Joseline Quits ‘Love & Hip Hop’

    joseline quits love and hip hop

    Joseline Hernandez announced today she’s quitting Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

    After feuding with producer Mona Scott Young, Joseline threatened to air her dirty laundry in a sit-down interview with Oprah.

    “I need y’all to have y’all phones ready to record what I’m about to tell you about this b*tch Mona and how she muthfu*king treated her cast members and all the s**t that she’s done to us throughout the muthafu*king years,” Joseline said. “I’m a let everybody know. I want you to hashtag Oprah and I want to go sit down with Oprah.”

    But now it looks like the Puerto Rican Princess is over the drama!

    Mona clapped back by throwing shade with some wise words from Oprah.


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    Do you think the show will go on without Joseline.

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    1. Let Joseline go on. Mona will shut her career down like, according to Monique, Oprah, Tyler and Lee did her. Only in Mona’s case she got those ancient Haitian ancestors to shut her enemies down. Ask Chrissy, Jim, Somaya… allegedly.
      Of course, the show will go on without Jos and or Stevie. Just go to any social media site. Pick one that’s had a hard life, give them a few dollars and a promise of fame, they’ll do anything. Look at that child that claims she had Kirk Frost’s baby and the other new lil girl that was extorting money from her boss’s husband.

    2. J is already exposed. It cant get no worst. She a ex stripper, willing to be a side chick, date girls, got a sex tape and all other kinds of stuff. How much more can she be exposed

    3. jose kno her azz ain’t going no damn where she kno she need those crums Mona throwing 2 her & stevie washed up azzes just a new story line bc shidd is so lame who still watching this bull shidd

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