Justin Combs is Ivy League College Bound

justin combs harvard

Misa Hylton, Diddy’s baby mama, just announced that their son Justin was accepted into an ivy league college.

Justin will be entering Harvard University. No word on what he’ll be majoring in.




  1. Awwhhhh…That’s good, hopefully he will grow up and be a super kind guy, seems like he has a great Mother.

  2. What was his dad’s donation amount? I am sure his admittance was on academics alone. So many poor black kids just don’t get the same opportunity in spite of their academics.

    • I know right like all these celebrities talking about white supremacy and racism should have the common sense to pool their money together to help finance these young black men and women into these ivy leagues. But you know negroes already. It just sad to see these black students with so much potential have to beg whites for grants and scholarships smdh

    • @Anon 18:08

      Shut the hell up…….you do not know his intellect level OR If he is attending Harvard on any financial gifts/donations from his father.

      He is probably smarter than your hating ass!!!

  3. Not only are the LIEberal economic policies baseless and foolish, Justin GAVE AWAY MULTIPLES of BILLIONS to foreign nations (many Islamic) with no expectations or accountability. As well, Justin GAVE AWAY multiples of millions “to his own foundation and the Agga Kahn foundation, and to support the building of two pipe lines in China, among other directions where he THREW CANADIANS MONEY AWAY. It is obvious that Justin has a secret AGENDA to drive Canada into the deepest debt slavery possible, to ruin our future potential and destroy the productivity of Canada. I detest Justin Turd Toe, I detest the LIEberals, and I detest crooked selfish ignorant manipulating selfish rich bastards like Morneau. Hey Mr. Morneau, just to tell you that GREED IS A SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESS!!! I”m also getting to detest STUPID people who are so foolish as to support the LIEberals. Do you not care at all about your children”s futures??? Are you incapable of seeing that Justin is a simple puppet for a far larger and more destructive agenda than you can perceive? Can you spell new world order???


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