NeNe Leakes Cries In Instagram Live Video Over Rape Backlash

nene leakes cry rape

NeNe Leakes cried while discussing her inappropriate rape comment during an Instagram Live session.

In the video, NeNe describes how hard it is to do standup, especially when there are hecklers in the crowd.


  1. Save the fake tears.

    Just like someone who drinks spews truth while drunk.

    Anything that comes out of your mouth is what you believe somewhere deep inside.

  2. She may be getting sued by her cast mate. For sure she has some stuff to deal with that affects her money and her popularity.

  3. Her mouth and attitude got her into the entertainment industry…..

    Her mouth and attitude are gonna take her out of the entertainment industry.

    I’m surprised she lasted this long. But you can’t be nasty and ugly Forever.

    Ppl are finally starting to really tire from her.

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