Kanye’s New Album Is Trash, Feels “Terrorized” By Amber Rose

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Kanye West might have bit off more than he can chew when he took direct shots at Amber Rose during his epic Wiz Khalifa “KK” rant on Twitter.  After tweeting at Wiz, “You let a stripper trap you…I know you mad every time you look at your child that this girl got you for 18 years,” Rose responded by airing some of Yeezy’s sexual fetishes, which involve butt play.

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In addition to putting him on blast on Twitter, Amber has been making the podcast circuit and is openly blasting her ex (and the man responsible for vaulting her into the limelight).  Now Kim Kardashian’s husband feels threatened by Muva revealing his secrets.

“Her accusing him of butt play and suggesting he’s less than a man is terrorizing him, Kim, his family and his reputation.”

A source close to the situation thinks the former stripper is lashing out because she is falling apart. “Amber‘s lost it. She’s hurting so badly that she can’t control herself and has to launch crazy accusations against Kanye.”

Following his Twitter rant against Khalifa where he referred to himself as one of the greatest artists of all-time, expectations are high for West’s upcoming album Waves (formerly Swish).

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But an insider close to Def Jam says the album is overhyped, and has been watered down because Yeezus has been listening to the Kardashian’s feedback.

“It’s not the greatest album ever made. The people he’s getting feedback from are not the same as when he’d go to Jay Z to get feedback. Now, it’s from Kris Jenner. The stuff he’s done lately is dumbed down because of the Kardashians, but he’s still brilliant.”

Although it should be mentioned that an insider in Kanye’s camp says “Waves is that classic Kanye sound…The album is the return of the old Kanye.”


  1. A source close to the situation thinks the former stripper is lashing out because she is falling apart. “Amber‘s lost it. She’s hurting so badly that she can’t control herself and has to launch crazy accusations against Kanye.”

    WHAT???? He should have kept her son out of the mix. I mean what did he expect her to do sit back and let that shit ride. Nope, uh uh, he deserved everything he got, EVERTHING! Ole super sensitive ass men should not dish out what they cant take back.

    Even if she was falling apart, she didn't come for him but he sho came for her and she let his ass find her. He just was not expecting that stealth come back.


    • OMG, stop with the stupidity will you. He did NOT bring her child into anything! She just mad because he said she trapped Wiz Khaliffa for 18.. It's directed towards her.
      Reading comprehension is fundamental

      • ^^^^@janice.

        Stupid id as stupid does and "Reading comprehension is fundamental" so open your ears and listen to what she said with her own mouth.


        • Janice and daisy the same non washing cunt bitch was up all night fighting the funk between her thighs , caked sperm will keep a troll bitch out the know … Ya know ! ?

  2. Kanye said hes the greatest yet Nicki bodied him on his own track?! He's a narcassistic overhyped asshole who's getting shit on by the younger generation. He's not even the best on Roc Nation so he needs to stop asking the culture vultures KarTrashians for musical feedback. I can't name one Kanye song we'll be playing in 40 years from now. Legend my ass ? *walks into Sunset whistling 3 Little Birds*

    • Three little birds, beside my door step, singing sweet songs
      Of melodies pure and true
      Saying', ("This is my message to you")
      Singing' "Don't worry 'bout a thing
      'Cause every little thing gonna be alright."
      Singing' "Don't worry (don't worry) 'bout a thing
      'Cause every little thing gonna be alright!"
      Haaaa Haa ha, GONE!

      WIZ! Let me hit that kk shit, um trying to get where you and Bob at, LMAO!

    • The Kardashians did not ruin his career. He CHOSE to go with them. Why no responsibility for Kanye? Is a grown ass black man just a baby to be toyed with by white women? That doesn't say much about the constitution of BM.
      #Put the blame where it belongs
      #Kanye chose them

      • Well the white woman DID give the message that they do toy with black men and make them their adopted pets. This was done when they made this video and published it. They were putting their stake in the ground then, but dudes thought it was funny and cute back then. watch it for yourself
        youtube.com watch?v=p5ege6tcAFA

      • Kanye gay. Not even the cool kind of gay. Just a big closet girl with no talent fir fashion or music. Kalifa sounds better than this potatoe face.

    • you right. those kardashian koven kult aka KKK has sucked out what little of his soul was left. Dumb ass idiot. told those dummies about messing with devil bytches

  3. Kanye came for the baldheaded scallywag he brought up her son not to mention he was just mentioning her prior to the rant. If anyone is falling apart it's Kanye. I mean he has 2 kids the whore wife of his dreams but yet and still he won't stop talking about Amber. I am glad she took it to his ole sensitive ass he deserved it. Maybe next time he won't resort to bullying and shut his up

  4. Amber Rose has a right to defend herself, for phuck sake, Kanye threw her son into the mix! If someone talked about Nori, Kanye and Kim would be pissed. Kanye's just mad, because Amber exposed him, oh it's OK when he talked about Amber, not washing herself after sex, but when she exposed him, she's crazy??

