Joseline Hernandez Strung Out & Wasted

Joseline Hernandez Crack Smoking

HSK Exclusive – Here is a throwback Thursday picture of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member, Joseline Hernandez, high out of her mind.

Let’s go!


    • Thats a man, baby with man-made lady parts. But black people don’t have any gaydar, though. Male to female trans american.

        • Feet, neck, shoulders, arms thats a man. And birds and bums? I’m not debating with any stans I say my peace and if you agree we can talk but if you want to fuss you can talk to my handbag.

          • Ha Haaaaa, Don’t even start on them shoulders.

            My kids argued me down talking bout she is just big because she works out, yeah……Right.

            • I don’t like trans that lie and try to pass as a bio woman. be a man own up to it. his man made lady parts are so fake, a male friend sent me the photos that clit ain’t real looks like a tiny penis.

        • I say Joseline is a man because she is too cocky about challenging the ladies of the cast to fight. She sat there and told Ariane that she was going to let her live today. Who does that. Even the cockiest and the baddest females don’t do that.
          The ONLY way she could be so cocky is because she would beat them down with her man strength. All the sex change operations in the world can’t take away biological male muscles.

          • Girl Mona Scott was wrong for that, she knows that’s a damn man, they should have charged Jose for beating up those women. Deb got his shit right together though.

            Aplesandonions now I saw that and was like what in theee hell are they doing?!? What kind of mess is this? And because they had Mona standing there with the cameras we are suppose to believe it.

            I’m telling you, they think we are stupid. I’m going to tell you what she is not going to do and that is insult my intelligence. He/She better go some where with that Milky Way 27 piece talking about she a bad bitch, GTHOH!

      • The hell you say!!! I’m Black and my gaydar is ON POINT!

        The only people who cannot see that this person is male are the ones that DON’T WANT TO SEE IT!

        Carry on…

        • @BxGirl, LOL!!! Yeh that trans american was born a man. But BM love the booty and many hate bio women so trans are having a good old time with BM!!



    • That’s what I’m saying Glok! Aint that the same shirt she had on when she was trying to spit talking bout where all her bad bitches in somebody’s studio?

      I aint neva seen a bathroom like that, they need to invest in some mold and mildew remover or something.


    • That shit looks like a Hurricane Katrina public outhouse bathroom.

  2. This old ass picture! i can’t even remember when I saw this photo! Stop wasting a post on this shit! i do like her alot tho lol.

  3. Someone needs to powerwash their home with the age spots on the brick cement, Yard probably looks like shyt also. Baselines eyebrows are on point though,


      • Yep she looks lazy. That’s a Molly look. I took a purple one and helllllll to no! I be damn I will pop another Grape Expectations ever again! Had me f*cking my son’s father like a damn rabbit! And y’all know how rabbits breed!

        • Im curious to roll just once with someone I love and lust but most important can trust to keep their mouth shut and not take advantage. Does it make you grit you teeth like e pills? One person told me its like some spiritual euphoria.

          • I go back in forth between wanting to try it and being like hell nah. Try it and report back 🙂

        • So you bypassed me while I was on the couch and got your baby daddy to get my cake….now I’m making you sleep on the couch, like you did me….you owe me Gurl

      • Its a pill y’all!. I took it. And I was like ‘Oh Shit!’ I was loopy and feeling too good and next thing I know I had that, “,U better bring your ass over here so I can f*ck the shit outta you look”. Next thing I know we was going ham! He ran out and I past out! Woke up clammy, nervous, dehydrated, like “Fuck this shit!” Never again!

        • You got big courage Because I was scared to take it he did and giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrllllllllllll! Umm Umm, nope.Noooo mam. Can you say rolling? Got flipped like pizza dough. I had to say Hey…. he….Hey…. HEEEEEY! Now you done messed up, that’s my good hip! Haaa Ha! Had to hose him down chile!

  4. That TB collection is the next big thing among methnand crack heads.

    Why does it look like she is Lucifers personal bathroom, where ever she is licking on them the walls and shit, is definately where Ebola originated……dis is a nasty bitch.

