Kanye Goes Ballistic Over Kardashian Kids Spin-Off

kanye kardashian kids spin off show

Keeping Up With the Kardashians continues to tank in the ratings, and it looks like the K-klan’s reign may be officially over. Even Caitlyn Jenner’s reality show was canned after just two seasons. No one is interested in these people anymore…and Kris Jenner is scrambling to keep her family relevant and to keep the cash flowing in.

Since Kim is washed up and tired, and Kylie and Kendall can’t keep the show alive on their own, Kris is looking to put the younger family members to work! She’s reportedly working on a spin-off show that will include the West kids and Kourtney’s children.

According to Life & Style magazine, Kris is ready to launch the show, but Kanye is holding up her plans.

“Kanye went ballistic when he heard the idea and went straight over to Kris’ house to confront her. He accused her of trying to exploit North and Saint.”

Kris allegedly told Kanye she would happily wait until the children were a bit older, but he still wouldn’t budge. But keep in mind, this is the same guy who said his daughter North would never appear on reality television so…

Season 12 of KUWTK has had the lowest ratings thus far. Just pull the plug already!


  1. Exploiting your innocent children for cash. Sad and the childs outfit in the middle doesn't look approriate. With that v-neck like shirt.

    That marriage' counseling' they had was held because they messed up "exposing" Taylor. They got the memo now. But now their doing whatever is left to salvage from whatever's left of their relevance or lacktheof.

    • They put them kids in bdsm gear, they thought it would be a "fun" theme for a photo shoot…sick just sick.

      Besides that they really need to care of those uni-brows. You can still see them even with the plucking and waxing.

      • I also think that they are dressed very inapropriately : North's skirt is too short and has a BDSM touch while Penelope's dress is clearly designed in a sideboob manner…
        Yes btw them kids all seem to have a monobrow, poor angels they are so unlucky

    • Yeah, why do the girls have shoes and boys are barefoot?
      If it was a regular family , I wouldnt think much of it
      But the K clan love the spotlight

  2. 1. You can't convince me kanye isn't loving every second of this madness.
    2. North looks like karrueche.

  3. See!…..This is another flagrant example of children being sexualized, and objectified! Look at their outfits! Those children have already been raped, and brutalized! Kanye's ole stankin ass loves attention, and ass play! Lmao! That's why he married a bitch with a vagina equivalent to chum bait! Eeeeeeeeel Fuck this family!??????

  4. That's baddd business they're a money-hungry Armenians with thick eyebrows and fake everything in my ??Mickey Mouse Club theme song ??now it's time to say goodbye to all the kartrashians( KAR )keep away from TV forever) fall in the (TRASH) can and put a lid on it . (IANS ) DON'T CARE ABOUT THE REST THEY JUST NEED TO VANISH BUFFFFF BE GONEEE lolll?? CHEESY BUT HEY I TRYED????

  5. OMG that will be the best day ever if all of their shows got cancelled what ever is going up I hope it stays like that .this could be because they are all do for a murder so if they don't deliver they all will suffer from that.

    • Hopefully the next president will usher in an era of excellence in entertainment and business, and these NO performers and POOR performers can get off of our TVs and stages.

  6. Seems kanyes career isn't holding up to good either damn.lol I'm done supporting kanye ass.now they using kids?.

  7. Kris is a high power kaballah witch, and the greedy, sociopathic matriarch of that family. Whatever she says, goes. Kanye had truly no idea just what the hell he was getting involved with when he married and knocked down this broad. I personally sense kanye will have a massive emotional/mental breakdown in the near future.

  8. This is nothing compared to what Kris has already done. Wasn't this the same woman who shopped her daughter's sex tape around to get the best deal? I'm not quite sure but isn't she supposed to be doing the same with Kylie?

    This family??? I can't!!!

  9. Idk how 2 yr olds can carry a show, but this feeds into the "child worship" agenda.

  10. I am making a prediction today: North West is going to put Paris Hilton and Kim K to shame in the celebutard field of importance. That child is going to be a force to be reckoned with in 10 years. Mark my words. She has the KKK genes compounded with the Kanye crazy. And she's going to be a class A beauty. Woo chile. Fortunately PMK will be too old to manage her at that point.

