Charli Baltimore Exposes Irv Gotti as Sexual Predator!

Charli Baltimore vs Irv Gotti

“I was scared… I thought he was gonna rape me.”

The former music exec at the center of Charli Baltimore’s recent recollection of the time she says she was “approached on a sexual level to further her career” has been identified as Irv Gotti.

In a shocking, and candid, interview… the lady lyricist reveals the shocking details — around the time of her debut — which she equated to being, “like going to jail and you’re the fresh meat.” Insiders are now pegging Irv Gotti as being the center of the dirty details.

Here’s what Charli Baltimore revealed:

“I don’t care if you’re 900-pounds and stank! They still gonna try you. I’ve been in a few situations where I was totally blown back by a person’s behavior…

I was in a meeting with a very high powered person… not a rapper, an executive… and we were sitting maybe four-feet apart having a conversation… Like we talking now, just about something regular. And this is when DAT’s were out, member DAT’s? He asked me to flip the DAT…

So I get up, walk up, flip the DAT… how long does that take, like 10-seconds? I turn around and you’re there with your penis out, rock hard, jerkin’ off.

… I was scared because I was like, ‘Is he gonna rape me?'”


  1. This bitch done sucked and f*cked every big name in hip hop and still got nowhere lol smh.She must feel really stupid now.Someone should of told her a hoe words has no credibility.

    • lol Pretty much. Her boy Cam’ron put her on blast in an interview with Miss Jones back in early ’06 about his beef with Jay-Z and then-recent diss song where, after Miss Jones, who was friends w/Charli, said something to the effect of ‘Charli been twisting dudes’ heads,’ to which Cam said “…How you think she’s been in the Industry 8 years with no album?” Speaking of which, Charli knew what the game was (Not to say rape and coercion aren’t wrong, because they always will be, just saying).

  2. Irv must not have game if he cannot just get the ho over his house and do his thing. If true, he will not sue for slander.

    • ikr.. bein a female rapper IS NOT FUN AT ALL!! ESPECIALLY IF UR NOT A PROSTITUTE.. u gotta be a full blown prostitute hoe to deal with these nuccaz… shit was CRAAZZZYY EVEN IN THE 90s I had to STAY STRAPPED YA HEARD!!!

      • Sorry to know you had to experience this firsthand, and go to such extreme to protect yourself simply to do something you love and earn an income from it. You should write a survival manual for young women interested in entering the industry.

    • Hell yeah! I’ve been in a similar situation before (guy I was visiting came in the room casually & had his d!ck out). Like…how do you justify having your d!ck out if I didn’t insinuate permission for you to use it?? I ran! That is some creepy sh!t indeed.

  3. Irv is no different from anyone else in the music industry. Charli is a used up old rag still trying to get noticed. This isn’t even newsworthy. At least he is a man trying to get with a woman. Most of these men of power in the industry are trying to get other men.

  4. Normal part of this sick industry whether you’re male or female and then you’re videotaped for blackmailing purposes later. When an artist says they’ve paid dues believe them….a lot of penis taken in a lot of places to get on pun intended.

  5. I guess that proves Ashanti slept with a married Irv Gotti because her career went to the top. Now Charli Baltimore is nothing special either I couldnt see her career being bigger even if she slept with Irv.

    • Ehh…She’s attractive, can rap, and writes her own shit, unlike a multitude of female rappers. Her problem is, along with not being able to get albums released, she simply isn’t a good mainstream rap songwriter–Her music is better suited for Mixtapes, sorta like Remy Ma, though she shines on occasion.

  6. the music industry is………not good people are doing nasty disgusting stuff to famous “ask yourself” is it worth it

  7. I dont think Charli had that look that good have taken her to the next level. I dont care how much dicks were sucked I just dont find her attractive. Didn’t she used to be Biggie’s girl nuff said!

    • No homo, but on what planet was Biggie’s girls not cute? Faith Evans? Lil Kim circa 1996? And I thought Charlie Baltimore was a very cute girl.

