Bobbi Kristina In Car Accident Prior To Bathtub Incident


Police reports show Bobbi Kristina was involved in a traffic accident that injured two people before she was hospitalized.

Police in Roswell, Georgia, say Bobbi Kristina Brown was driving a jeep Liberty on January 27 when she lost control, crossed into oncoming traffic and collided with another vehicle.

A passenger in the jeep and the car’s drivers were taken to the hospital.

Four days later, on January 31, Brown was found unresponsive in her bathtub, and her family said “She’s been fighting for her life” since.


  1. Oh ok, so the hitman did try something different, he rigged her car first, there I was thinking these people lacked creativity, but they simply ran out of options and had to recreate Bobbi’s death in the same manner Whitney was murdered. Got it.

  2. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Bruce Jenner’s car accident that killed one woman and injured many. It’s weird because the deceased woman’s name is Kim like his stepdaughter.

  3. All these stories are coming out….someone is trying to make her look real reckless and accident prone but I’m still not buying it. It’s still a ritual gone wrong. That is all.

    • I agree 100%. I think most people are awake and aware of their rituals by now. It’s tired and old. They plan on sacrificing this young lady sooner or later. I was definitely a ritual gone wrong. LOL!

        • I don’t know if anyone else on here heard about Krissy nearly drowning in a tub of water the day before Whitney was sacrificed at that same hotel. I guess it was called off and Whitney was sacrificed instead. This is just crazy.


    • Do you think Bruce was the sacrifice? Or he is sacrificing his penis. Whole thing is bizarre. Who has 7 kids, was a total stud Olympic athlete, bedded many hot women in his era….then turns 60 and decides they want to grow titties . Very strange.

      • I think they want to make Bruce the sacrifice, since he wants to get this gender transformation.

        • No they won’t sacrifice Brucilla. She/he will be given more air time on the show now especially if he dons a dress. He will display what the industry loves a man who carries himself like a woman.

      • 06:44 Those of us who are old enough know that Bruce started feminizing his once handsome masculine face back in 1990. I remember the first post surgery photo of him and the caption was: “Is Bruce Jenner trying to tell us something?”
        In other words, it wasn’t really that all of a sudden. A psychologist was explaining it on a show, and she made a lot of sense. She said that the average age for men making the transition is late 50s. This is because most of them are heterosexual(remember, don’t confuse gender dysphoria with sexual orientation-many male to female trans are hetero and they become lesbians after the surgery) and they have families. They wait, out of consideration for their children, to transition until the kids are old enough to understand it. And when you think about it, the youngest of Bruce’s kids is almost 18, so that sounds about right.

      • I know that theirs people in Hollywood who wanted Bobbie Kristina dead because their afraid she will try and overthrow the fame and popularty of stars like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyris. She was chosen to be the new Beyonce by Clive Davis and she was going to be just like her mother was in 1986. Well their are people who can’t except that and they needed to shut her down before she has the chance to become as famous as Beyonce. If I was the police I’d be looking at Jay Z and P Diddy right now. I think they must have sent a Haitien hit man to Atlanta to stop this from happening before it was too late. Anybody who don’t believe in evil like this hapening are just to blind to see what is rite in front of their eyes. Or they are drinking the Koolaid that the Iluminattis are feeding you in the lame stream media. Wake up yall and open your eyes. I hope somebody gets to Bobby Brown and tells him this before its to late and he unplugs her machine. God wants to do a miracle on this child of God and anyone who unplugs her bears the mark of the beast. Their are many things going on in the world today and so many sheeple just can’t see it. Thats why I come here because people here get the truth. Their pineal glands are uncalcified and their third eyes are open. The truth shall set you free and God bless Bobbie Kristina and please don’t unplug her from the machine. If God calls her home then you can unplug her but not until then.

        • So if they believe that Bobbi Kristina would be the new Beyonce that means ‘THE POWERS THAT BE” are in full control anyway so why try to kill Bobbi ?.I read somewhere that they are grooming China Mcclain to be the new Beyonce she has a powerful voice and the good looks .Very interesting what you wrote ,something to think about.

          • well u aint the president of kellogs cereal or a licensed psychologist so mind yo own business

  5. It’s the ritualistic, the sacrifice, the demonics. Their all aligned to take out Bobbie K and Bruce’s neighbor. I heard that at the stroke of midnight, Bruce’s neighbor will rise again. The ritual calls for her family to click their heels, pop their fingers and bam, boom, boom she will appear.

    • The most difficult part part of creating the Jenner ritual was getting the deceased lady to slam on her brakes and stop short so Bruce could crash into her from behind. It ain’t no easy feat planning these Hollywood rituals out.

      • I know its no easy feat. But along with practicing the occult behind closed doors, the professionals the hire and numerolgy, they have been pulling it off for decades. Even the Queen of England, The Rockefellers and Rothchilds have been into this shyt since forever. Thats how they keep the power and money in their families

          • Mark my words on this date that u will be haunted by your mocking of me on judgement day
            Remember, mark my words
            Watch and see u will be tormented if u dont repent
            Again, mark my words @11:13

            • I look forward to it.
              But until then, you might want to learn how to spell judgment…since you seem like the judgmental type.

