking joke for the most part. Not all, but too many to f*cking count. Black men are so goddamn petty, and to announce some shit like this? Even for brownie points is completely ridiculous. I see so many black men on social media each day bragging about how petty they are, and about the petty shit that they've done. And though I wish I could say that I would like to expect better from them, it's not too hard to understand where they get their behavior from when you look at who's raising them. The game is a father, and he should be at least trying to be a better example for his children. Rap has become more and more of a un-evolved dick measuring contest :/

    • Instead of bashing who's raising them…why don't you bash the MF's that are:
      – walking out on them in droves
      – not sending an iota of monetary support
      – nor providing any emotional stability
      – waiting until they're grown to meet them…and
      – leaving them to figure out how to be men?
      Start and end THERE.

      • black women swirl theleast the majority of black women are pregnant by black men… that's logic so it's black man ditching their children by the millions that's fax let's stay with the fax.

        By the millions black men abandon their children yet you have simps bragging about banging white trash whores … all that for approval from white man!

        • @??? Yup! That's why most of us are suffering. I'm starting to see more of our sisters opting of child birth altogether!

      • No, blaming the one's who raised them is placing blame in the right place. Anyone who knows anything about humans and the human condition knows that everything goes straight back to childhood. People don't raise themselves. A lot of black men are the way that they are because they were raised by single black mothers, and broken homes. Many of these women chose to have them in these poor conditions, and without men being in the household. When you look at the widespread dysfunction in the black community, and those who largely allowed it to happen, you'll able to piece together exactly where the blame lies.

        • The game had a beautiful smart hardworking woman like Tiffany yet he still couldn't do right by her and walked out. You really can't blame black women all the way for this. Even when we try it doesn't work out.

        • @Truman. NOPE. See you trying to be slick and blaming black women for the problems of black America that's not gonna work.

          See the reality is a lot of black man are the way they are because their father chose to abandon the families their fathers chose to have sex without condoms to anchor the woman their fathers are to blame that is the circle of mass fatherlessness.

          If you lived in diverse life like I do you would understand the importance of fathers in all cultures. Toxic black Americans love to blame the mothers as though there were immaculate conception!

          What I have learned by socializing with men of other races is the father is the head of the household and black American men abandoning their families is a scandal that all other races talk about you think they're just talking about black women think again.

          you can keep pointing to the mothers wheress the entire world is finger pointing towards the father. Or lack of!

          The young man who just got killed in Milwaukee his own damn father admitted he f*cked up and wasn't male role model there are millions more black males like that.

          • 75% of black children in the community are born to out of wedlock mothers, and usually in very poor conditions. Im not pulling facts out of my ass either, these are actually proven statistics you can look up. Most of the black male dysfunction is attributed to the breakdown of the black family household, and mothers CHOOSING to have kids out of wedlock in favor of government handouts, and extracting child support. While the boy in Milwaukee had a deadbeat father, that is not an excuse to deflect from the problem of single black mothers in the community. The Milwaukee boy killed is just 1 single example, and second, his mother is some responsibility in how her boy came up as well. Had his mother chosen to have him by a good man, who wanted to be there for him, he wouldn't have ended up in the predicament that he ended up in.

            • Still the dumbest sheep of all, there is no one party to blame it is the entire system that was set up against us from the beginning.

              • women don't CHOOSE to have a baby out of wedlock in favor of government handouts. You sound out of touch and stupid. You sound like you got your street smarts from a white man's college. Take your statistics and shove it up your ass.

              • you sound like a fagot from west bubbaf*ck town. how many 7 elevens they got in your Hamlet. bytch ass and tell your father take his panties off

              • I troll up your ass cuz you sound stupid as f*ck. your circle is local and you commenting out big time shit. you wack as wack as wack. wack bitch. lmaooooooooooooo. don't come to harlem with that shitl

              • The only stupid MotherFucker here is you. You sound like a fat white bitch booty lickin' inbred.

              • "Blackness yarns from boredom" how somebody sound fat???? your officially retarded.

              • Ever the weak bitch who has to use my words…go shove a dick down your gullet that will keep you from yarning.