    • That looks to be a sex dungeon. Notice the tiles wall and the baphomet / goathead thing shes tounging down. Ritual sex is part of the Hollywood gig as is the drugs. And the electroshock therapy you go through afterwards to forget the names and faces of the elites you must service. If you notice, Joseline has the same tweaked cock eyes they all have. She been done sold herself out to make it.

    • If they zoom out I bet “Heebie Jeebie Steebie” is behind her trying to get into her dookie Shute……lol

      • This has totally creeped me out now. OMG…did you see the mold & filth along the grout on that wall Jose is leaned up on? I wouldn’t want to “tinkle” with 1000 seat covers on hand in that place let alone have my tongue out anywhere.

        Jose needs to go get his/her life.
        THIS surely is not a good looking for The Baddest Idiot…just saying.

      • Omg!!!! That is the best name for Stevie ever!!! I literally Lmao! However, Freako Niko made "HJS" (?) look a tad bit not so douchey! What dumpster does Mimi pick her men from? ?

    • THAT’S what bad ass “bitches” do baby, lick nasty shit like it’s cute! She got that down pat, handle yo m.f. business Jose.

    • Yep. That is why I kept saying if y’all listen to Joseline very carefully you would picked up clues to who she is linked up with.

  5. Wow Before Rick Rose Putted His 1 Inch Dick In This Bitches Hole

    Ewwwww She’s Licking A Object Wonder What It Is Nasty Bitch Dicking For Charge

  6. I like Jose though lol but it’s an old picture hence throw back Thursday

  7. Well maybe thats why she thinks she’s the baddest punta now from where she came. Maybe she on her look at me now stage. Idk jus tryna say sumn positive instead of negative.

  8. Shut the f*ck up with this illuminati shit!! I swear these rappers know how to get y’all attention to keep y’all talking about them.This bitch is a crackhead molly stripper with no pull whatsoever. Imma put out a single called 666 and watch y’all eat that shit up!! Make me a quick million.

    • a shame rappers have to use satanic images.

      thasts what jose’s douing right now showing allegiance to satan by doing this.

      • Bruh…Did you read any part of my post??? This crackhead bitch does not worship the devil!! I think you smoking the same shit she’s smoking.

        • This bitch probably doesn’t even know where the f*ck she was at when this picture was taken

        • He read your post. So ? How so you know who she does and does not worship? Most know what’s up when they see that goat. It ain’t a fukkin astrological sign, its a deity. And its been around since biblical times. And so are the sex rituals that go along with it. Sorry you aren’t up to speed like the rest of us. But tell you what, Try cutting that single. Call it Triple Six or whatever you like. Then get back to us and report what you had to do to get that million.

          • Lmaoo!!I’m guessing you still believe in Santa Claus too. Shut the f*ck up!!going hard for some fake devil shit,you’re the type of people who causes unnecessary chaos in the word with your fairytale satan stories.You’re stupid ass probably don’t even go to church on Sundays,giving a fake sermon about celebrities who be playing the Jedi mind trick on dumbasses like you so they can go platinum.I bet when I drop my single,you’ll be the first to give me free promotion, sucker!! Shout out to baby and Jay-Z tho!!! LMAOO!!! #DEADLAUGHINGATYOUNIGGA!!

            • First up, your mama is a nigga, cunt, and you Damn right I don’t go to church on Sunday because the Sabbath is Saturday, dumbass. As far as Santa goes, just switch the letters in his name around and you get the other pervert in a res suit, sa tan. The biggest jedi mind trick ever was satan convinxibgtge squirmy masses that he is just a myth to scare children when the elite know better and use that knowledge as power to implement their diabolical agenda. So f*ck you.

          • That part! In my KW’S voice: “Don’t worry, i’ll wait” When he come back w/them fat pockets, AND blowed out booty, then maybe he’ll reconize. Too little, too late then.

