Kanye & Kim’s Honeymoon Hoax

Kanye & Kim Honeymoon Hoax

“Kanye is staying with Riccardo in Italy… after the wedding, he and Kim went their separate ways.”

HSK Exclusive – They may have you believe they’re together in Ireland for their supposed honeymoon… but an insider tells us Kanye and Kim are doing anything but that. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Riccardo Tisci, who Ye’s said to be with bromancin’ in Italy.

This, while Kim’s reported to really be… “in L.A preparing to help Kendall launch her own reality show”.

“Kim avoided cameras when she came back to the States.”

Our tipster tells us that’s the reason behind the set of spoof pics of the pair’s honeymoon… adding, “it’s all to throw people off”.

Check out what else our source spills:

“Kris Jenner is managing Kendall and Kim’s helping. Kendall just got her own apartment… where cameras will be following her for the show.”


  1. Yes we kind of knew that well not every one they still by this crap. I have a real question feel free to answer if you know but is there any one in Hollywood that haves true love real love not some make believe shit. Just asking. And we do not need another one of them with a reality show this family is a train crash they all need therapy especially Robert.

  2. Kim is just another beard who will do anything to get publicity. She has no talent to speak of and we wouldn’t know her name if it weren’t for a bad sex tape. She will disappear eventually, in the meantime lets just ignore her.

    • Well when? We been seeing this woman for the last few YEARS and its not seeming to slow down yet alone stop.

  3. I guess this is just another business deal like Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage. I feel sorry for Kanye because he seems lost.

  4. He shouldn’t have let them kill his mama. Then maybe he wouldn’t be so sad & lost.
    Laugh now, cry later I suppose

  5. I think calling them a beard couple is too black and white. They have an arrangement, but its very mutually beneficial. He mistakenly believes she us some sort of prize since she is basically white with long hair. She is tired of sex work and about to age out of being a top escort. Kendall is younger, prettier and fresher so Kim desperately needed a new gig. Plus Kanye is probably a kinder more easy going Pimp than her mother. Also, Kim did her part and produced the required baby, now she has more access to Kanye s funds. it works for both of them so in a way I think they genuinely love each other in a way.

  6. these so called power couple most of them are fake their husband are either sexing a men dry or the wifes are humping a female

  7. I don’t think he wants to be with her because she is a long haired white prize; rather because she insures that his picture will be in the tabloids and on entertainment TV every week thus keeping him in the spotlight. That means more to him than love or money.
    If he wanted love he would choose to live openly with Riccardo, and if his money was his number one priority he wouldn’t have married an entitled millionairess who will undoubtedly claim her 50% and then some when the marriage arrangement collapses.

    • They might have a pre nup, so her getting half is not a forgone conclusion. And I really don’t think he would go all out like thus for a black girl who sucked dick and got pissed on ,on video. I do think he’s color struck

      • They have one but Kris will find a way for Kim to get all of his money she is working on that now.

        • Yes! That is why Kris is hiring Suge Knight as her family bodyguard????? Anybody following what happening!

      • If I’m not mistaken, 50% of money acquired during the marriage is the bare minimum which will be awarded to each spouse. I’m sure that there is a prenup protecting both of them, remember Kim is very wealthy too, and it would address the limitations of the split of their other assets as well as protect monies acquired prior to the marriage.

          • Yes! That is why Kris is hiring Suge Knight as her family bodyguard????? Anybody following what’s happening or about to happen!

      • @anon 15:23 my point was that if he was merely color struck there are a million ww he could have married. His interest in Kim specifically is driven by all the media attention she brings him.

        • Tptb gave permission for him to marry kim. shes the only 1 into the same shit as him

  8. they made money on the wedding, and now he gets to stay in Rurope with his boyfirend. ( He designed her wedding dress – I thought it was ugly)

    This is too over the top!

  9. marriage turned into a money grubbing activity and little children lost in the shuffle. sick!

