“What’s Happening”: Danielle Spencer Diagnosed With Breast Cancer


Danielle Spencer, from the 70’s sitcom What’s Happening, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The former child star was diagnosed a month ago and is currently exploring all her treatment options.

Here’s what 49 year old Danielle Spencer had to say:

“Surgery is definitely one of the options. I’m trying to get as many options as possible, but it does looks like that is what I’m going to do. Hopefully after that, there won’t be any chemotherapy or radiation.

I have lots of help and support around me.”



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  1. Danielle Spencer has always been a strong person, I love her when she was little lol, she was so sassy and smart mouthed. She always had a strong personally, she’s been through a lot in her life, and she over came it all, I know God still has his hands on her and she will be fine, she’s a strong woman and also blessed, Danielle I will keep you in my prayers, and God bless my dear everything will be fine, because God said so. Get well soon best wishes <3

  2. Best of wishes for a speedy recovery.. She been thru the storm and I think she will survive.

  3. I pray that she and all others will make it thru their storm. Seems like all the money people have donated for a cure, there should be a cure?!!! This has been out for years and still no cure? My God!

    • The money is in the research, not the cure. Same with Aids. When polio was killing people left and right and they had the March of Dimes, they had the cure for years and decided to end it after they made millions.

      • Right. The money is in their pockets. I know a women that worked for RedCross. Every year they have a party which costs 1 million dollars. She complained about it and they kicked her off the board. She past away 1 year later. Don’t know how she died.

        • Don’t get me started on that Red Cross shit. I can’t stand that bogus organization. Where a whopping percentage of donations go to administrative duties. Big pharmaceutical is making a mint off of us because they are keeping us alive longer.

          • Exactly!!! They are liars! Even if you write a check for a specific cause, that doesn’t mean that’s where your money goes. They took over a month to cash my friends check. She called them and they told her that the money she sent was going to another family for food.

            • I learned my lesson after hurricane Katrina when I donated some $ to Red Cross. about two weeks later I’m hearing these stories about how the money isn’t going to the victims. I was pissed at them. They should be called the Red Inverted Cross because they are a bunch of devils.

      • I had a double mastectomy but will be on estrogen blockers for five years so cancer doesn’t start anywhere else. You’re wrong about cures for cancer. The kicker is when you’re diagnosed for what stage the cancer is in. When women get mammograms can make a huge difference and that has nothing to do with more money in research. You can’t predict how diseases will put someone in remission or won’t help at all.

        Danielle, I’m praying for you.

  4. Love Danielle Spencer praying for her to beat this. I still hear her saying to Raj I’m a tell mama. Lol.

  5. “Uh uh” in my best Dwayne Nelson impersonation. I lov watching re-runs of ‘What’s Happening’ & ‘What’s Happening Now! I wish Dee the best and hope &pray for a speedy recovery. Why does she have a cane?

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  6. I’ll keep this young lady in my prayer because i know that I AM THAT I AM can heal anyone and remove all manner of disease for anyone according to his will in Christ, Jesus. Being from Louisiana i’ve seen a many of evil things but alot of good and beautiful spiritual things too. One of my sisters suffered from Epileptic Seizures and Lupus at the same time since childhood around 19yrs old everything hit her all at once and her body couldn’t take it anymore; she died from the multiple diseases. But I AM THAT I AM being the GOD that he is brought my sister back to life 1hr later. This same sister began developing kidney problems which has cause her to attend dialysis twice a week while battling heart issues from flued around her heart area. God has healed he from the heart issue but is currently working on the kidneys now. To me she was the first walking miracle of my siblings.

    • Continues…

      My sister Erica was always rebelious growing up; she stayed in fight with the girls and boys around our neighhborhood. Was kicked out of school for fighting; Sneaking out of the house to go her boyfriends house. Dabbled in Voodoo and Levitation spells. I remember one day in particular me and siblings were sitting in my grandmothers dinning room during a bad Thunderstorm and my sis Erica was joking about
      something. And she started to laugh, she layed down on the floor and started to levitate off the ground,
      Nothing was underneath her pushing her up her eyes became as white as two eggs and her body began to convulse back and forth of the ground. My grandmother could have used a removal and protection spell to removed the demon but there nothing as powerful than the Blood of Jesus. My
      grandmother started to pray to I AM THAT I AM and speak in French to the demon telling it to it to release her. After about 7 minute after my grandmothers prayer it finally release her. When my sister came back to conciousness and continued conversation as if nothing had happened and we were all looking her like. Do you remember what just happened? She was looking at us like we were crazy. She was the wild child of our siblings

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        • I could go on but i won’t. I know and do believe that there’s nothing new under the sun or on earth that I AM THAT I AM can’t heal or hedge of angels that HE won’t use to protect those he love, which is all of us whether we are good or bad. I AM THAT I AM is no respector of person. His blessings and miracles are the same. It’s on us to believe in the power of I AM THAT I AM. Be blessed

  7. (Spencer was in a car accident in 1977, during the show. Symptoms of spinal cord injury showed up 26 years later, eventually leaving her near-paralysis for a time) I know God is not going to give me another affliction. So I was completely shocked when the doctors told me.” Spencer had a family history of breast cancer, but says she has a lot of support and help in her life but says that good things have also happened in her life this year. One of the most significant was her induction into the Smithsonian Museum, the only child star so inducted. She will be part of the permanent exhibition of the African-American cultural museum scheduled to open in 2015. Congratulations on the Smithsonian induction! It sounds like Spencer has been through a lot but breast cancer is survivable so we hope she keeps her spirits high and continues to fight the disease. Thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.

  8. Praying for this beautiful woman AND wearing my Breast Cancer Awareness Month band this month. Be well and be prosperous in health Ms Dee.

  9. One of my all-time favorite shows. Danielle was the star of the show, all of us know or knew of young sistas like her character…Young But Grown! I pray that she can win this battle, breast cancer is not as prevalent among blackwomen. But, it kills our women at a higher rate. We gotta be healthier as a people, we’ve neglected this aspect far too long!!!

    • Yes Ty U are correct. Can’t wait til January to rock my Turquoise! January is Cervical Cancer month and Turquoise is color!

  10. @babsbunny yessss!!!!! He is awesome and worthy honey!!!!! God is able baby! His miracles are soooooo much for us!!!!! Healing to ur sister

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