Joseline Hernandez Gets Real With Paris Jackson: “You’re a White Girl!!”

joseline hernandez paris jackson black

On a recent episode of The Real, the co-hosts spoke about Paris Jackson’s interview with Rolling Stone magazine. All the other hosts defended Paris for wanting to identify as a black woman, but Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez wasn’t having it!

Paris said Michael would tell her over and over again that she was black, and so she believes him because he would never lie to her. Joseline responded with, “Your dad lied to you…you’re a white girl.”

The rest of the hosts and the audience were shocked, but Joseline continued to go in! Peep the video

Do you agree with her?


    • Because Obama know who his parents are, and not only does he look black , that is what he identifies himself as. We all know there is no way in the world Michael was those children’s biological dad, and that being so ( it’s just a DNA test away) , she most certainly is not biracial , and needs to find out the truth , regarding her biological dad, so that she doesn’t come off as the brainwashed white girl she is. We ALL need to know our genuine roots!

      • Only because certain types of black people are so low in self esteem and self love that they think their own personal value hinges on the success of someone that only LOOKS like them. Sad, when a large portion of your own race can be subverted because of lack of self esteem. That is someone every individual must do for themselves. Obama is no more black than a mule is a horse.

    • @ Sarah 11:36 – You aint neva lied!!!! I was feeling the same thing. Joseline actually won my respect right there. I’m so over MJ. This foolishness needs to stop. You would think this “Emperor has no Clothes” way of manipulating others to see what is NOT there, would be obvious. But there are many people with Psychosis out there. Now of course that Mowry chick’s kid looks like a neanderthal because his is ATLEAST 3/4ths one!!! Paris is NOT EVEN 1/2 of “off the wall” Michael Jackson! These devils are something else. They tried to make Joseline think she was going crazy.

    • @Anonymous 12:57pm – How could Obama NOT be biracial when he came from a Caucasian womb? Obama’s father may have been an UNMIXED AfRAkan man, but the majority of our genetic coding comes from the MOTHER. X is 5 to 7x’s LARGER than Y.

      Obama was not the only biracial or mixed race President to serve this union, colony or country now known as the United States.

    • I keep tellinflg ppl about joseline. Shes the truth. This show should be ‘the fake’.

    • Child Please, Joseline should keep to what she’s good at.. fucking dudes for money $$$ instead of getting into shiit she does not know anything about. SHIIT AT LEAST SHE’S CLAIMING BLACK, HOW MANY DUMB ASSS COONS WE GOT AROUND TALKING AND CLAIMING TO NOT BE BLACK!!!! LIKE BOW WOW N THE REST OF THESE COONS~!!

        • Every since i seen the video of Joseline on stage eating all that cooch, I lost all respect for her. But i have to say i do respect her stating FACTS here..

      • Agree with you Mike!!!! HOE Seline is just trying to use this to gain publicity for herself.

        And while I don’t think Paris is MJ’s biological child…I could be wrong as stranger things have happened… she has more GUTS than a lot of these coons that think claiming everything other than being black is “in.”

  1. She’s white but raised as a black child. Just say the truth and it will set you free. She only relates to black because that’s what she’s been raised around and as. I get what they or she is trying to say but you’re a white girl! Your mother is white and her boss the doctor was white.

    • How was she raised as a Black child when her adopted father erased just about every trace of his own Blackness? The man was so sick in the mind he tried to pass White children off as his own.

      • I don’t see a person wearing their hair a certain way or having a procedure or two as an attempt to erase their ethnicity. This is not that situation. Mj bleached his skin, has undergone numerous surgeries to drastically alter his nose, eyes and chin AND he idolized White people so much he paid a fat ugly one to carry a White man’s baby and pass them off as his own. If that isn’t an attempt at erasure, I don’t know what is.

        • But at the end of the day to his record label and tour promoters he was still a black ass. They never let him forget that despite what he did to not look black.

          • Most white people were saying that that white actor who wanted to play him recently should have been allowed to play him as he resembled Michael. They were angry that they had to pull the show.