            • @Anon13:04 you and @shortcake need to take your fake blasphemy preaching,full retard simple minded asses and sit the f*ck down and read a alien tabloid or something.Y’all sound worse than the fake pimp preacer at the storefront church.Y’all dickheads sound like something straight out of a comic book.People like y’all two jerkoffs will believe anything people throw at you.Y’all probably don’t even know nothing about that Satan shit,y’all just repeating what y’all heard.Monkey see monkey do ass niggas lmaoo.Think for yourself and stop believing everything people tell you.I guess y’all mothers didn’t bother to tell y’all that,so I have to fulfill my stepfather duties and drop that jewel on y’all impressionable dickheads.Oh yeah @Anon 13:04…FUCK YOU TOO!!

            • Yawn, yawn yawn…..predictably lame response.Fu k u three, eejit. You clearly don’t even know what blasphemy is, cave beast, so all your hysterical babbling fell flat. We kbow plenty and sorry your backwards inbred ass can’t catch up. That said, you prolly think stepfather duties include watching the underage bathe or something nasty like that, so you can just keep that shit to yourself.

  9. @B. Stiviano

    benzino is Cape Verdean but he knowledges he’s black so does joseline

    • Yep, and to add on to what you said, don’t keep starting the relaxer on the edges first. Rotate where you start you relaxer because if you don’t damage the edges.

      • Yes and no. Base the outer perimeter hairline and as well as the circumference of the entire. Start from the nape of the head and come forward. The only time for rotation when you part your hair into quadrants. If U start left back quadrant the first time, the next time do the right back quadrant. The edge perimeter of the hair takes longer process so therefore U start first then the back quadrants. The main reason for most edges are being not maintain for lack of protection such as base.

        • Not to mentioned, too much tension of the braids. Use Elasta QP Glaze or edge control such as Design Essential Edge Control my two favorites.

        • I’m with you on the quadrants for sure. But the texture and condition of the hair tell me if I am going to do the edges first. Everybody’s hair breaks down differently.

          But hey, guess what? I ain’t got all the sense. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” can apply to both of us.

          But the real question is….can you do my relaxer?

        • By the way Radiant,

          I used to love me some Elasta QP. I would use the glaze when I did straw sets and them Thangs was poppin!

        • GUF honey if I was living in your area, it would be an honor. Imma tell y’all what is also very, very, very good for anybody’s hair! I learned this product on the first day and I mean on the first day of school! Nu Expression 10n1! It is made by Bronner Brothers and it is a woman’s best friend!

        • If U got glue in your hair, that 10n1 eats it up. If your scalp burning from the relaxer, no problem. That 10n1 stop that problem and it also breaks the concentration of that relaxer down so it won’t burn. Once U put the 10n1 in the relaxer or where the burning sensation at, the 10n1 will turn pink. That is an indicator it is working.

  10. A Kodak Moment It Surely Is! Drinking Like A Sailor…Toast to That! We’ll See The Growth or Lack Thereof In Time!!!

      • A woman getting toasted like that is not a good look. Bad enuf we as men stumble and bumble out the bar. Joseline aka Boriqua Princess got off the pole, so, that’s a good thing. If she plays her cards right, she can have something in life. No woman is disposable, some just get caught up in bad circumstances…Family, Father, Boyfriend, Drugs, Booze, etc. All of us should want this sista to do better, that goes without saying!

  11. why do y’all keep calling Mrs. Joseline Hernandez a man her sex tapes is on the internet.

    • Devil told her to wash her puss first. He might be the Prince of Darkess but he aint even f*ckin wit dat raw. Lol.

  12. When Joseline found out Stevie had sex with Althea the first thing she asked him is if he had anal sex with her.

  13. This stupid broad lick’en on that goat symbol of them people, that’s just why she’s in the position she in, look at this smoked out used up trick, they said that bitch was high at the reunion I guess she was

  14. Its been a while since i came here, its good to see/hear comment with all of you and everyone talkin shyt!

  15. And i doubt Jose is either a man or on some serious roids

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