Judge Declares MISTRIAL In Cosby Case!

bill cosby mistrial

A Pennsylvania judge has officially declared a mistrial in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial.

Cosby was facing a maximum of 10 years in prison if he had been convicted of the three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault.

Judge Steven O’Neill declared the mistrial Saturday morning after the jury failed to reach a unanimous decision.

The DA has plans on retrying the case in 120 days.



    • The bullshit was on HER end of things.

      She lied to cops she knew Cosby for 6 months when she’d known him almost 2 years;

      She lied to cops she’d never been alone with him when she’d met him in his home, at restaurants and all over New York;

      She lied to cops she had no contact with him after that night when phone records show there were 72 calls between them….53 of which were initiated by HER!

      We’re not even going to mention the fact that it took a grown woman a YEAR to contact police and that she changed her LIES multiple times.

      She and the other floosy women that claim they were raped are all full of BULLSHIT. They knew how the game was played…they were looking for “work” and Bill told them the application fee. Now they all want to pile on and say they were raped…30 YEARS LATER. Chile please.

      This was an affair that ended badly. I believe she KNEW Cosby would pay to protect his reputation and her 53 calls to him was nothing less than extortion. Glad some of the jurors could see through the BULL SHIT.



      The first trial probably cost him a few million in legal fees, and the second trial will make him almost DESTITUTE AND NEAR BANKRUPTCY.

      And that’s the way the cookie crumbles

  1. Nope, not bullshit. Too many inconsistencies in the prosecution witness’s testimony. When you choose to prosecute, your either go hard or go home. Back to the drawing board for them!

  2. Of course they are going to retry the case. This shit is political. They need to leave this old man alone. Case reeks of racism, sexism, etc.

  3. Bill was stupid and being stupid is not a crime ask trump . anyone that knows the details and still think this man belongs in jail is either racially motivated or a flaming feminist

    • my fiance raped me and then refused to marry me 30 years ago!!!

      i loved him too much to complain to the police, but if i could get justice now, his azz would die in jail.

      women do wait years sometimes.

      • Fran those idiots above do not understand anything…

        Trying to explain how some people react to things real world style is above their heads.

  4. Boule Bill is innocent! The jury couldn’t convict him. That means all of those ugly white bitches lied. Gloria Allred owes boule Bill an apology!

  5. In Amerikkka, the biggest terrorist group is and always will be the strong, educated, heterosexual black male. Sistas please support and love the black men in your life. We need you more than ever! The white devil is trying to destroy us!

  6. Glad I’m not rich I don’t have to worry about ugly lesbian white freaks who dicls look bigger than mine

  7. This MF is far from innocent…a 10 to 2 split means he may be closer to jail than you all think!

    The hope is the next trial will bring conviction! He deserves a slow painful death (which is what is happening), jail time will do too.

    I and more will NEVER support a rapist NO MATTER THEIR COLOR, because this shit is NOT about that. And you fuckers who believe it is have life fucked all the way up…and are on the wrong side of human decency. Thinking any wrong against another okay is beyond sick.

    This woman was one of the ones who wanted a criminally conviction, she DID go to the police after he assaulted her, she had to settle because the DA at the time would not take the case to criminal court, so I am glad she is having her day in court.

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