        • Blanket is probably his son. He looks like him. The features will show more when he’s older. That Jackson nose will come out, unless he gets it done.

          • Still drinking the Kool Aid yes?

            That child looks nothing like a Jackson. The only thing he has in common is his skin tone. His face is not Negroid in any form or fashion.
            Personally I believe he is Pacific Islander/East Indian.

        • @Anon 18:10 – Awww, Michael was so incredibly handsome as a Negroid male.

          What is it about the biology of AfRAkan people worldwide that numerator STRAIGHT-HAIRED recessive races find threatening or repulsive that causes them to coerce us to not exist as our authentic selves? This reveals that the ACTUAL problem doesn’t originates with Blacks.

          • Yes Daisy! So on point. These non-originals are like a germ dropped off from an astroid or something. They obviously landed on the wrong planet seeing how the Sun (and animals in the right mindset) treat them! They destroyed MJ from the inside, out. Now because everyone was busy YES’ing MJ to death and not really dealing with his Psychosis, we’ve got a new generation of bullshit to contend with. Much in the same way, these recessives have gotten into the minds of our people with bleaching and other nonsense. Sad, but not to last forever!

          • Yes… So handsome with angelic eyes back then… Being around whites for too long can destroy your soul.

              • You need to answer that question…since you spread their BS propaganda and cape for them like the willing brainwashed bitch you are.

              • @17:59 History shows that when ANYONE resists this devil they end up bombed. Ask the black people in Black Wall street. Oh, you can’t because they were BOMBED by federal war planes on AMERIKKKAN Soil!!

              • Okay. But the Germans and Japanese bombed the shit out of Caucasians in Europe, but they found a way to survive and win.

                Are black folk just not confrontational enough to be victorious?

              • The Japanese aren’t winning anything. They’re a client state of white countries. They have no resources, and their success rests on begging other nations, and exploiting developing nations for cheap labor and resources.

  2. Somebody needed to say it.

    Maybe Rachel Dolezal started something. Identifying as black is no stranger than identifying as a woman when you have male genitalia, or as an amputee when you have two working limbs.

      • White’s have been kicking you in the head since birth, that is why you are so dumb.

      • They do. Think Lester Holt, Bryant Gumble, Tiger Woods. They are all successful. They shave off their mustaches and become seemingly, very passive. So, I think not associating with other blacks, supporting black causes, or representing yourself within the black community as identifying as another race. I could be wrong. What are we basing being black enough on?

      • Sarah, I agree with 12:09 in that there ARE many black Americans who are for all practical purposes living a life of white privilege. Of course, the down side is that they are slammed and called out for “selling out” and “forgetting where they came from.”

        I am glad that I forgot where I came from because it’s a very bad place and I do not want my descendants to ever live where I came from( in an existential sense.)

        Maybe someday, American black folk can all forget where they were and live in a better present. Of course, this does not apply to Africans such as yourself. You have a glorious history of culture and success.

    • The neanderthals first attempt at erasing the so called black race the same way they did the Native Americans. The originals all over the planet are BLACK, now you have mingled breeds running around claiming they are the true natives and kicking the “black” natives off of reservations! Now MJ and his phuckery done tried it. I thought this shit would die out now that he was gone. Now this shit is on steroids! Fuck if a neanderthal bitch tried to erase the Original Woman. Lord knows Kim K done tried it. #FailAssNeanderthalBITCHES!!!

      • @Anon 18:18 – Straight-haired Neanderthal-APES have been trying to fix their incomplete clockwise-spinning (clockwise = backward | anti-clockwise = forward) melanin-strand gene code for decades.

        Their DNA has a much shorter life cycle than ours. The Black gene comes from eternity.

        Cells and frequencies don’t lie.

        What distinguishes autochthonous Blacks from numerator recessive races is that we APPEARED while they were FORMED.

        APE-PROTOCOL Neanderthals should be concerned about continuous mutations their scientists have discovered. After all…they are one gene mutation away from regrowing tails.

