Kanye Deleted Twitter & IG After Kim’s Unairbrushed Photos Leaked

kim unairbrushed photos kanye deletes accounts

Kanye West decided he wasn’t going to stick around from the backlash after the world realized his “Perfect B****” wasn’t so perfect after all.

Following Kim’s unairbrushed beach photos being leaked, Kanye quickly deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Numerous publications reached out to the rapper for an explanation, but so far, no word from Yeezy’s camp.

It was also reported that Kim lost 100,000 Instagram followers after her real lumpy booty was revealed.

You think Yeezy’s embarrassed of his wife’s lumpy cheeks?


  1. She looks like a drowned rat in that picture.

    And has the side profile of the wicked witch of the west…just picture her with green skin and a blacked out tooth saying, “I’ll get you yet my pretty…hahaha”

  2. Did he think she wouldn’t age and things not go south. Reminds me of the South Park episode where the boys fell in love with the photoshopped images of their girlfriends. Life imitating art to a T.

  3. nope. he has mental issues and you can’t expect someone like that to be rational. perhaps he was just tired of the hate and deleted it. life is much simpler without social media especially for those with mental issues.

  4. LOL… Damn, he took it there! Well, I bet he wishes he could delete the day he met that witch.

  5. He knew this was how she looked. He’s mad because now the world knows their little secret.

  6. So let me get this straight. She lost 100k followers because they saw un-edited photos of her? WTH is wrong with this world

    • Stupid for following her in the first place and a little smarter for finally bouncing.

  7. This sounds plausible seeing as how she’s his perfect bitch and all. Now she’s just a mere mortal. Kanye had her up on this pedestal. How the mighty has fallen.

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