Kandi Burruss Kicks NeNe Leakes Off the Xscape Tour!

kandi nene xscape tour

Kandi Burruss recently announced NeNe Leakes would host the Xscape tour along with Tamar Braxton and Monica. But after all the backlash following NeNe’s rape comment, it looks like NeNe has been removed from the event!

Here’s what the flyer looked like at first.

And this is what Kandi just posted to Instagram that has no mention of NeNe.


  1. So now that it is messing with her money, she wants to fake cry, lol!

    You could not pay me to go see this mess, so save your non-“leaking” eyes.

    • This is bullshit. If Nene was kicked off the tour the PROMOTER, who pays everybody (including Kandi and Xscape), did it to protect THEIR POCKETS and interests.

  2. That RHOA episode where she went off on Keenya & her BFF who Apollonia beat up was the day I decided to stop watching the show. It showed me how far some people go to look relevant. It was stressful to watch and I am guessing that the attempt at comedy was probably more stressful. We all need peace and tranquility these days with all that’s going on in the country.

        • Crazychris, you are so right! They don’t read with comprehension and just taggin along with what the preachers say. God said he aint with these preachers and JeZeus is worshiped by many wiccans and is new age shit. Book of Jeremiah details how the show down is going to go down but the church mavens just want to feel warm and fuzzy right now with a holla, “Yes Jezeus!” We see who is really going to miss the cue to come out of Babylon. They heckling you, but that’s OK, they heckled the prophets of the OT too.

  3. This is going to be one shitfest coming near you.. Tamar is special and disgusting and Monica is old news with escape horrible sound.. That outtake from the Summerfest in New Orleans, La they sound horrible, they can’t hold a note and the two sister can hold a note, but they are starting the tune.. How can Kandi say anything, she was the reason the group broke up the first time.l Stay home with your babies…..

  4. I wish this event was honouring new fresh talent. What about some new signings from the 21 and under age group? Is there nobody at all out there? I guess – as usual – it is a ‘bad time’ for black artists.

    Oh well, at least we have 50 year old Janet Jackson to keep us occupied …

  5. Her mouth and attitude got her into the entertainment industry…..

    Her mouth and attitude are gonna take her out of the entertainment industry.

    I’m surprised she lasted this long. But you can’t be nasty and ugly Forever.

    Ppl are finally starting to really tire from her.

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