        It is illusory thinking that whites can adopt Black identity.

        Cells and frequencies don’t lie.

        • OMG… Your remind me of my homie Afrikan Fractal… We used to be long lost posting warriors (of sorts) on another black gossip channel. Much Love Fam.

          Also good to note is that this KKKancer of the planet has a different type of melanin (Pheomelanin) which has SULFUR at it’s nucleus. Authentic “blacks” have Eumelanin which has SENLENIUM at it’s nucleus.

          There is a reason why Sulfur and Hell are connected. And they laugh when people say these neanderthals are the devil. Sad is that so many are pro-creating and spawning with this ANTI-LIFE.

        • I look forward to growing my tail back.

          It’s a small price to pay, and it might come in handy from time to time.

          • You never lost your tail. Many of you are clipped at birth before your “incubators” aka mothers are even told. This is why there is such a push to “HUEmanize” you by creating more Interracial dating propaganda. You want ORIGINAL genes. But I’ll tell you, you only have but to search google for what a shaved ape looks like. WHITE SKIN JUST LIKE YOURS! #EveryLieYou’veEverToldAboutBlacksIsYOU

            • Thanks for telling me that. I am going to go HAM on my parents for cutting off my tail. I want it back dammit.

              Apes are beautiful IMHO. I agree that a shaved ape is less attractive, but then a shaved dog is less attractive than a furry one. I cannot imagine anything more beautiful and loving than an ape such as Harambe and KoKo.

              I feel a new sense of pride in this new information.

              • What kind of garbage goes from anon to one handle to another handle and so forth everyday on different blogs just to make an ass out of themselves?

                Your life must really suck harder than you do.

            • I love it! If they want to switch sides and come join us and say they black, IM NOT MAD! At this point we need all the help we can get to combat this RACISM!

    • I am sure your ass would not be saying that shit if you are straight and a person you were interested in wound up being the opposite of what you thought they were.

  3. at least joseline was the only one who wasnt cooning and scared of white ppl lmao

  4. Joseline told the truth. Why cant you be ok with that. She showed you her pregnancy and pussy what more proof do you need YOU BIG ASS SISSY

  5. This white bytch is using the leverage of her adopted father’s name to force herself down black people’s throats. Don’t you just love how the non-blacks had so much bullshit to add about how “we” as a community need to take care of our shit. Who the hell is this cat eyed bitch at the table talking. I’ve never watched this God awful show. Dumb ass overrated broads clucking about pure bullshit.

    • The Asian American said “we”? LOL

      The mexiwhite said “we”? LOL

      You know the one black girl wanted to get them, but the check is too good.

    • Why would she want to shove herself down the throats of black people?

      There is far more revenue and fame i shoving yourself down the throats of white people.

      • @ 16:54 – so called whites are NOTORIOUS for putting themselves where they don’t belong and “shoving themselves down the throats” of others. Case in point your pig resembling ass is on this black gossip site all day, every day.

    • It’s especially disgusting when the “others” say “we.” They’re a disease. I don’t even think the average black person realizes how vile the “others” are.

  6. She black 4 Rolling Stone but white 4 that racist azz trashy white boyfriend she has bye girl ur white

    • EXACTLY! She knows she’s white!!! She must be trying to pre-empt for the paternity test. Lord knows those royalties and heritage money has been good to her.

  7. I don’t get why tia never mentions the fact that she’s not fully black herself her father is white so of course her soon is going to come out looking white especially since the father is a white man and the mother is half. I honestly don’t care about the jacksons they all wierd af so it’s not surprising the whitest one of “his children” claims she’s not white

    • Notice how the mowry chick said “We need to rise above the darkness”… Her contribution to the community in which she thinks she belongs! WOW Astounding!!! So, her rising above the “darkness” is producing white babies (seed of the neanderthal) and teaching the kid that it’s black???? Tragic Mulattos… smh

        • And yall be clowning her if she used the word “we” in reference to white folk.

