Geneva Thomas Cracks a Bottle Over Melyssa Ford’s Head


More RRRatchet Reality TV Coming…

Melyssa Ford got a bottle cracked over her head by Geneva Thomas during filming for the reality show Blood Sweat & Heels. Of course it was all caught on video, which is posted below.

Source says, the ladies were filming at a boat party at Pier 40 near Hudson Park. Thomas and Ford were in a war of words when all of a sudden Thomas physically attacked Ford. Next thing you know bottles were being thrown, hair was being pulled and the two were separated by security.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Geneva Thomas was arrested and booked at 9:42 pm and was taken to the 6th Precinct in Manhattan. She has been charged with two felony assaults. We have confirmed Thomas is still in jail and she’s expected to see a judge in a Manhattan Criminal Courtroom.”



      • Micah was the one who called her To Wong Fu (Wesley Snipes) and told Geneva to google it, lol.


    • No because shes not that attractive or alright in the face, shes not Lupita, Jessica White, sunna gottshalk, ajak deng, my mama and probably yours…not that Melyssa is gorgeous but she doesnt wear orange weave

      • Biracial Women Think Their Better Than Black Women. Not Their Not There Nothing Special At The End Of The Day
        White Women Think Their Biracial Children Are Nice What A Load Of Bull!!

        If Geneva Lose Weight She Would Look 10 Times Better Then Melyssa!!!

        • Thats a long shot she would not because shes not attractive, Melyssa looks “alright” but has body measurements from heaven and a better stylist. Weight doesnt change the shape of your skull. Jill Scott is pretty big or small(er). There are plenty of old(er), blue collared and African men who appreciate overweight women, especially in the South. Geneva after leaving central booking probably had a hot date with a truck driver over a fishbox and Crown Royal. Melyssa is an aging whore; an insecure head-case and that is not sexy. Both women are bigheaded and odd looking regardless of the race of their moms

          • Damn, not the old, blue collared and african men. LOL. If you’re not a size 8, I guess you’re “stuck” with one of those options. LOL. SMH. This society man…

          • Not stuck, professional men tend to like fit women, not necessarily rail thin. Many dudes in the South like the fresh out the delivery room look. Nothing wrong with those options, get in where you fit in. Everyone deserves someone if thats their choice especially Africans, the ones I know are smart family oriented people. My point is those types would be quicker to approach Geneva and appreciate her. But she could pull a Barrack Obama. The internet provides options, Prince charming may be on HSK.

          • You put out some dumb shit! Yes, your non important ass! How the f*ck does your crack head ass know what men of a certain type want? Bitch did you poll these mfs or is your fat ass f*cking truck drivers and this is what they told you?

        • Micah is 100 percent black. I thought she was all white when I 1st watched show then episode when I think when her dad dies they show her parents and both her parents are black light skinned and she said she was made of fun when she was young for not being black enough. I really thought she was the one white girl on show

          • really her dad did not look black at all. her mom is dark skin. the dad looked white and if he is not someone in the family was white or either she is adopted. I watched who do you think you are with corey booker and he was 45 percent white and that is damn near half BUT both his parents are black and I do not believe 100 percent though.corey has light eyes.

      • Exactly, no hating but let’s not act like all black is beautiful especially acting like that.

    • Nor does Melyssa hides her five head with Chinese bangs. She is proud of her water head, pull backed ponytails side bangs and all. Im sure #teamdarkskin on blacktwitter is having a field day

    • Well the other day there was a discussion about that advantages of a strong jaw when it comes to felacio. From the looks of her, she got that satire commercial vacuum cleaner action going on. She will probably put you in the hospital with your testicles caught in you urethra.

      • I know who started the discussion, why do you think I posted the comment under yours? It caught my attention because I don’t know about no dudes jawbone but hers looks like hers will rival the the strength that Conan has in his.. I saw the comment but I couldn’t join in on that shit, because y’all were talking about something I know nothing about.

      • yes bitch yaaaaaaasssssss Melyssa almost ripped that nigga face off even after she got hit with that bottle lmao and it got nothing to do with skin color! that old ugly lookin nigga literally committed attempted murder and Melyssa still WON and got the nigga locked up for it at the same time. ugly people and old people always feel some type of way towards society and thats why they always pick on people that are better than them. its like Demons versus Angels: MISERY LOVES COMPANY don’t let the devil win. We Love You Queen Melyssa yaaassssss bitch you did thattttttttt

      • Question: Have you seen the picture of her with the chinese bangs?