  5. Mr. Western seems so confused. It's painful to listen to him let alone watch him in an interview. He never comes up for air – a sign that the brain is firing quicker than he can process.

  6. Kanye started with wiz and amber. Ambwe needs to tell more. The people he's getting advice from is very controlling.

  7. I would love for him to threaten a civil suit against Amber. That would be a site to see. That person in Paris better go hide so he's never served with a subpoena, on top of every one else that will parade in court to say how it was with Kanye.

  8. Kanye is a down low simp ass sell out bed wench for that dude in paris. Pimp Mama Kris is his handler the punk gave up his own mother to make it. They think he's an easy to control coon, which he is.

    • He does appear to be off-center and unbalanced. He's dealing with some turmoil. Dr. Donde West would spit fire if she saw how her son was being managed by his handlers.

      • yeah that nigga did not know what the hell he was doing when he dabbled in sorcery…he definitely lost and is not sharp enough to handle alchemy look at him now. nigga didnt know when to hold em and when to fold em. he f*cked up on on purpose if u ask me. what a pity. just being real.

    • lmfao real niggas still exist i see by way of this comment. THERE IS HOPE!!!

  9. Please, this whole stupid 'FEUD' will continue till the end of February. Wiz album drops in 10 days…..almost 10days later Kanye's album drops. Anyone who thinks any of this isn't about as contrived and made as a Hollywood script, needs to stop watching all those reality shows.

    • They forgot to send Amber the memo!
      She gave him a right hook!

      Also, if he is getting album critique fom Kris Jenner..no wonder his ish sounds so
      UN – KANYE….these days.

  10. Forget the Oscars. Every black person in the universe needs to unfollow the K coven. Following them supports white supremacy

      • Daisy, the young black girls sadly do idolize them. No one over 30 does thank gawd.

        • I can't intellectually process why some young girls would idolize a barely literate, sexually promiscuous Caucasian woman on a reality TV show and not their Black mamas or Black female role models.

    • NBA That is so not true.

      Men are afraid to let you finger their ass at first because of the false belief that it is connected to sexual identity. It's not. The prostate is like the clit on a female. It just happens to be accessed through the anus.
      Ladies, if you want to see your man lose his mind in bed, look into this. You have to practically fight him off after he experiences a full prostate orgasm. And it is NOT gay. God made men that way with the pleasure point in the butt. So how can it be wrong?
      Gay is not about wanting ass play. Gay is about not wanting vagina.

      • It is true…if you know anything about men, you know once they try something that makes them hard or cum real hard…they typically begin to go deeper and deeper into the abyss until they cannot fully come back.

        Why do you think there is such a problem with AIDS in the black community…especially with those men who were 'straight' when they went in jail and are suspect, but still claim or play 'straight' when they get out.

  11. Quote from comedian Coirey Holcomb, "Any man who has had a finger in his ass is fully prepared to handle himself inside a Asian prison."

  12. Kanye got bodied by a stripper Nigga. This will teach him a lesson never to come at Amber Rose again. Talk about your Porn-Star Wife who Ray J made famous. Yeezy is a big laughing joke.

  13. remember when kanye said "the old me's dead and gone?" back my ass. those words stuck among many others.

  14. i mean i trillionth this cause EVERYBODY IS SAYING THE SAME DAMN THING HAHAHAHA let's be reeeeal. all amber did was confirm thank u girl we knew we wudnt craaaazy well we might be a lil bit crazy but u know that's just what they say about smart ppl not including you know who haha

  15. damn yall it's a sad day in time *crying black tears*

  16. i feel so bad for stating the obvious and going in on him but everybody tried to save him so now everybody just sayin nigga i told u so. okay im done. whew.

  17. I don't know who is more crazy him for asking her to stick her finger in his blow hole or her for doing it and telling the whole world where her fingers have been. Lol lol Gross, that like digging in somebody else's nose and eating their boogies. They are famous? I am going to sip my tea…lol lol

  18. Kanye you right, let it go its obvious you forgot about that one….lol lol burry the hatchet before she burry your ass in the memories she has of strapping up and giving you back door love….lol just saying

  19. I swear it's a race in the Kardashian / Jenner household who can break the internet the soonest. Kanye in the lead.

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