      • Well when the dead neighbor comes back she’ll be able to tell us about that there brake sit-she-ation. She’s coming back at the stroke of midnight.

          • Repent shrepent.

            You superstitious folk are hilarious. I ain’t afraid of no mythological boogy man.

            • There’s not one celebrity that I idolize, nor do I believe everything that’s reported by the media, but the mentioning of blood sacrifices, demons, witchery, rituals and oaths have gotten rather boring. The same thing is typed over and over again to the point where if i believed it before, i’m less inclined to believe it now. Under every article it’s typed over and over. By reading the ‘oath’, ‘ritual’, etc… comments you would think there are a bunch of paranoid, schizophrenic, crackpots on this blog. It’s comedy now. It’s almost like you see an article post and wait for the 1st crackpot to start typing about oaths and rituals an shyt.

            • the boogieman was a rapist who sneaks in the kids bedroom and rapes them at night.

              actually anybody can be a boogieman its another name for child molester.

  6. *The professionals they hire are not Day Day and them from the projects. If u want to know anymore about it google Hollywood and the occult. Early on in the 90s I saw a documentary about it on The History channell. I just 4got the exact name of it
    You will be very suprised

  7. She lost control of her car – smh it seems the Grim Reeper was keeping a very close eye on her. Sometimes I think Bobbi wanted to harm herself



    The internal injuries from the car accident are what did her in. She passed out from the blood loss obviously

  9. Yanno, it’s not that far fetched that someone who does drugs and is very very depressed would have some minor fender benders and other accidents. When I was heavy druggin’ I had some kind of accident or injury at least once a month. I was in the ER so much that they knew me by name. Just consider that as a possibility.

    • Exactly! Druggies get into a lot of mishaps. Their reckless drug use can cause them to be in a lot if reckless situations. Not everything is an evil plot. Sometimes its just poor judgement.

    • I can tell you’ve never been in 12 step programs. lol The first thing they teach you is about the predisposition(genetically)for addiction which runs in families. If your mom or dad was an addict, odds are you will have issues too.

      As for suspicious death investigations, I watch way too much ID channel. I feel like I have graduated from detective school sometimes.
      I’m sure that the cops know what was in her system at the time she was admitted to N. Fulton, but I’m also sure that the info cannot be released to the public at this time. Nor should it be.

  10. My next door neighbor’s cat, CLEO died and we suspect that she was part of a ritual/sacrifice because she was due to inherit the kitty liter fortune.

    • The new thing is for you idiots to show up with your lame jokes belittling everything. People died and your dumb ass is talking about kitty litter.

      • No ones belittling everything. But the crazy obsession with ritual sacrifice is hilarious. And I never have seen nothing like it except here.
        White folks don’t talk about this shit, Asians don’t talk about this shit. Why do black folk act as if it makes any sense at all? With all the tragic deaths we go through in almost every family, you’s think we would have a better grasp on the reality of death.

        • That is bullshit because dlisted and cdan are Try sites and they drag the shit out of this stuff too. Fact is everyone is waking up to the shit. It’s less about wondering if rituals take place and more about deciding to what extent you think rituals occur or how far they go. But that whole…oh u guys are hilarious and stupid….black people don’t have any sense if they believe….you can hang that shit up . That ship has sailed. No one is ever going to look at Hollywood the same ever again. And don’t.bother with that “we” business. This site is brimming with those of you that come on here with your barely concealed racismn pretending to be black . I think you all falsely believe that somehow gives you more credibility. Don’t kbow why . Neither cave beast or coon are respected or welcome.

          • And you speak for this site? Neither cave beast or coon is welcome here? Really?

            Sounds bigoted and snobbily exclusionary.

            • It is. So? Didn’t you make yourself the staunch supporter of all non black boots when you came on here pontificating about what is discussed elsewhere. If you can do it, so can I. There’s some equal opportunity for you. Next.

          • That ship may have sailed, but it isn’t seaworthy. Another time wasting exercise.

            • But….I bet you are not wasting time when you give your opinion, am I right? Somehow you are just better than those whose opinions differ from yours.

            • No, I do not believe that at all. I’m sorry if that is the impression that I gave.

  11. listen people i am a proud “conspriacy theroy” stop with the rtiuals , blood sacrfice, etc because most people are not going to get it and not meant to get get it. because people what they want to believe they think that celebs and the government are like us normal people but they are not

    • the thing is people loves celebs and entertainment especailly black folks they don’t want think that their favorite celeb into satanic and demonic occultism like whitney houston because these are false idols that they worship so let them be

      • thong is there is no such thing as conspriacy theory you know why? because everything is being exposed right in front of our faces they think wikipedia is truth but it’s not. the elites control everything we watch, hear, read. i will never force anyone to believe anything i say just let them be they have right

          • last thing these celebs and elites who runs the world are paid to lie to you that’s their job to tell feel good things if they tell you truth they get whacked katt williams told look what they did to him. the peoplse people are false lodis. so stop with the blood sacrifce, rituals, etc because it’s pointless people believe what they want so let them be i love this site

            • sorry yall about some of my spelling typing too fast again lol! i love yall man i’m out for real this time lol

    • You speak truth and at some point each person wakes up at their own time to the truth without being forced and my goodness will their perception of the world change .Not just the celebrity world but this wicked world in general .They will finally know that things are not what they seem.