              • its spelled "yawning" learn how to spell moron. lmaoooooooo…..wow. excellent exposure I did to you…showed your true rage over kardashians. Hate is a mofo ain't it. it will consume you. lmaooooooooo

              • Bitch I said what I said for a reason, keep your mouth open…I have something to shove in it, lol.

            • 100 @ 05:43 I can attest to what you said. In general white people have a lot of respect for BW and the hard road to hoe they have with raising kids by themselves(of course I am only speaking of single parent households.) You NEVER hear white people doggin' BW like Tommy Sotomayor does. I mean never.

              Most of the side eye and scorn is directed to the men who walk away.

          • I know him, he is a childhood friend. Believe me, I don't think he intended to grow up to be who is, he was a product of his environment (drugs and prostitution) and I am sure that if he and I had better role models (a father figure) our lives would probably have turned out differently.

            That is the reason that I don't watch the news, it's getting closer and closer to home. This time it was too close to ignore, I applaud him for taking responsibility for his son. It's a crying shame though, the news had the camera right in his face when he had just came from viewing the actual spot that his son was killed at and clearly not in his right mind (exhausted with grief). Yeah, these parasites love to get "raw emotion" on camera and turn around and use it against you.

            Praying for him and his family at this time for their loss and so many others in Milwaukee who have lost loved ones to violence of Black on Black crime and police brutality. There is a special kind of hatred in Milwaukee you have to have lived here to fully understand. There is so much more to this story and the Black police officer who shot him, stay tuned….

            Just like that girl who shot the pregnant woman in the chest and not only killed her but also her unborn child and for what? Because she wouldn't turn her music down and she felt like she was disrespecting her O_o! Killed her right in front of her mother then her younger brother was murdered 3 weeks later because he backed into someones car and kept going. That's some serious pain and loss for anyone to endure. Lord, we need to get it together people. As parents we need to take better care of our children, a Black female and male unit is the only way we can turn this around, its the only way to save our future.


    • These men that you speak of, are socially engineered, and subhuman! I know that what I say is harsh most times, but reality isn't pretty, now is it? These Negroes are the hate, that hate created. Over a 40 or 45 year span, the government has worked tirelessly to sell Negroes a Jewish created Americana dream, cosigned by so-called Black leadership! Negroes have the illusion of inclusion, and are so misguided and debased, that they'll accept other races of people that admittedly, don''t respect Blacks as a consensus, and only tolerates them! I. E. The term (Racial Tolerance), That only means that we're going to only put up with your stinking asses, until we figure out how to completely get rid of you, since we can't deport you, or send your ass some where! Okay! The people that we all can agree are too far gone to save, should be examined as a cautionary subject…We shouldn't continue to exhaust our energies, trying to figure out how to save them! They don't want to be saved, nor should they be. Most people today don't even have souls! ✌✌✌✌

      • You have a good point here. Social engineering and horrible horrible parenting. It all starts in the home first!

        • Real life sets in for all, no matter what you home life is. People do what they do to survive in their environment.

  5. Pretty sure kanye could a gotten more classy ww how on earth did he settle with this.I know kanye is embarrassed and just acting.deep down it must hurt all thEse dudes claiming smashing your wife.

  6. Man you can just feel the estrogen flowing on this page.

    It's palpable…..Ladies, are you seriously not getting why Kanye thinks he's the winner in the KK Derby?

    Do you not get the fact that her sexual history is not an issue? The only thing that matters is that he "won" the ultimate f*ck who had tried and tested all the contenders and chose HIM!!

    It was similar back in the day with Pam Anderson when she was hot and on Baywatch. EVERY white rocker in the biz wanted her, and they didn't give a flip that she had been with most of them.
    She was the prize, "the f*ck of the century" as she was known. Even tho she was a slut, she never had a problem getting dudes to marry her….one married her TWICE.

    Same with Kim. I promise that when she and Kanye eventually break up, she will have no problem finding #4. She is the Liz Taylor of this millenium.

    • You're correct. She is the Liz Taylor of the 2000s. HOWEVER, any man that feels he's "won" a community hoe needs his manhood checked. She will NEVER OUTGROW her reputation no matter how much money or adulation little boys like Koon-yea pay her. And when he finally wakes up to see just how big a fool he really was/is, the judge will be striking his gavel telling him to pay that heffa everything he has, prenup not withstanding.

