Kandi Burruss Responds To Claims She STOLE Ideas From Johnnie Winston

Kandi Johnnie Winston

Kandi Burruss is an entrepreneur. Not only does she write songs, sing, and have a sex toy line, but she recently opened a restaurant. But according to her former employee, Johnnie Winston, Kandi’s been stealing his ideas for years.

He’s currently suing Kandi for unpaid overtime, but he’s also asserting that he came up with an idea to open a restaurant. Todd and Kandi moved forward with idea and cut Johnnie out.

Kandi talked to Bravo and said it’s simply not true.

“Johnnie did not give me the idea to do the Old Lady Gang restaurant. Todd had tried to buy a restaurant facility on two separate occasions years ago, but I told him to wait because I didn’t think it was the right time. The theme of our restaurant is based around my mom and aunts. Not sure how Johnnie is saying we took this from him?”

Johnnie is also taking credit for Kandi’s play, “A Mother’s Love.” Johnnie says it was his idea and he thought she should take it on the road. Kandi maintained it was her idea, based on her life story.

“He also said that we took the theme for our play from him. That is false. My play A Mother’s Love is about my life that you saw on the show a few seasons ago when my mom and Todd weren’t getting along.”

Kandi didn’t know the extent of Phaedra Parks’ involvement in the lawsuit until after the season aired. Kandi wasn’t surprised that Phaedra stabbed her in the back by going with Johnnie to see a lawyer.

“She just wanted to do the snake move of having her friend represent him so that she can pretend she doesn’t have anything to do with it. Watching that whole meeting was a mess to me.”

Kandi said that until this season, she never had a problem with Johnnie. Now she feels like he’s teaming up with Phaedra to get money.

“It’s sad to see two people that I once was cool with sit there and plot to try and figure out a way to get money out of me. Well, one wants money and the other wants revenge I guess. Oh well! Y’all go ahead and hate while I be great.”


  1. LOLLLL…..I do mean to offend because khandi is not great……….I think Phaedra may be too busy attending Omarosa’s wedding than worrying about hating…..LOLLLLLL.

  2. Phaedra is going to prison soon once Apollo spills the beans about her orchestrating the whole fraud scheme. She has done this for years. How and why does she still have a license to practice law?

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