  12. In other words, she suffered a severe concussion, but the police and so-called husband did not feel the need to have her hospitalized? Dysfunction exist on both sides of the family…Definition of Ratchet!

  13. they predicted Whitney’s death on the fresh prince of bel air back in 1996, jazz had an cardboard cut out of
    Whitney, and the Whitney cardboard cut out fall apart in the shower??

    this car accidents is very suspicious last year me and my friend was watching a movie, about a over possessive mother, she asked her younger boyfriend to hire a hit man, the hit man rigged her daughter in laws car engine

    he had a remote to control the car!!!

  14. Anonymous 17:03, they should re-name this site, dskconspiraciesritualsoaths.
    I’m not saying the sht don’t exist, because it likely does, but on this MF’r, every celebrity death, accident, birth, Grammy performance, hair color, clothes, beading, hat, barrette,bow ain’t what it seems.

    • Exactly. They actually diffuse the legitimacy of such dark and evil stuff by claiming that every time something bad happens to a black person it was due to a Illuminati type nefarious plot.
      That’s what they don’t seem to understand about we who laugh at their obsession with conspiracies. They saw we are asleep and we cannot see the truth before our eyes.
      Of course there is dirty deeds committed in the leagues of the elite power structure. Of course there are evil people within the elite power structure. But then they take it another step and
      declare that when a dope boy turned rapper from Bankhead ODs in his crib years after his record sales cooled off, he was in fact done in by the Illuminati. Or that when Kelly Rowland’s 60+ year old mom passes, it was naturally a sacrifice.
      Then it all becomes just silly.

      • It’s silly to you two because you don’t have discernment. But here’s some advice, if the truth telling on this site gets on your nerves, head on over to tmz. They lie more than Brian Williams.

        • I do not rely on any site for the truth. I use my exceptional intelligence combined with a healthy dose of common sense. So far it’s working very well thank you.

          If believing that Kelly Rowland’s mother was sacrificed to Satan for reasons of boosting Kelly’s career, which is DOA and un-boostable, then I suggest you return to the dictionary and select another word for your specious thought process. Discernment is not one of your better qualities.

          • No one mentioned Kelly Rolands mother’s death except you. Maybe you should put that “exceptional intelligence” to good use and try to discern following the thread better mmmmkay. LOL. Discernment isn’t one of my better qualities because discernment is an ability/ spirtual gift. I think what you meant to try was ” being discerning is not one of your better qualities.” Guess that ass-ceptional intelligence failed you there too.

            • From The Oxford Dictionary:
              discernment: the ability to judge well

              Where in the f*ck did you glean that it was a spiritual gift? I suppose those who are not “spiritual” cannot discern what is BS from what is not?

              I’ll take my secular intelligence over your fairy godfather gift of “discernment” any day.

            • Oh well, there in lies the rub. You see, I do not deal much with three kinds of people 1) Those who constantly use profanity as a crux to conceal the fact that they are ignorant and inarticulate, 2) yt people- its a personal choice, 3) heathens, atheists, satanists, etc. So you and I really really really have nothing to say to one another and I won’t be responding to you again.
              As for where I got my crazy idea that discernment is a spiritual gift that would be the biblical book of Acts. I’ll take that definition over Oxford, Funk and Waganalls any day . You stick to your rageful, profane secularismn. I’m sure it suits you very well.

            • I think The Book of Corinthians the 14 or 15 chapter speaks of spiritual gifts with the gift of discernment being 1 of them

            • Also where as being Psychic is a gift or tool of the devil(because the devil can only tell the past)
              Spiritual discernment is of God through the Power of His Holy Spirit
              Because God is Omipotent and knows All things discerning things especially the heart

    • I agree. Some of the conspiracy stuff is interesting but sometimes a death is just a death and a murder is just a murder.

      BK doesn’t have a huge inheritance, she doesn’t have a music catalog that people will make money off for decades and she was too self absorbed to obtain any information about tptb that would put her life in danger.
      If there was some foul play in that girls demise it was carried out by either her fake husband or her greedy, opportunistic family.

      • “she was too self absorbed to obtain any information about tptb that would put her life in danger.”

        I think she DOES know something. Maybe constantly staying high helped her to forget.

        • If BK really knew something “they” would’ve killed her off right around the time her mother died under the guise of BK being so depressed about her mom’s death she committed suicide. “They” would not wait 3 whole years for BK to tell something before they took her out.
          Like I said before the only people who were out to get BK were those greedy maggots closest to her.
          I’m not making fun of your theories BE, I’m just offering an alternate point of view relating to this particular case.
          I do believe there are some people out there who have been killed off by tptb but this girl is not one of them.If she really knew something “they” would’ve killed her off right around the time her mother died under the guise of BK committing suicide over her mothers death. Why would “they” wait 3 whole years for BK to tell something before they took her out.

          • Maybe she was WH’s sacrifice and at the last minute she said no, takes me instead. What if BK is now Bobby’s sacrifice? I don’t know but it does seem odd that they/she/he would wait 3 years. And to make a drug overdose/murder/suicide look like a conspiracy theory within a conspiracy theory seems odder still. Then toss around the rumor/idea of pulling the plug on the anniversary of her mother’s death only to say nah, that was a lie, she’s still fighting for her life, keep our family in your prayers.