        She looka lika MAN. She looks like Wesley in To Wong Foo…

        I’m darker than a paper bag and people tell me that I look like Keshia Knight Pulliam with more curves. It’s not about skin tone. I love that shiny dark skin. I think it’s beautiful WHEN ONE HAS A WOMAN’s FEATURES.

      • Yes!!!!!! AND we don’t do the “swoop”! I grew up hearing that “good hair” b.s. I sold then or now. I rather be a ” (field nigga) with a sense of self, rather than a m.f. of someone else’s distorted imagination, ANY DAY!

      • No they are both 100% black stupid, your the racist assuming that a black woman cant have naturally light skin and light eyes, theres black people in the jungle with green and blue eyes, and albino, i know a few black women with blonde hair and blue eyes and porcelain skin so there goes your theory

  1. Busted her head to the white meat, I heard she had to get 3 staples in her head plus she had cuts on her feet so she must have beat herup out of her shoes.

    Ghetto reality chics, they should have a clause, that states, “no alcohol while filming”, one of these days shits going to get out of hand and someone might get killed.

    • ‘one of these days shits going to get out of hand and someone might get killed’

      I never thought about it like that but you right bro. They won’t realize how stupid they look until that happens.

      • My money’s on LHHATL to have someone killed during a scuffle.
        It’s the only thing Mona hasn’t scripted.
        Abortion, cheating, a shooting, porn..

        That and an SVU style rape. Only 2 storylines Mona hasn’t done.

    • Yeah, it’s time to boycott this bullshit. In order for a black woman to be on television, she eithe has to be a hoe for a white man, a drink throwing, neck rolling, loud talking, crazy, violent ghetto bitch. Its time to take a stand because they are trying to make it look like this is how a majority of the sisters act and I refuse to buy into it.

        • IKR it’s like they are trying to make things like the old days of Rome’s Colosseum, where people weren’t satisfied until they saw blood and carnage.

          People need to stop being so desperate for fame and money. I’ve never even heard of this show that these ladies are from.

          I stopped watching reality TV when Tammy hit that girl on BBW and they started lying about things that they showed and edited out even deleting reruns to cover it up.

          What people like Evelyn, Chrissy, and Tammy fail realize that some people think that these beefs are real and would step to them in real life. And when all that reality money is gone they will have to struggle like everyone else.

          • I quit that one when I seen previews of Evelyn jumping on the table. Too far.

            I quit LHHATL during the reunion. I didn’t see the fight but I saw the scripted. ‘intervention’ everyone did onstage without Joseline. Talk about being fed lines and told to take turns.

            Know how its fake..? No one interrupts.
            If it were real conversations ppl would be cosigning, laughing, interrupting, not sitting quietly waitig their turn..

            Ppl can’t resist interrupting Judge Judy, but wanna sit quietly to hear Tammy Rivera recount her interactions with Joseline? Really?

            • My kids love it. They come over on the weekends and you can call their name forever and they wont here you, glued I tell you. Don’t get me wrong I’ll glance at it from time to time but as far as rushing home to see that mess, nah.

              The only reason I know who some of these people are is from being on different sites and they always have the goods before the show even airs.

              They love them some Jose-lean and Steebie and all their craziness. I cant, I just cant. All of them from the HW to Duck Dynasty are a waste of brain cells.

              Andy Cohen and Mona Scott must think that we are all idiots.

      • If people would replace programming with reading and volunteering what an awesome society we’d be.

        • I hear you non importante and you are right when you said “programming”, I cant watch TV because I see to much and my fam used to say you done lost your rabbit ass mind listening to those conspiracy theories but now they see those same symbols right on these reality shows.

          You cant get away from it that’s why I don’t turn the damn thing on.

          Shit all you got to do is look at the Warner cable truck and there ya go, right in your face.

          • When I first moved here 4 years ago the first thing my son did was check to see if the cable was on. Now where day do dat at? The HOOD, my kids would loose they minds without cable! Poor zombies, I try to lead them to water smh.

            • My kids except one are grown and don’t live with me, he just did the ghetto mess when I moved in. The basic cable was already on and has been on every since. It’s free and I still don’t watch it.

              I have a small cake business on the side, when I not doing that, I work in my garden, read, and research on the net. I find things other than TV to occupy my time. I don’t let a box dictate what I do.

              TV is “programmed” garbage and they are addicted to it is all I’m saying. Believe me, my dots are connected, I’m trying to get them to connect theirs.

        • Tooooo much like right baby. An educated society of predominantly blacks? Free critical thinkers? Zero to none buffoonery, crackish antics no more? One day, some day.

        • Maybe that’s what they want. Maybe we are gradually getting closer to snuff films. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the plan.