      • Mama you're not wrong, but peep this: Kim is now worth twice what Koonyea is, and it's growing exponentially everyday. I am am willing to bet that they part with what they each have, and if anything she may end up handing him a house or cash. This is atypical of the usual swirl celebrity marriage.

        • Not necessarily. If that 'designer' deal he has with I forget the company off hand is correct that fool has set himself up (through whatever means he got there) to be a billionaire.

    • Kanye is a laughingstock! White man who run the world only f*ck her behind closed doors none of them would ever marry her especially now that she is tarnished with those trick babies.

  7. Kim k is not a catch no way!no sensibleman wifing that..I'm kanye fan but this ish outta hand..now the game claiming smashing? Damn kanye lost I'm disappointed
    starting to think amber rose slutty self might be slightly more decent. Never thought I'd caller amber decent. I'm actually scared kanye wifed Kim…it's such a mystery to me I'm Still baffled. I mean I'm really dumbfounded unless he did it for some financial incentives.

  8. The Kartrannians are viewed by yt as nyggers! That's why society doesn't care how many blac men they fornicate with, marry, abuse, demean, humiliate, and get impregnated by. Like nyggers, they entertain yt folks. They aren't welcome in all places and can't socialize with the uppercrust. They are viewed as nyggers. They don't talk about it and don't believe it because of their skin color but it's true. They are popular because they entertain the masses like any other blac performers.

      • so its 24 hour dick access. Male Thots. Game smells like a prostitute. If he could get pregnant everytime he f*cked someone he'd have 20 kids. Tired of everybody making the female look bad. She could f*ck whoever she want. WTF??? Like the f*ckin prehistoric era up in this bitch. Just found this site and I want to throw up my lunch with all this sexist, double standard, one sided philosophy. GTFOH!!!

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  9. I wouldn't f*ck Kanye with Game's dick. How you gonna ask Kanye is it ok if you speak about someone else???? Ask the person you dissin' if its ok. WTF, Kanye owns them like property? Thought slavery was illegal.

    • What difference does it make? If the bitch hadn't f*cked every famous black man walking this would not be a story in the first place.

      He wifed up a superho, so bitch ass nig's wanting to speak on it, comes with the territory.

      • Famous black men?????? Kanye and the Game are sucka bitches. Famous black men??? please. They mofos would dick and got good p*ssy for their weak ass raps they put out there. If they didn't have cash they wouldn't get any ass. Period.

        • Bitch are you famous? No….

          So until you have a story written about you have several seats…f*cking trash bag.

          • yeah I am bitch ass. real famous. Famous for checking broken down bitches like you. lmaooooooo

  10. "Babies out of wedlock, she's a 24 hour access, everybody had her!" Blah, blah, blah. That bitch got her own cash and is f*ckin having the time of her life f*cking those mandingo dicks. good for her.

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          • I walk my own path bitch. I ain't gotta agree with you or the masses. following mofos. think for yourself you mentally crippled bitch.

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      Stop foaming at the mouth, wait you can't been eating ya mom's ass too long….lol.

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          • gogurt DEAD

            Y'all are pretty funny together…maybe u could be the next King and Queen of Comedy?

            A for whether Kim is f*cking A listers or wannabes. I know for a fact that nearly every black man in Hollywood on the A list has had her or tried. They just keep it quiet.

  11. Why is everyone trying to figure out which 3 Kardashian sisters did game smash? There are ONLY 3 Kardashian girls. The other 2 are Jenner's. Too easy.





  13. Its funny how they Game allegedly asked Kanye for permission
    Lol! Remember the video with Kanye acting like a waiter and a table for Kim
    No 1 asked Kanye for permission, Game probably asked Mama Kris for permission

  14. Is The GAME on Taylor Swift's payroll? Petty azz shit. "called kanye to get his blessing"… LOL
    Becky Swift sitting in the background rubbing her hands, taping the convo on snapchat for later LOL!

  15. I bet my next paycheck any black man who screws around with a white bitch has never read the autobiography of Malcolm X.

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