            You have to admit this is a strange story and loaded with innuendo whether you are wearing a tin hat or not. It also seems like a power play, while she is alive, Bobby is still in charge and if she dies they get to split the money up. He keeps making statements pleading to have privacy and yet family members go out and give exclusive interviews. It’s like they (certain family members) know that whatever way it goes they have nothing to gain so why not sale a story.

            All I know is nobody gave a damn about this girl until now while she’s practically on her death bed. Where was all this love for her during the past 3 years? She’s been on a drug binge since forever, why didn’t someone step in to try and help her before this tragedy? I know she took her mother death pretty hard but her downwards spiral seems to be from more than just grief. Maybe this might be related to the biopic. She was very upset about not being a part of it and made some nasty comments. Maybe they didn’t want her to spurt out more than what she already did. It came out with terrible reviews in early January then she winds up face down in a bathtub January 31. Coincidence? Maybe but I don’t think so….

            Things are not adding up even if you look at the money involved. She either knows something that they don’t want out in the public or she has to be one of the most misunderstood, unluckiest, unloved people ever born. Because too many people who claimed to have loved her clearly dropped the ball.

            • God watch over Bobbi Kristina and over all of Atlanta


              Who knows, maybe all of this is a huge distraction by design to keep people guessing while something else is going on.

              Someone on here told me a few months back to watch the hot spots.

              Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

  15. There is just no evidence or basis of fact to suggest anything other than Bobbi Kristina’s accidents and drowning were due to chronic drug and alcohol abuse.

    Sadly, there was no one is her family to step up and intervene.

    Now, the latest reports are her organs are failing. And barring a miracle from God, death can’t be far off.

    If she lives and is functioning, Bobby Brown should go to court to be Conservator of her estate because she has proven to be a threat to herself and others.

    There is just no evidence or basis of fact to suggest or surmise a Satanic ritual. Check out, and since there is such an interest in Spiritual Warfare and pray against your fears and suspicions.

    • There was someone there to step up and it was her father but he too self centered to care.
      He acted out like a damn fool at her mothers funeral just because he wasn’t allowed to sit next to his daughter that he forgot about after the divorce was final.
      Bobby should not be allowed anywhere near her estate because all he’ll do is spend it on alcohol, his wife and his living children.

  16. Its a shame how some people idolize, worship and praise celebrities
    Even I fall guilty of it at times 🙁

  17. ^^^^^^^^^^ Smartest thing I’ve read here in weeks.
    I hate it that people who are “awake and aware” often translates to people who believe that no black person can succeed in show biz without bending over or taking a Satanic oath. As if they are not talented enough to be worthy of a contract or a part without selling their own souls.
    And those same aware and awake people seem to take pleasure in saying “well I may never be rich and famous, but at least I don’t answer to a devil like Clive Davis.” As if they have a clue what CD is really like or how he has nurtured the careers of so many, not just Whitney, over his 50 years in music. I agree that’s a pathology in and of itself.

    • Yes so nurturing of Whitney was Clive Davis that he held his Grammy party hours after she died while her body literally lay floors above them. Now that IS a fact! And that is plenty devilish enough for me! A bloodsucking leech does have to put an axe into the head of its victim, it just quietly keeps on sucking that blood until it’s belly is full.

      • I totally respect what you have to say as you are clearly a considered and intelligent poster. Having said that, I have to disagree. Where as I do agree that I don’t know Clive Davis and his ‘motivations’ so can’t judge, I have to say neither can you then ‘imagine what was going through his mind’ then as It amounts to the same thing.

        All I can go by are his shady actions on the night and by what Chaka Khan said. She IS in the know. She point blank refused to participate on that night and called the music industry demonic citing a manager who said she was worth more dead then alive. And as some other hsk poster pointed out, if it were Whitney in attendance herself when her friend had just been found dead she would have gone to the party and said ‘stop everything’!

      • @ Anomaly Do you think that at that time 3 years ago, Whitney Houston was bigger than the music industry itself? Sorry, but she had been on such a downward spiral for so many years, she wouldn’t have even been invited to the Davis party if she wasn’t connected to him for many years. That sounds awful, but it’s the stone cold truth. The music industry moves on FAST and forgets the past even FASTER. If you are not THE NOW, you are nobody. Do you realize that Davis has been hosting the pre-Grammy party for over a quarter of a century, and that the biggest music stars in the world come to LA early just so they can attend? HUNDREDS of people. Flower, catering, venue, entertainment, all sorts of decor adding up to a fortune, and you think anyone, not just Davis, would cancel the whole thing because an invited guest died??
        Lemme tell you a story. I had a good friend who was getting married in ATL. Nearly all the guests had flown in from other cities including all her family and the groom’s family as well.
        On the morning of the wedding, her sister left the hotel to go buy some nylons for the wedding. She returned from the mall(Lenox) and a man who had followed her raped and murdered her in her hotel room.
        The bride and groom made the decision to go on with the wedding for PRACTICAL reasons. Was that satanic and wicked? Or was it the judgment of someone who was putting all the other guest’s feelings ahead of their own? st give it some thought. And bear in mind that Whitney and Bobbi K were not even mentioned at the Grammys this year. That’s how much they are thought of by the NOW people.