  8. All that and she stayed with Murder Inc. and was all up in the videos. So why cry about it now?. Nobody is checkin for Irv or her so this is old news. She should tell some Biggie stories then maybe somebody will care.

  9. Everybody was f*ckin everybody in the 90’s period point blank ashanti,charli b,eve,vita,amillian all them went threw the ranks just to be on there respective labels nothing new here..

  10. I don’t care if she played the game, she telling the truth about the industry. If we run down people trying to expose the shit it will never get out into the open. When people speak the truth they should be applauded not shamed into running back into the darkness.

    • Who said she was lying? A common theme around these parts is the shadiness of the Entertainment Industry, especially as it pertains to females. That’s a fact just like many of the other things people said about Charli here.

  11. I never said anyone called her a liar. I said running her down. People do change. I give em that chance to change. If she exposing the shit why run her down. People always wish someone would come out and tell the truth, someone does and all people have to say is she’s a slut. Maybe so, but their the ones that know the most and can expose the truth.

  12. I don’t see anything wrong with her telling a cautionary tale, if that’s what she is doing. She has a daughter in the modeling industry so charlie is probably looking at things differently now.

  13. Speaking of tricks wasnt Charlie sleeping with that Detroit rapper Trick Trick. She will suck anybody off who will pay the bills.

  14. Anonymous writes “As most of you know, last night, Fat Joe made a comment that started a very tense exchange between G-Unit and Terror Squad. I was lucky enough to be one of the people in the audience, right in front in the designated area for fans. So here’s what happened from somebody who saw the whole thing. So Fat Joe is presenting and all of the sudden, out of no where he takes a swipe at G-Unit. As soon as that happened, the crowd started to boo him, and like a second later, the G-Unit members started yelling obscenities at fat Joe. I couldn’t tell who was yelling what though. Then when Missy accepted the award, 50 jumped on stage, while Fat Joe was still there and walked right to Fat Joe. They were face to face, and 50 said something along the lines of “You got something to say, say it while I’m standing right here in front of you, *****” (not exact words, but along those lines). Now I’m expecting Fat Joe to say something back and diss him, but all he did was take a few steps back and look back at his security that was standing by the stage. Then Fat Joe’s security come on stage and get in between him and 50 and they try to kinda get 50 to move back a little, but 50 just stood there and didn’t let Joe’s bodyguards move him. Finally the guards escorted Joe backstage and from what I was told, he just left. I was so surprised when Fat Joe reacted like that. I seriously couldn’t believe it that he was just dissing 50 Cent for having security, but he himself had about 5 security guards with him everywhere he went. From what I saw, 50 didn’t have any security guards with him when he was inside, but fat Joe did. So what kind of hypocrite is Fat Joe? I’m not gonna lie, I’m a fan of Fat Joe’s music, but I lost so much respect for him for being so fake and trying to call someone out on national TV for something he is guilty of even more that the person he tried to diss.” and rappers are evening confirming this. the game was there he knows jeezy, jayz mostly all the rappers seen fat joe not man up against 50. i know you dudes don’t like this but i think fat joe is p**** for real and i don’t even like 50 but.

    Anyway, so then 50’s performance started and the crowd was so hype. Everyone stood up, even the celebrities. The only performance all the celebrities stood up for where 50’s, Kanye’s, and Green Days’. Someone I noticed that was really into 50’s performance was Kanye West, which isn’t really a surprise because Kanye always lets people know he’s a huge 50 fan. But what else I noticed was that there was a bit of tension left in the air and everyone probably had the feeling that 50 was gonna have the last word in this. And of course, he did. At the end of the performance, 50 and Yayo made clear that Fat Joe was a p*ssy for those that didn’t see what happened earlier (especially the people at home, because most of you know, MTV cut out all the good parts). Of course, the people in the audience that saw what happened earlier already knew that. And when 50 and Yayo started dissing Fat Joe, the crowd went crazy and I looked over and I saw Kanye and Jay Z laughing and clapping like they agreed, which kind of surprised me because Kanye and Jay Z usually try and stay neutral in beefs.