  11. A lot of these comments about the children are bullshit.
    These kids are beautiful and innoncent, don't punish or judge them because of their parents mistakes. If everyone was doomed because of their parents mistakes, then none of the poor and uneducated would make out the Ghettos and be destined for a life of doom and gloom. Many people reject the lifestyles of their family or parents and make their own way in life. Time will tell and may God Bless them. Remember these are children and they have the opportunity to grow in many differents ways when they are walking the various paths of their lives.

  12. Everyone does have the right to their opinion no matter how crazy it may be. But a rational though cynical person has the right to say that they are nice little kids who have some marginally qualified parental figures.
    The idea that someone here would say that they have all been raped already is the most absurd thing I've ever read here. These are not kids from a desperate family who brought them from Flyover, USA to become "stars." THOSE are the kids who are likely to become victims of the many Hollywood deviants and predators. These kids were born famous. Their parents may allow them to be used for photo ops and publicity, but they are not pimping these kids in hopes of becoming rich as a result. They don't have to worry about the pedo executives at Nickelodeon and Disney in order to make the parent's dreams come true(see Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears.)

    Nope, these kids won't be raped and put into pedo fantasies by a cabal of Joowish pedo managers and agents. They were born with platinum spoons in their collective mouths, and they will be coddled and raised in the same family environment that all the Kartrashian sisters were. You could do a lot worse than having a childhood like those girls had. Say what you will about them now, but I've seen all the many photos and family memorabilia of Kim Kourtney and Khloes youth, and they sure looked like they were a happy bunch. Particularly when their father was alive.

    NOW. Once they are approaching the age which Kylie was when she was introduced to the world as an up and coming sexpot, all bets are off. I have no doubt that they will be encouraged to carry on the "family tradition" of white-adjacent vamps enticing black athletes and rock stars/rappers.

    Po' ol' PMK will be in a wheelchair by then, but I am sure that she will still be calling the shots/ lol

    • They put those kids in compromising positions and situations…who the f*ck thinks a BDSM photo shoot is cute, for children of that age?

      Honestly. I could give a f*ck what people say about them at any age they are hte walking talking future train wrecks of Amerikka….

      • You see something different from what I see apparently. I see some very cute kids dressed in black clothes.

        • You really think I came u with that on my own? B plz…

          kim & kourtney said it was a photo shoot of them dressed in BDSM gear…dumbass. I would not have said it otherwise, so I speak from what I know, not out of my ass like most of you people.

      • Yesssssss! 4:21…….Thank you! Most people only care about "appearances"! If it looks normal, then it is! If they look like a happy family, then they are! Please! That is not the case, when it comes to these industry demons! They all have been, raped, sodomized, and ritualized, most by the age of 2 years old, some even younger… It continues because of money hungry, thirsty people, that thinks that everything that glitters is gold! Most people never stop to wonder, why majority of the people in the world are in living in such deplorable conditions, and are mostly insane! It's easy to control, and compromise the masses that way! They keep you perpetually chasing the ??????

    • Google stories about hollywood rich and famous incest
      and the ultra wealthy deep dark secrets
      They can do things and get away with it because they are wealthy and not subjected to bcw like regular folks are
      Please do not make a long ignorant comment like that again


    • @Chris! Boo! Stop it! He married that stankin bitch, knowing exactly what and who she is! C'mon man! This family is notortious for pimping, and whoring! Kanye just wants to stay relevant, so he'll say anything for attention! Kim married Kanye, because he was still Luke warm at that time! Thais is a match made in Hell! I know that she's miserable! Good! Lol! Neither one of them gives two f*cks about that baby! If he did, Kim wouldn't be the mother! Okay! He left Amber for Kim! That's like going from the Pot, to the Frying Pan!????? Ms. Kanye is gay!????????

  14. The 36-year-old is reportedly furious at his mother-in-law for trying to develop a spin-off about her grandchildren called The rapper who is father to three-year-old North and eight-month-old Saint is definitely not planning on letting his kids have their own show.

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