        • Okay, so let’s use your specific story about the wedding.

          First off let me say I’m sad to hear about that tragedy. But tell me, was the body of the bride’s sister still laying DEAD a few doors down from the wedding party? Were they all nibbling on their expensive canapés while her DEAD body was still on the same premises? Did they insist that her DEAD body remain where she was murdered while they chomped down on the wedding cake just a few doors down? Smiling for pictures, dancing the first dance etc.

          Well, if they pulled the wedding off with her body a few doors down then what can I say except to congratulate them on their steeliness. If my sister was raped and murdered i would be an emotional broken down mess. I certainly could not just ‘go on with the show’. But hey that’s just me.

          You know maybe, just maybe they might have removed Whitney’s body before the party got into full swing? Just saying.

          For me, when cheap ‘practicality’ comes before somebody’s life then you know society got problems. I guess I just run on a different code of ethics.

          • Respect. And no, the body was at the morgue before the wedding took place. Many of us thought that it was somewhat odd at the time, but take in consideration that she was in shock. He mother kept telling her that Missy would have wanted the show to go on, and the money was spent no matter if they cancelled or not. Let’s just say that it was a somber event, and I hope no one else ever has to make such a decision.
            Question to you: I am sincere and not being a smart ass, do you have inside knowledge that CD was aware that the BHPD were taking so long and that in fact Whitney’s body was still upstairs? I have always surmised that no one downstairs knew that she was still upstairs.
            I may sound like a Davis cheerleader, but I have always felt that to hate him simply based on the Grammy Party thing was a bit harsh. That was a Sophie’s Choice in my eyes. He would have made enemies and been frowned on which ever way he decided to go. So I think(jmho) that he picked the scenario which would inconvenience and piss off the least people in the industry.
            I appreciate your intelligence and logical approach. I wish everyone was like you and willing to talk it

          • Thanks Anon, no, I don’t have any insider knowledge of Clive Davis on that night just news reports of the time that corroborate the timeline of events and reportedly quoted sources from the hotel who said the coroner was told not to move the body until after the event.

            I guess just like everybody else, you form an opinion based partially on fact and gut feeling – like the same feeling that told you it was somewhat ‘odd’ to continue with the wedding despite the murder. It’s the same way I felt about Whitney. Maybe a bit harsh, yes, but Clive Davis will live on unaffected.

            Well at least we can agree to disagree without either one of us going completely LOCO like some other posters here. See on another post!

    • The fact that you’re seeking out those comments and stories reveals your obsession with celebs. That is the problem. It’s why you fell victim to the crackpot theories on you tube. There are no black people in the illiuminati. Or mafia. Damn.

  18. This is sad. The entertainment industry is terrible. Wake up people before it is too late. See the truth. Some people will do anything for fame and money. Is it worth it? No! The family is hiding something. Too many conflicting reports. Something is not right.

    • The part u conspiracists can’t answer is how is the message put out? Calls, texts, letters on illuminati letterhead or do they have pluggers? If clooney hosted last time is it Pitts turn? If Rihanna is in Miami and the ritual is in Los Angeles does she file a travel voucher with the illuminati accounting office? The logistics just don’t add up to your boogeyman fears. So yes you guys sound stupid.

        • Nice deflection. Now tell us how they communicate the who what when and where undetected. You can’t can you?

          • There will never be an explanation for the lunacy because there isn’t one. People latch onto the bizarre ideas because it’s easier to believe them than to believe that someone they loved and admired would just throw their life away. That notion doesn’t compute in the heads of normal healthy people, so they find a theory which both makes sense to them and in a weird way makes them feel better.
            But if there is one thing I’ve learned here, it’s that you cannot change anyone’s mind. I tried for a while to explain things rationally, to no avail. So, from now on I’m going to avoid all the convos about rituals, sacrifices and the Illuminati.

            • Goodbye then. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

              Oh and by the way, when you pop into church on Sunday and take communion, eating the body of Christ and drinking the blood of Christ, catching that Holy Ghost, and praying to be covered in the blood of Jesus, know that you are participating in fruits of the ultimate blood sacrifice and remember this post.


            • If you are a Christian, then Christ dying on the cross and sacrificing himself in exchange for the sins of the world are the foundations of the faith. Period.

              And communion is the reinactment of that 2000 year old blood sacrifice ritual that people perform every week whether they know it/like it or not.

              Well are you a Christian or not?

            • Anomaly To answer your question, no I am not a Christian. I am a believer in science, physics and all things secular. I am a peace loving agnostic(not to be confused with a God hating heathen lol)and because of my many years of reading and studying the sciences, it would be a near impossibility for me to believe in any mythology.
              I believe that the belief in a literal God is part and parcel with the overarching belief expressed here so vehemently in demons and a literal Satan. One cannot exist without the other.
              After being a practicing Protestant for more than half of my life, I cannot tell you how freeing it was to finally give myself permission to let go of something I feel is quite damaging to so many. BUT, I am not proselytizing for my way of thinking.