          • Oh they have them Joi, they are mostly available to the elite. In some of my researches I saw some things that would part your hair NEAT!

    • …it’s the alcohol that makes them gangster. There is an unlimited supply so they can give good TV.


  3. Melyssa Was Talking About The “Elite” On The Red Carpet If You Go On YouTube And “Typing” Melyssa Hollywood Comment
    It Will Be On There.

    Maybe Melyssa Said Too Much And Geneva Was Hired To Take Out Melyssa!!

    • Do your thing, I know we were not put here for this to be the climax, there is too much misery caused by fallen angels and the watchers who folded, my spirit confirms this on a daily basis. I appreciate your desire to spread the words and share you knowledge and experiences. Thank now and thank you for those times that I may not get to say thank you.

  4. Realty Tv Is A Playground For Bullies Have You Noticed It

    The Fat Ugly Ones Always Picks On The Nice Kind Beautiful Ones. Then The Ugly Ones Will Turn People Against The Nice Ones

    Bit Like Teresa Giudice Did To Danielle Staub. And 5 Years Later Teresa’s In Hot Water With The Law Her Husband Is Facing

    Never Go On Tv And Beg About Your Lifestyle Joe And Teresa Did Now Their Going To Jail

  5. I don’t know why females who can’t get along with other females sign up for reality tv. You are destined for a fight. I would push for my own spin off if I know I don’t work well with others. All these “Bad B****” Head b**** in charge” ego females do not need to be on reality tv shows. Given it does add some drama to the script.

    • I was talking to a casting agent who told me that for every personality, they are excellent at casting that one person who will clash with her. It’s not so much the script as it is the mix of personality types. Bad Chemistry. I get along with most people but I could black out on a “NeNe or Kenya” personality type. And I don’t black out, ever.

  6. Melyssa aint all of that with her snubby attitude and thinking she better than everyone else. Now the other girl Geneva is from Detroit and has a nice personality. Geneva actually worked her way to the top unlike Melyssa who sucked and you know what else to get to where she’s at but guess what it didnt pay off because Melyssa is broke.

    • It’s interesting how people say melyssa is beautiful with her fake body but joseline is ugly?? They look like sisters

  7. Porsha got charged with a misdemeanor for the assault on Kenya. Now Geneva got charged with 2 felonies I guess because she there was blood involved but I remember on Love n Hip Hop Kimbella and Erica Mena fought with glass and there was cuts and bruises but nobody was arrested.

    • There are the type of girls who will get street justice and there are the ones who are pressing charges. Geneva should have known she was dealing with the type who is on the phone with an attorney as we type.

  8. It doesnt matter whether your mixed, dark skin, light skin, brown skin, or yellow. The bottom line is black women continue to make a fool of themselves. Let the jews and everybody else continue to make you all their cash cows and laugh behind you all backs.

  9. Whose fault is it that they had glass bottles on the show and it was used as a weapon. Hello Bravo should know better after the nonsense with Porsha and Kenya. Now are they going to defend Geneva the way they did Porsha saying that Geneva was being provoked by Melyssa.

  10. Melissa Ford is beautiful… Point Period! Geneva ass is ugly an did that hoe ass shit cause she is jealous ! Why pick up a bottle? That was some dark girl jealous of lighter beauty shit. Im all for my dark sistas but step your insecure game up an stop being mad at lighter or mixed sistas because they are light. Thats some hater shit an geneva ugly ass need to be put in jail an off that show cause she got insecure issues. Hold ya head up melissa! An y does it matter if melissa is a snob? If bitches would learn to love themselves an be Confident! You wouldnt be jealous of a chick who feels great about herself, You would be influenced an inspired. Melissa cant help she bad an she mad intelligent so you ugly hoes on here need to stop! Team Melissa!