          Mulattos can’t win.

          • You can win, but ya’ll are on some retarded shit and have been on it for centuries now. You were doing well when you had your own racial classification before the 1860 census. After that you all got pushed into black category (for obvious reasons of causing contention and internal strife – and so that you all would go back and report things because whites knew you would do anything to be a part of their collective). Now while one of you were in office, you had the chance to make your own group. Eventually every one would have come around to seeing this as being the right thing because your needs, collective conscience and destiny is different than ours – and even different from whites is many cases, yet you try to cling to either side. That’s majorly retarded, and why you will continue to suffer unless you lobby to get your own classification! Stop bitching about how backward you think authentic Blacks are and exit already.

  8. Let’s hear her give an interview saying what ‘being black means’ besides what her daddy told her. What has she experienced. What did he prepare her for. What is her struggle. Her fight. As Katt says, “I’ll wait”

  9. Joseline, the nonblack, is right. She should be careful though because Paris might “ketch her ousside.”

    And someone explain why the only black woman on that panel is really overweight. Wack chicks are so jealous of hot black women. They can’t stand the greatness, excellence, and Kweenness.

    • Joseline IS Black. The slave ships stopped in South America and the Carribean before getting to the US of KKK!!! Learn your history! More slaves dropped off in the South America than anywhere else! More slave rebellions in the Carribean than any where! Learn your history! Hispanic/Latino is nomenclature for a culture – not the basic nationality or “race” of people.

      • I always say the ship sailed from West Africa and boats were dispersed all over the Caribes and South America. The North American descendants seem to think they are the only ones and in some cases think themselves more African than the African natives who never left. Blacks speak all languages around the world but if born into that culture, they identify with that culture. German blacks, English blacks, Brazilian blacks, Venezuelan blacks (Carey’s daddy), Cuban blacks, even Norwegian blacks. And let’s not forget the blacks from the AFRICAN continent. Yes, the American education system cheats everyone including blacks as to who BLACKS are.

        • Descendants of the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade are NOT African. Google that. Africans knew who we were and most on the continent know who we are! Their are those who sold us to the so called whites and they are unapologetic about it generations later!

          • *Adding to my note above:
            All Originals (black skin with wooly hair) were lumped into the collective racial category “Black”… This was done in the 1800s and highly pushed propaganda by the likes of psuedo-social scientist Johann Blummenbach and others like him to push the agenda of “racial-izing” the world into categories of 3 colors. (black, white, yellow)… Before that time, people were correctly lumped by their nationalities or better known as the name of their nation’s PROGENITORS

          • Descendants of the TransAtlantic slave trade are NOT Africans as they are not born in the African continent, but they ARE descendants of Africa regardless. Man came out of Africa and dispersed throughout the planet. You make it sound like American blacks here descended from something else. We know they weren’t here when Columbus landed but got brought here from somewhere. Minds sharing that location.

            • You may want to do more research on that and not just regurgitate what the white historians tell you. Designating people by color and not by nationality is fairly new to the planet, but it won’t last and neither will all the other evil social devices this neanderthal has created. The higher ups know who we truly are. TransAtlantic Slave Descendants are NOT African. Or cHam which is the more accurate term. We are from a different region close to modern day Africa but NOT! and Africans who are generations deep in Africa KNOW who we are… I don’t speak from what I think, I’m telling straight FACTS. The proof of your integrity is in sweat you’re willing to put into your own research.

              • I concur. White people know nothing about history.

                If they did I wouldn’t have gotten a D in history class in high school.

              • Stop trying to be esoteric like you have all the rarified knowledge and everyone is wrong. If I thought I had the definitive information I would give it if I thought someone was wrong. What are you talking about. Modern Africa? Really? Did the continent change recently? From a different region? Yes, black folks are royal descendants from the Andromeda galaxy.

              • Frumpy (so appropo right now, BTW) don’t get your panties in a bunch. Instead of doing research you choose to be defensive. That’s OK, that won’t erase the truth. Next time you identify as an “African” and they call you an AKATA, I want you to remember this conversation. You asked for it.