          • This is dumb. They communicate like everybody else. Send invites to parties or meetings by courier, phone people up via their agents, assistants etc or just call direct, account through their accountants and lawyers? Your point is just stupid. Is that direct enough for you?

            • So ur answer is to mail an invite to a ritualistic murder to someone’s attorney and I’m stupid? Via us mail? With dates times and victims name and I’m stupid?

            • Am I missing something here or are you just pretending to be an idiot?

              Right now in the UK there is a huge scandal and investigation over members of parliament taking part in peadophile sex parties with young boys, some of whom were murdered. These are government people!!! How do you get invited to that kind of party? Tell me also about sex trafficking rings who sell young girls to the highest bidder. How do you bid for one?

              Do the Paedophile MP’s advertise in the local newspaper for young boys to murder or the sex traffickers list on eBay for bidders for young girls to abuse? But somehow the word still gets out to the people who take part. Maybe via the Paedophile Post’ according to you or Sex Traffickers Weekly?

              Or maybe simply a courier delivers an invite to a party.

              Go watch the movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ for an example of the type of elite parties that people get invited to with a special password for extra security. People say this was a pretty accurate portrayal.

              Anyway, enough already. I’ve very sorry your simple brain cannot comprehend this type of thing….but maybe that’s actually a good thing.

            • So now ur saying A lists stars are murdered in front of other A list stars at a party which they were invited to via invitation thru their lawyers law firms mail room with ten mail clerks, paralegals and secretary’s who manage their calendars? With courier receipts and calls to agents of attendees? Please seek help.

            • With all of these mail clerks lawyers agents couriers and such being in the loop is this a secret conspiracy or a wedding reception? No invitations left in a trash bin? None mailed to Scotland Yard or LAPD? None left under columbos windshield wiper? No police interview anyone ever? No one tricks not even after their career tanks? There is nothing secret about what u have described dumb ass.

            • May I ask did you graduate high school? Or perhaps you are on some kind of medication as you sound like somebody who has ADHD, all jumpy, twitchy and rambling.

              You epitomise exactly how shills operate. I answer your question but you will not touch the pertinent facts in mine. Therefore there is no opportunity for true debate. I’m long time wise to these cheap tactics and so is everybody else who reads these posts.

              Y’all may criticize ‘conspiracy theorists’ but when one presents any type of constructive argument, you run behind your mama’s shirt stuttering and trembling.

              Anyway, my only advice to you is to consume, consume consume, like a cow chewing the cud until you are selected for slaughter and they wear the skin from your back as a pair of leather shoes and the rest of you is minced up and sold as a Soylent Green burger.

              Good day.

            • If u think an entertainment will risk disbarment by receiving advance notice of the murder of an a list star and not only keeping quiet but passing that message on ur delusional and it is obvious why you’re glued to you tube. Good day indeed mental midget.

    • That’s your opinion and you are entitled. But I believe that even opinions that differ from my own are still valid.

    • Selling your means doing anything for money and fame. Giving up your self respect.

  19. My kitty cat sacrificed a mouse last night.

    Do yall think he might be an Illuminati Kitty?

    I guess I’m next.

    • U might want to rephrase that and check out about how Dave have recanted and how he has sold his soul on a youtube video
      I usually dont look at youtube videos but in the video Dave acts peculiar and strange

      • I’ve looked there’s nothing there except some video narrated by some Stephen Hawkins sounding motherf*cker, talking shit about Dave Chapelle rolling his trouser leg up as proof of ‘illuminati allegiance’. Cheap nonsense to get some hits. What I said still stands.

    • Don’t discount the Dave Chapelle example. He could have gone much further in his career and into the big time/mainstream. Instead he couldn’t consent to what ‘they’ wanted from him, so turned down that major money and huge fame and was subject to much public humiliation. His spot has now been filled by Kevin Hart.

      At the end of the day, your own supposition doesn’t hold much water because how on earth would you ever know who the ‘poor’ man or woman was turned down these millions and the chance of fame in the first place??? It’s not like they advertise it in the papers when somebody turned the money down is it?

      Maybe there are enough people with integrity who just don’t want any part of the superficial fame game. They should be able to assert that without being accused of being borderline sociopaths!

      • I agree. I turned it down ,so to speak. Early in my career I was expecteded to trade sex for a come up. It’s why I was unable to get anywhere and eventually quit. To this day I wonder if I was just exceptionally unlucky…and if all those faces you see smiling back from magazines go through what I went through but they accept it? Guess I will never really know but I don’t regret my discision to walk away.

        • Good for you! You knew in your heart that the casting couch wasn’t a good trade off/come up.

          Maybe there are many happy endings and smiling faces but there are just countless other stories of our talented souls entering this business and ending up chewed up, spat out and broke, mad, abused, addicted and generally lesser people. I mean why would TLC now have to be begging for money to record an album after their talent and ‘success’. Then we have Whitney (dead), Mariah (mad), En Vogue (broke) Ras B and Bow Wow (sexually abused) and so on with countless examples.

          And no I am not rubbing my hands together in glee at their misfortune as people have said. I cried a lot when Whitney, and MJ died for example. It broke my heart. And I’m sad for the rest of them and just generally confused at whey it seems to go so badly wrong a lot of the time. And now details of the trade-off is getting leaked more and more then it does not seem worth it to me.

