K. Michelle Fires Back At Toya Wright


Singer K. Michelle said that, Toya Wright should stop blaming her for destroying her marriage with Mickey “Memphitz” Wright.

Here’s what K. Michelle said on her instagram:

“Do right and right will come to you. Stop blaming others for your faulty decisions.”



  1. Absolutely K Michelle, keep that 4 day old collard greens and cat fish smell’en, coochie outa other people husband and boyfriend face that man was married shut it

  2. K Michelle attitude stinks just like her punany. I don’t know what man finds all that fake silicone attractive.

  3. I don’t believe her cat stinks. The worst insult a man can throw at you is that your cat is stinky. K Michelle is a strong woman and nothing else would even effect her emotionally but that. Lets be real she has too much money to be walking around with a funky monkey. Uncle Murder sounds like a pure hater who is trying to come up.

    • Rich or poor it does not matter how much you got .When a woman is suffering medically with a odor problem rather body or vagina it’s a complicated thing.Probably why all these feminine hygeine product companies are getting rich and all these doctors are still trying to offer prescriptions to fix the problem.If it was a simple as washing with soap and water these things would not exist.

      • The sad part is these girls are trusting busters. And these busters look at woman assume because she’s cute and thick or in college she doesn’t have anything. The logic of most men will surprise you.

    • &u sound like a typical broke ass but flexn w/ur rent money coon. Fuck money got to do w/vaginal odor???? Money can pay for gyno visits but it doesn’t stop bacterial infections, ph imbalances…poor dieting &other lifestyle issues that contribute to odors.,


  4. Both em are HOT in there own way, both I’m more partial to Tonya, she is definitely wifey material and seems to be kind and humble

  5. I agree Toya is wife material and k michelle is just a jumpoff. If her cat do stink she better hit the pharmacy for that monistat.

  6. This is not something to joke about. She could have an infection from sleeping around and not washing that deformed looking ass. Stop with these injections.

  7. Thats right @K. Michelle keep it classy
    Toya is just a underground hood rat who just hides it well
    I mean come on look who she haves as a baby father and look how she so quickly hooked up with an alleged woman abuser

  8. Toya was 15 when she got pregnant. She was too young to be choosy when it came to a man but she has no excuse with Memphiz. Lol. I don’t think she had a choice when it came to Wayne.

  9. I don’t even like KMICHELLIN at All but right is right – Toya should stop trying to place blame on KMITCHELL

  10. K. Michelle needs to deflate her backside…Making Her Senile! The jibber jabber Ish is for schoolgirls. She hella talented, but, the constant drama takes away from the bigger picture.

  11. toys should of listened to k.mitchell from the jump, but she didn’t because she was dick whipped
    then toya decided to put her 2 cents in this shyt infected mess, her and rasheeda were stupid

    now their looking like a fool because k.mitchelle was right women stop defending your man
    just because he’s nice on the outside doesn’t mean his nice on the inside

    don’t defend you man until you learned the truth otherwise your’ll look stupid, like toya is

  12. Why are you adults talking beneath a woman’s dress as the older generation say.Unless you had your face or whatever other body part all up in K Michele’s private area..why are you speaking on it? Worry about your own p*ssy and making sure that yours doesn’t smell rank. You men same goes for some of you..make sure them balls aren’t musty..Make sure that you scrub your own azz. Now with that being said.. You can’t blame another woman for the failure of your marriage.If your man doesn’t allow the ex to be an issue in his current relationship with you than how can it be? If K Michele’s accusations of abuse were untrue why not address it and keep it moving? seems like he is dealing with some internal issues, and now disrespecting the woman that stood by him throughout the accusations. Throwing shots online isn’t helping..Be yourself..be real and stop trying to have a storyline to remain relevant.

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