K. Michelle Destroys CoKo On Twitter

k michelle swv coko beef twitter

While on stage at the BET awards, K. Michelle was getting some shade thrown at her from Coko and she clapped back hard.

On Sunday, K. Michelle was performing at the BET Awards, along with archrival Tamar Braxton, and R&B legend, Patti Labelle.  Once notable singer, Coko from SWV, was watching the performance and trying to throw shade behind the shelter of her fans.

Coko was retweeting people on Twitter talking garbage about K. Michelle’s performance.

k michelle swv coko beef twitter 2

Never one to avoid drama, K. Michelle caught word and went back at Coko, “Coko but they didn’t ask you or your chopped teeth to perform. Your at home. Stop trying it. Love wins.”

k michelle swv coko beef twitter 3

Got to chalk this up as an L for Coko.


  1. but Coko could STILL sing better than your cement ass LMFAO bitchhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. I agree with CoCo, K Michelle’s first part of her performance was horrible, I don’t know which was worse that night her singing or looking at her deformed body, and she really has some nerve talking about CoCo’s teeth because at one point and time K Michelle was looking like a silly rabbit by the teeth as well…anyway Patti blew K Michelle and Tamar out the box.

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