Is This Kenya Moore’s Husband?

kenya moore husband

According to MTO, this is allegedly a picture of the man Kenya Moore supposedly married in St. Lucia.

His name is Marc Daly, and he’s the owner of a Brooklyn restaurant called SoCoBK.

He supposedly had a falling out with his partners, and people in NY “DO NOT think highly of Marc and his business practices.”

“Marc is a former investment banker and would SHUT DOWN the back of his restaurant – so that Kenya could eat in peace. They had a whirlwind romance and now he and Kenya are man and wife. Kenya and Marc do NOT want to discuss their marriage on camera for the upcoming Housewives season.”

Kenya is following the restaurant on IG, but other than that, we need more info before we sip this tea.


  1. The minute he appears on the show and starts on the famewhoring and the stupid silly stuff, then you know it’s fake.

  2. Sounds like a bunch of mess, drama, and lies cometh. I know nene will be reading this bitch for filth nxt season lol

    • For Americans to marry abroad, they must establish residency in that country. But that’s not all countries. There is no residency period in Saint Lucia any you can get married within 24 by special request. This means there is no marriage license application requirements in the US and the marriage in St. Lucia is considered legal in the US, meaning, if you marry someone else, you are committing bigamy so divorce is required. In this case it’s possible she married as required down there. On the other hand, this whole thing is a fake out for the show.

  3. He’s a cutie..I could love all over that myself. If that’s ya husband..go Kenya!

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