  10. If I remember correctly, Kim and the other K siblings will receive $25.00 million each from their fathers trust. I think its at the age of 35 years old. Kim’s net worth will be increasing soon enough. The pre-nup was mentioned. I think its a million for each year up to a max of like 10 million.This doesn’t include child support tho. Atleast that’s what the blog said or something like that.

    • I doubt he was worth in the neighborhood of 100 million. He ws a lawyer, not an oil tycoon. Not hating, just stating…I think likely they each get a million or two. Remember Paris Hilton only got 900,000 k from her extremely wealthy grandfather. And Tori Spelling got less than that. Sometimes when these celebrities are so money grabbing its because they really don’t have it like that. I really don’t think the K clan have as much hard cold cash money as they put out there .

      • It is documented that Robert K. Sr. was involved in several other business ventures. One of his ventures had to do with music. It is documented that he set up trusts for all four kids for 25 million each but its not available to them until their 35th birthday. It’s documented. Check it out.

        • Kourtney is now 35 and able to receive her trust. She recently bought a bigger,much more expensive house and having all those kids and boyfriend’s not rich. She knows she is set and so are the kids. Supposedly Scott and her looked at Kimye’s new diggs and decided they wanted a bigger place as well.

          • Is that true? Because TMZ reported that for the show both her and her mother use fake facades . In other words they dim more expensive homes and pretend the K folks live there, but actually their digs are a lot more modest. Kims 1.5 million condo, she owns, but why can’t she and Kanye afford to finish their new mansion?

            • Do you know what a trust fund means? They don’t have the Money yet. Courtney is the only one that has real liquid wealth right now.

            • Oh f*ck you with your snide ass bitch, talking about do I know what a trust fund is. Yes bitch. It pays quarterly dividends . If you have 25 mill just sitting there likely that’s like 250,000 k per annum at least. So kiss my ass. I don’t believe they have it like that and that’s why Kim still turns tricks, and Kourt doesn’t own that house she films in.

          • Scott has $$$$ remember his parents liked in the hamptons & they both recently died…Bruce has more $$$$ than their real dad…

            • They didn’t live in the Hamptons. They lived in Eastport. Big difference. Even west hampton and hampton bays are not “the hamptons “

        • Nooo, it was not no 25 mil a piece o__O what they got was a couple of million 2 to 3million each which was from his life insurance policy upon his death. Their father was an attorney not Donald Trump.

          • Thank you. So tired of these k sucking trolls showing up and lying on their behalf. The Ks have some money but most of what they have they earned off Kims overstuffed ass.

  11. Ok whatever. We knew he would wanna be with his boyfriend.

    Whats up with Beyonce, her braids and that little corner piece they need to snatch up and cornrow.

    Oh and the lollipop. Meltdown coming?

    Rihanna’s pink wig is also signaling some sort of personality switch.

    Oh, btw Solange seems unbothered 😉

  12. Everyone knows that kanye purchased and created a family to “try” and hide his Booty livin ways, but its not very convincing,actually it never has been, nobody has ever bought into this fake ass production..

  13. Kim is the engine driving this relationship, Kanye is the passenger. As others have stated, Kim is a 24 hour news cycle for him. The people can see that the marriage is bizness. What sane blackman punks himself for a bunch of whitewomen like this for sport? The gay ish speaks for itself, he’s a fashion expert all of a sudden…Who Knew? What a waste of talent and blackness!!!

  14. 1) Her son’s death was to traumatize Anna. It’s a common technique used in MK programming. ANS was an MK slave. Google any of her pics and she was always dressed like that of the sex kitten modeled after the OG mk slave Marilyn Monroe.
    2) Her death was a typical MK death.
    3) As far as who killed her, could have been anyone you mentioned or that lawyer/handler she was with.

  15. hes dead too talking about annas stepson who was old enough to be her dad.

    anna married old dude for his money she didn’t care about about his health she barely spent time with dude.

    all anna cared about was spending his money.

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