      • so that’s why kevin wore the dress and blonde wig looking like a cracked out faggot.

      • Basically it came down to this–Dave realized that the comedy he was writing which came from his brilliant mind was getting more laughs from would-be white supremacists who were taking it LITERALLY. Dave’s most edgy bits could be viewed from many perspectives, and of course he used stereotypes and absurdity in order to make a point, and for the guilty parties to have some insight into their own twisted thinking.
        But per his own words, he noticed all the white guys in the office cracking up at the humor on its base level instead of the more hidden and introspective levels. He said that sickened him and he knew he couldn’t continue to write the sort of material which they wanted.
        It goes without saying that there are people here who think he fled the show because the Illuminati wanted him to take an oath or perform a blood sacrifice. That he was made an offer to ascend to the highest level of show biz if he would join the occult fraternity. The simple truth s he felt he had been used and his comedy was being exploited as “n word humor” to make other races crack up. His self respect and dignity would not allow for that. The money was not enough for him to continue writing for an audience who were laughing for the wrong reasons.

  20. I find it hard to believe that every celebrity and their family members death are a result of some type of ritual. EVERYBODY?

    • No not everybody. But some definately are. The B K incident stinks to the high heavens. I do tend to believe there is something ritualistic about both her and her mother having multiple near drowning deaths. Remember when she slipped that note to Brandi? Monica was sitting on the other side and she said to Whitney ” You stay running around with wet hair”. and Whitny said something like ” I amost drowned again”. When you look at that, and the fact that B K almost drowned the day before in the exact same tub….its too much to be mere coincidence. Like Anna Nicole and her son both od-ing on drugs

      • Anna Nicole and her son were major druggies.
        Whitney and BK were both major druggies.

        What is so weird that major druggies would be depressed, hopeless and careless? That’s how druggies live. I know, I used to be one. When you are deep into drugs, you fantasize about dying all the time. Your addiction just seems so hopeless and outta control, the idea of being out of your misery is very appealing. It’s not that you really want to be dead–it’s that you don’t see any other way out of the addiction.
        If you’ve never been there, you just don’t know. But I dare you to got to an NA meeting sometime, and afterwards while everyone is drinking coffee and eating donuts, ask the people there if they think that it’s surprising that Whitney or her daughter would die.

        • No one, druggie or sober thinks its weird they died. What disturbs people are the strange seemingly ritualistic aspects of their deaths. Phillips Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger died typical addicts deaths and no one is shocked by that. But Bk and her mom,well, that gives me pause. Something just isn’t right there and people either see it or they don’t, I guess.

  21. Bobby Brown’s sister, Leola, posted these words about Bobbi Kristina on her Facebook page last week:

    If only people understood and knew what I KNOW.


  22. I am starting to get very tired of these attacks to conspiracy theorist. I’m also tired of these so called posters that say they are for down with the struggle of Back people but can’t keep the n word out they mouth. Kind of reminds me of the movie “The Thing” trying so hard to assimilate but failing miserably every time by doing things that humans just don’t do, it’s rather sad to watch because most of us see right through your thinly veiled disguise. Any who, meanwhile back at the ranch……

    I don’t really consider myself a die hard conspiracy theorist as much as I consider using my common sense when looking at certain things. Like when Whitney came up in that interview almost pleading with them and introducing Bobbi to her Dad/godfather Clive Davis and the sneers on their faces as she gave Brandy that note. Nope, that whole thing didn’t sit right with me at all, it gave me pause, and we all know what happened later. Sometimes the puzzle pieces never align and sometimes they fit perfectly together.

    I try to avoid generalizing when talking about ritualistic things of this nature because one circumstance cannot be said of others. Like for instance having a prayer circle of men with a young female child standing in the middle before you go on stage (super side eye) can be put in the same category as what happened to Bobbi Kristina that day but I digress.

    My personal glitches in the matrix started around the year 2000 when I saw a presidential election get stolen right before my eyes. I’ve been really looking at shit sideways every since then because after they got away with pulling that one over the eyes of the sheeple, they started getting sloppy. At this present day I don’t think they care too much if people are starting to figure things out. Why should they? They own everything, the media, the banks, and the food. What can you do about it? Nothing, the only thing left to do is pick a side because the ride is going to start to get a little bumpy so buckle up Dorothy.

    While we are paying attention to the puppets the puppet master is setting up a world stage right before our very eyes. Vaccines are going to become mandatory, Mexicans are becoming the new slave labor, and the very air you breathe is going to be taxed in the near future. Conspiracy theories or nah?

    Have you ever wondered why the powers that be are so determined to destroy the world as we know it for power and greed? Why they are convinced that they are going to win. They have to, it’s prophecy. As in the days of Noah…….. So while some of ya’ll are running round here calling people stupid cracked pots or worse for believing in something that you don’t understand it would behoove you to pick your team and stand on it. Because all bullshit aside, this is really about good versus evil I don’t care how you approach the subject.

