Hip Hop Heads Mad AF After Getting Played by Miley Cyrus!

miley cyrus hip hop

Miley Cyrus ran through the Hip Hop industry, made tracks with Future, French Montana, Mike Will Made It and Rico Love, collected her coins and bounced!

The former twerk addict has given up her bantu knots and gold fronts to return to her white fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, her cowboy boots, and country music.

In an interview with Billboard, she said she’s done with the kind of Hip Hop music she released in her 2013 album Bangerz because it’s too sexually graphic and materialistic.

“That’s what pushed me out of the hip-hop scene a little. It was too much ‘Lamborghini, got my Rolex, got a girl on my c***’ — I am so not that.”

When her former industry friends found out she had smashed and dashed on the rap industry, they were mad AF! Peep Rico Love’s comment at the bottom:

miley cyrus rico love

Her rumored ex-boo, Mike Will Made It, is also said to be in his feelings.

She later tried to defend herself after receiving backlash.


What do you think about the “new” Miley? Are you LOLing at these Hip Hop heads getting played?



  1. Yes, I LOL’ed. All these rappers were all over her when they were riding her coattails to the pop charts and audiences. Oh well and LOL again

  2. I still believe the conspiracy that Billy Ray Cyrus had to fuck his daughter Miley in order to become rich and famous.

  3. Why is anyone surprised. They all participated willingly or not. It’s a new YT era with thin stick women and no hidden bigotry. Let the games begin.

  4. Thots like Khloe, this one, all those chicks chasing after pro players in their money making prime. It’s not a life long personal or business commitment. They are trying to get a cut, easy money to them. Why is this a shock. Cyrus used them just like they used her and ran train on her. They are all users. It’s a nasty game played by nasty players. Miley is following some kinda of script. Why don’t people see that.

  5. If people appreciated their own community & who they are and stopped embracing these appropriators in the first place shit like this would be a non~story.

  6. She rele didnt play them, she aint that smart, it was her industry ppl that told her she needed to be more white as she got older cuz the black shit wasnt gonna play no more. U kno the coons of greater hollywood mad bcuz they staned for her and defended her, but usssus used to defending massa…its just funny this was the same chick talkin bout lick my neck, my back, lick my p*ssy & my crack only a few months ago! Miley bye she u in a few months hoe when u need da relevance again!

    • Right Right! That’s the usual white female script. They don’t have to be rich or famous to follow it. They go off to college and then try to compete for as many negro phalluses they can, meanwhile trying their best (and painfully obvious) to act like they’ve lived around black people all their lives… LOL Then they get out of college, grow up and marry a white guy and act like she’s innocent and virginal. LOL

  7. Good enough for them black simps. These white hoes don’t love ya’ll. They only love what they can use.

  8. she’s maturing…what’s wrong with that? no one wants here that crap all the time and if i were her boyfriend she couldn’t listen to it in my house so she would have to choose and she chose the right thing! get over it!!

    • Miley only did hip hop for the money anyway just like Brooke hogan did yeah Brooke and may both fucked their dads

  9. Well what the hell did people seriously expect? If nigga’s weren’t so desperate for white folks attention, I swear. She’s just a culture vulture like DJ Khaled-but folks won’t talk about that) and the rest, who came in, collected their nickels, and got the fuck on. Black people need to develop some real pride and esteem, and stop begging for goddamn acceptance from everybody, and stop just letting anyone into your community and allowing them to make top dollar off of your shit. Shits embarrassing; and plus, I wouldn’t expect any real integrity from these industry coons anyway. They’ve sold out to the highest bidder for and lost whatever was left of their souls and integrity anyways.

  10. She also claimed she was bisexual and moved in with a model and made sure that she was photographed finger fucking her girlfriend 2 years ago.

    She’s was an immature kid who probably did what her managers told her to do. She did a lot of drugs and used to brag about smoking weed 24/7. Now she’s given up smoking, black dudes and lesbian models. She’ll quietly slip into the obscurity of country music and never be heard from again.

  11. Taylor Swift will be the next lily ass white chick to go urban. She is doing rnb now so maybe that is why Miley has ran back to country.

  12. In other words, she had fun with the darkies and made her money. Now she wants to go back to her white life, get married and have kids. White people are the only ones who have the luxury of doing this.

    Like I said in my previous comment, we allow them to use us and then get mad when they throw it in our face. This has been going on for years. But nah, black people will never learn. It will be another white female artist who gets down with hip hop to make money off of us, bounce and go back to their white life.

    • It’s not just singers. It’s chicks chasing after pro players. It never ends. I don’t get why these guys are fooled by it.

  13. Miley ain’t the first white artist to do this I just hate when they pretend to be from this streets miley grw up rich on Disney she never went through so called black.pain like robin thicker met like the kardashians are thrill seekers live black.dick but after a while go back to whites nothing g new

    Marky mark, vanilla ice did it so why not
    Justin Timberlake married a white girl

    Madonna married two white guys

    So there you have it

    But hell lots if black rappers get tired of hip hop too

  14. Self hating black men get played again by a Caucasian trailer trash whore, what’s new???

  15. I said years ago on this site about white foljs using black music for money then going back to their white roots

    Everlast and kid rock add them too now they good old country and blues boys

  16. Disney turning out more kids into prostitutes since 1929 we love you mickey keep up the good work and keep putting those gay ass symphonies songs that we love to hear nobody does gay like disney

    • You just said the whole truth and nothing but the truth..My father decades ago said Walt Disney was nothing short of a whorer house.. He used and played with all those kids and not in a good way.. I couldn’t tell you one Disney movie, I didn’t bring my son to them and I darn sure won’t bring my grand kids to any.. Granny not doing it at all, if all of the stars or actors waiting in my money, all their butts would be broke.. I don’t do it or watch it, I’m not interested at all…jmo

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