    • Queen? As in RuPaul??? I am sure their argument had nothing to do with complexion. Yes Wesley, uh sorry Geneva is it? Is a jealous one, I see it …but it has nothing to do with how light beautiful Melyssa is. Features make the face if you don’t know, ask DARK Naomi Campbell who crushes them ALL…until any other woman can get yachts, uncut diamonds, and private islands from billionaires your argument and stance on dark women stepping their game up is stupid at best ..she will always stand to prove black is irresistibly beautiful. Not because she is dark, look at those features! BTW, look up Nicole Coste…LMAO I will say dark skin beauties have no game to step up..they’re light years ahead. Follow the trail to who BILLIONAIRES prefer. I have been literally all over this planet and the woman I see on the plane traveling with wealthy men are always dark model looking women if there is a black woman in sight, I see from China to the Caribbean, yes it’s 90% white men but unfortunately who has the power and finances…it will be them. A joke my friends and I have because we are all tones and gorgeous… We say that Light Beauties talk to the Players on the field and Dark Beauties talk to the Owner…if you go to any industry party you would know exactly what I’m talking about whether it’s athletics or entertainment..I will say black women in general are winning despite the BS in the media of all tones because our features are delicious! And can’t be duplicated in a delicious way I don’t care how many shots you get in your lips and a$$ it’s not the real thing. Stop being divisive and ignorant ..if you truly loved yourself you would better educate yourself and travel the world to understand that black people are not monolithic..we are made of so many cultures and perspectives…to see Kerry Washington and Viola Davis smashing TV ratings and then to deduce that they need to step their game up as Dark Beauties??? If you are referring to reality TV dark a$$ NeNe is TOP of the game with dark a$$ Kenya Moore! You are the ONE who needs to step their game up! Do like my Dark a$$ do catch a powerful man to fly you around this world so you can learn a thing or two. If you have the features baby you got em! Show WHITE WOMEN that we are suppose to be sitting and sipping in the Mandarin Oriental in Roppongi, Tokyo to Park Hyatt-Vendome in Paris, France.

      • Bitch u missed the point. ?. Smh! I wasnt knocking dark sistas! I was addressing geneva from what i saw on the show. All that other shit you typed just so you can seem intelligent…. Gtfoh! Nobody cares who you are f*cking or where you have traveled you goofy hoe! You need to get yo life an find other avenues instead of divulging your personal business on Ask Jacky! Some of yall on this site are losers… Stick to the topics or stfup lol!

        • You might want to go back and read your comment cause you definitely didn’t stay on topic. You made a comment on light vs dark skinned and that was nit what the topic of this post is about. But mostof YOUYOU’VE SAID was not called for. Peoples facial features have absolutely nothing to do with their complexion. There was words and there was a fight , point blank, so why are you adding to this when it’s was just a a fight

      • Yes, ma’am! You nailed it…I loved your analogy about players vs owners…. U must live in Miami lol.

  11. Queen Monique! I doubt this had anything to do with light skin vs dark skin because Melyssa acts like her ish dont stink. Her canadian behind should have known better than to mess with a chick from Detroit.

    • That says it all right there. Her behavior is expected since she’s from Detroit. Melyssa is Hollywood, still. Her behavior is expected as well. So who mixed this oil and water together? This was by design.

  12. Melyssa started it and probably couldnt finish it. Remember Bravo was promoting the Kenya and Porsha fight weeks before it aired and this is exactly what they do to get you guys to watch.

  13. They all have low self esteem including Melyssa if that wasnt the case then why be on a show making yourself look stupid. The rapper the game was right in that song saying she wouldnt get far.

  14. I guess nothing was learned from Remy Ma and Da Brat. Lets remember they went to prison. Stop acting reckless for a paycheck. These women are weak and thats why they chose them to do the show. Lets Porsha gets to host a radio show with Rickey Smiley and do other things after assaulting Kenya.Smh.

  15. Clearly and obviously Melyssa did win that fight cause She was not wearing a blue dress and the bouncers had to protect Geneva from getting knocked over the rail LOL only ugly people would hate on a beautiful woman and love the fact that she got hit with a liquor bottle cause yall f*ckin ugly too and thats a #facto !!!! ezactly f*ck outta here

  16. I doubt melissa said something that crucial for that ugly hoe to hit her with a bottle. Geneva is a hoidrat an melissa is an attractive Well spoken women! Whenever you get through bumping your gums. Violence isnt always the answer, I learned from experiance. Geneva ass need to be thrown in jail. Fight with your words. Hold yo head up Melissa cause we all know that bitch was hating on you cause Melissa is bad! Hating ugly monkey looking bitch!

  17. @Queen Monique! You sound pathetic bringing up her looks stop being so jaded. At the end of the day somebody got hurt and could have gotten killed. Bravo is just as responsible for Melyssa’s injuries as Geneva. Bravo probably told them to bring the drama or no 2nd season but like most idiots they took the bait. Black people stay losing.

  18. Everybody refers to Melyssa’s looks but she was looking really sick on the show. All those years of sleeping around for a check probably caught up because she looks tired and worn down. I dare for anyone to sleep with her without a condom and lets see how beautiful she is then. Dont judge somebody from the outside because you dont know what they have going on in the inside.

  19. Just because she’s mixed doesn’t mean anything, I have seen just as many hard looking mixed people as well, have a few in my family, and my hair and complexion is better than their’s so thats not always the case

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