    • True (I have an uncut version of 50’s performance w/Mobb Deep & Yayo where he and Yayo say ‘Fat Joe is p*ssy’ at the end, and mad people in the audience are standing up either clapping or laughing, including Kanye). As for Jay-Z, he’s only ‘neutral’ in beefs in front of the cameras–Anyone who knows rap knows he’s one of the Kings of Subliminal/Sneak disses, as well as his longstanding beef with Fat Joe over a 2000 incident with him and Big Pun. This led to Jay and Joe sneak dissing (And upfront dissing after the cancelled Rucker Basketball game in 2004) each other for years. As for Kanye, he was in the midst of dickriding Jay in order to further come-up in the game post-Dame-led Roc-A-Fella, so that explains him on camera cheesing like he won the lottery. ‘All Falls Down’ indeed.

      • @raheim big pun never hit jay-z with n bottle fat joe saying that to keep his name relevant fat joe never never never like jay-z he was jealous of him since he got in the game he blackball cuban link king sun freddie cutlass all these artist who wrote his first album

        • I never said he did (And Jay was quick to deny the ‘bottle incident…’ once he had Tru Life on the payroll to handle his light work at the time [Jim Jones & Cam’ron] on some shook shit), I just mentioned whatever incident was in 2000. As for Joe’s Ghostwriters, former Terror Squad member Triple Seis said in an interview that ‘Joe has had Ghostwriters since ‘Flow Joe (His first mainstream single from his first album, Jealous One’s Envy),’ and there was talk that Remy Ma and Lil’ Wayne Ghostwrote for him on different occasions.

          • masta face g check fat joe
            cuban link beat the shit up him
            ty ty memphis bleek came to ask fat joe macho if they had a problem with jay
            fat hoe is flat out p*ssy

            • Word, Masta Ace and Joe were beefing back in the day? I thought Masta Ace was above shit like that.

  15. Nicky Manaj already sorta backs up her story, in a interview Nicky said that she never goes to record she insist that any artist she works with comes to her turf and she is never left alone…

    • Yeah, a commenter on here named ‘Jane Doe’ once said that Nicki got ran through like crazy to get and stay on prior to, and after, signing to Young Money, to the extent that, when she was under Fendi & on the come-up (Pun intended), she used to wash her panties in studio sinks after f*cking for tracks IN the studio.

      Jane Doe also said that Nicki (And do-nothing ‘singer’ Shanelle) had to f*ck the whole YM crew to get on, that Baby has them and every other ‘artist’ on the label on tape f*cking/being f*cked in order to blackmail and/or expose them if they ever get out of line, and that Nicki & Safaree need each other to stay in the Industry; she can’t survive in the Industry on her own (For reasons like the above), and he’s a failed underground rapper who can’t get in or stay in the Industry without her. I’ll see if I can find the post.

  16. @raheim yep masta ace dissed the shit ouf him in 1994-1995 he came to see him and they squashed the beef

  17. @raheim ashanti smash the entire industry in music business i men everybody from athletes to rappers actors too

  18. Hip-Hop Is Anti-Female…The Fundamental Problem! Blackwomen are disrespected, it applies to all women just the same…Bottomline!!!

  19. rappers love their own male comrades too many songs about I’ll die for my homies and ride for my niggas and f*ck you bitches yas’
    ll bitches aint ashit I need my niggas where my niggas at.

  20. Same ol’ double standards. Guy fuc$s whoever he wants, he’s a stud…a woman fuc$s whoever she wants, she’s a whore. Males have fuc$ed to get to the top too, you just don’t hear about it as much. As a lyricist myself, I do understand rap is a male dominated field…and people will do what they want to do. Everyone’s version of success is different…but having sex with a trillion people (man or woman) is NASTY. Men and Women, get yourselves checked for STDs.

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