    Anyone who comes here to brag about themselves and puts other people down is the biggest fool and hypocrite there is. Truth be, told if any of us were truly living right we wouldn’t even come here. This is a gossip site, we come here to talk about people, which is a sin. I will be the first one to admit that my life is really missing something for me to rush home to check what different people have commented about and I should be ashamed of myself. It is my guilty pleasure and I know it is wrong but I just can’t help myself, God help me to overcome this addiction. But what I will not do is condemn someone else who comes here to post for whatever reason. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs whether I like it or not. Who am I to judge?

    I happen to believe that this is more than a gossip site anyway, more like a social experiment with provocateurs and race baiters thrown in just for fun. But hey, don’t believe me, that’s just a conspiracy theory of my own (tin foil hat) creation…..

    • This site has a conspiracy WITCH with multiple handles and of course the bitch don’t want to talk conspiracies, satanic worship ,rituals and so forth and so you not bugging this site allows her to continue to f*ck it up , that’s my take on conspiracies…..

    • @black enga…..BOOM and there it was! That’s a standing O right there.
      I have to say it’s also my guilty pleasure and when it all gets too much and I can’t take all the negativity then…*POOF* and I’ll disappear for a while haha.

  23. Hey crackpots dope fiends die errday. U just don’t know their names. Will somebody kick the plug out da wall already ? Sick of this shit.

    • See this her dumb f*cking ass right here , bitch we sick of you, notice no one dont want blog with you bitch , so keep creating new names whore to chat with yourself !!

      • Well there must be several of us conspiracy witches because that^^^^^^^up there ain’t me, and I also am skeptical about the sacrifices and rituals.

    • true crackheads do die but not all of them are set to inherit fortunes from their famous celeb mom who was also a crackhead.

  24. chaka khan is a scientologist of course she knows about mk ultra, And folks dying over money.

    scientologists have gotten rid of a lot of their members after scamming thjem of their insurance policies.

    her son was in a murder trial years ago.

    she said scientology helped him out.


  25. Have you noticed that most celebrity deaths are caused by either drug overdoses, automobile accidents and airplane crashes? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  26. sorry but the reason everybody accuse these celebs of worshipping the devil is because they do these things and give us chit to talk about.

    how many lyrics talk about satan, drugs, sex whatever.

    how many artists throw up baphomet signs then deny that they’re just doing it for the m oney or entertainment.

    every group or artrist had some tragedy happen to them.

    why do these artists talk about involvement with the occult, wicca, voodoo, magic, and whatever.

    why do these dudes do crime drug stings, undercover prostitution rings, raping and molesting kids.

    all these celebs are coming out as gay, folks transforming from men to women and the media reports and the world follows it.

    • the reason is because these celebs and athletes are paid to carry out an agenda of the TPTB they don’t get millions of dollars for nothing. i.e the smith family look at jaden and willow turning them transgender in front of the world so will and jada can please their scientology gods

      • weird parents couldn’t stanmd the idea of their kids crossdressing at their ages.

        jaden’s playing a gayboy and willow’s sporting a tongue ring at age 11.

        and shes screwing a grown man but hey the smiths got money and can cover that
        this is all what it boils down to who got money.



  27. how many rappers come out and say they sell druigs, they pimp hos whatever and then they do satanic imagery and then they get in trouble with the law or get shot.

    rappers being killed and locked up for imitating their lyrics.

    the rappers and black entertainers get shot or locked up and get treated worser whwen someones mad at them.

    hate to brinbg race in this but yes Eminem has gotten awayu with way more.

    aND ALL THE WHITE CELEBS WHO RAPED KIDS AND WOMEN EVEN ROMAN Polanski wasn’t dogged like they dogged bill cosby.

    black man cheats on his wife hes the scum of the earth.

    but we call bill Clinton a player because he gets head we kissed bill’s ass and called him one of our own because he got his dick sucked.

    • well look at our so called black leaders and black chruch leaders they sold us out to fit the naccp is not ran by black people it’s ran by jews and the not to mention they are boule greek society. MLK, TUPAC, MAL X, MAYA ANGELOU, NELSON MANDELA, ETC. sold out their people

  28. If you brain washed psychos don’t stop talking about blood sacrifice..smdh talk about ” misguided sheeple” lmao.. Please stop with the conspiracy theories and get your damn head in a real rejuvenate them dying brain cells… Its possible that she was in a traffic accident. I just find it strange that it wasn’t reported on on media when it they usually do. Could have sustained some internal injury that wasn’t detected..esp if she didn’t go to a hospital afterwards. we all have our own theories on what could have happened but keep in mind that none of us really know. The close family hasn’t exactly been forthright with giving daily accounts of her condition.

    • Miis K It warms my heart and gives me hope for the sanity quotient of those at this site when someone else says that. I have a feeling that we are not as in the minority as it sometimes seems…it’s just that the loons speak up so vehemently about their superstitious beliefs that they SEEM like the majority at times.
      It had me so frustrated last week that I decided I would stop reading this site, because I was constantly arguing to no avail. Then I Googled “conspiracy theorist as a mental illness” and I learned a lot. I realize now that one cannot ever change someone’s mind about that sort of thing, because the person doesn’t want the truth. They resort to their theories because they cannot wrap their minds around the cold hard reality of life. And the belief that demonic dastardly parties are controlling events relieves them of responsibility for making their own changes.

  29. Theory’s change, Christ stay the same. Pick up your bible sometimes, it comes to life. It’s the only living word.

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