Hollywood Experiences Herpes Outbreak During Oscars Weekend

the oscars herpes outbreak

TMZ says there was an increase in herpes outbreaks during the Oscars weekend, according to a rep from HerpAlert – an online diagnosis and treatment site for the virus.

Apparently, there was a spike of people submitting photos of their outbreaks, and doctors calling in prescriptions to local pharmacies after the photos were reviewed.

There have been 60 new herpes cases a day since Friday in the Hollywood and Beverly Hills neighborhoods, a huge leap from the company’s typical 10-case a day load.

The last spike occurred during NBA All-Star weekend when they received 30 new cases a day, the majority being genital herpes.

Is anyone surprised?


  1. Guh….nasty. It’s like 9 different strands of HIV on the planet now!!! And app on Apple for that too!!! Yuck to the nine degree…..

  2. At least celebrities have the money to treat it. But the local population especially black women suffer badly. Nearly 48% of the them have herpes and most dont have access to antiviral medicine. Thats why black women are spreading it ao fast

    • @Blackman

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      • Luckily i escaped Atlanta without catching it. Sisters be playing a dangerous game in that city. Down low black be running trains on these hoes and spreading to these sistas. smdh

    • Also the fact herpes is spread by skin to skin contact.

      You don’t have to fuck someone to catch it, you can catch it through kissing, oral to genital contact or just rubbing up against someone who has it…which means it can be caught even with a condom…same thing with warts.

  3. Wait… So people are sending emails of dick picks with the herps bumps to their doctors??? LOL! OMG when that Cloud leak happens, this is gonna be some funny shit.

    • LMAO…I did not even read the article, but yeah that is some funny ass shit!

      They better hope there is no leak, or there will be major lawsuits.

  4. I guess Jo Budden was right? All of Hollywood rappers included have herpes! Damn! Eww!!! That’s why these broads have trouble getting pregnant. They have to push that baby out of that herpe puss!!

  5. Not surprising. In hollywood, herpes is damn near a right of passage. These celebrities are all walking, breathing pitri dishes. Anyone who fucks a celebrity is damn near asking for it.

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