    • She is 100% black, don’t be so ignorant. The fact she was born a few miles away does not make her anything else. Did you go to school. What did they teach you.

        • @22:18 There’s a reason why they call “negroid” Latins “AFRO-Latino” or “AFRO-Latina”… Learn history, fool! Joseline is what is call “AFRO-Latina” due to where the slave ships dropped her, and is very much black.

    • Thankyou for noticing about the black woman having to be the fat one. They always are. It has the same effect as being invisible

      • That is by design. Let me tell you, they would not have too many intelligent, slim, gorgeous, natural haired sistahs on TV, unless they were trying to use them to gain the attention of the neanderthal male!… It’s all by design. When I go somewhere, I have neanderthals looking at me like a unicorn because they expect all black woman to look like this mammy on this show. NOT SO! The “Precious” theme aka mammy is one of the most beloved stereotypical archetypes used in the media against the black woman.

        • Against black women? Are you serious? The Mammy stereotype is beloved by white people. Most white Americans born before 1960 were raised by a Mammy and their love for her endures to their death.

          My father left $250K to the mammy who raised him in the 1930s. And he paid for her children’s college as well.

          • This is an example of why I don’t know how some people can look at crackers and not be disgusted by them. They’re the most filthy things walking the earth.

            • YOU AINT NEVA LIED!!! ????

              One day, I pray that The Most HIGH make good on his promise to fix this error.

  10. So may have lived in a mostly black household her entire life and may identify with her black family, that does not make her a black woman. If you are going to say that, then Rachel Dolezeal is a black woman. Rachel and Paris can identify black all they want until the cows come home, but they are biologically caucasian. Nothing can change that. It’s like those men (XY) who desperately try to be women and strip themselves, but they can never ever change their biology. I think this girl is very confused and her color struck black family is not helping her case.

    • Excactly. There was a “wigger” in my high school whose mother abandoned him at the age of 4 to a black family. He swore up and down he was black. This was back in the early 90s. His Itallian mother finally came back and got him and raised him at some point before he became a full fledged teenager, but he did the most to try to blend in with the brothas. Claiming that he identified with being black. This “wig” was blonde with blue eyes. Lord help us! This phuckery should have been put to rest a long time ago. That jackson family and their self hatred issues…. smh

      • Remember that kids did not identify differently from his household members and it’s like calling someone your mother all your life to later discover you were adopted. You can’t strip away the closeness and those feelings no matter how hard the facts gets in the way. Paris is fighting the facts, that she is white. This is why if you are raising someone who is not your race, at some point you teach them about who they early on. MJ didn’t do that and why would he thinking himself white.

        • That’s the confusing part! I’m trying to figure out why a guy went through hell to make himself ghastly, having to carry umbrellas everywhere, realizing that the sun don’t like evil. Cutting his nose off due to his psychosis – from the looks of everything he wanted to think himself white. Then, why for the love of God, tell this kid that she is black? Why did he tell her “don’t forget your roots, you’re black?” Dude was truly a psycho. I’m so over MJ. No shred of respect for him.

  11. Nevermind that other mess. People need to boycott that show for the racist panel. Again, why is the only black woman on the panel really overweight?

    • I have said this time and time again but Americans seem to think it is OK and not a slur on us. I am sick of seeing fat black women on primetime TV. White women are pretty blonde and skinny and the token black female is repeatedly overweight. It is deliberate.
      White women will not endure a pretty ‘young’ sexy black woman on the TV. They would soon all develope eating disorders in protest.

      The black woman has no value in society. She is irrelevant and on her way to becoming extinct on TV. She has not earned the right for fair and equal representation in the media hence why we are not present or fat (invisible ).

      • That’s another thing. The only black woman on the panel is also much older than the rest of them.

        • Anon 08:44 That is neseccary. She should not be considered ‘juicy or ripe’. They are allowed to be pretty if of over ‘child bearing age’ but, in an age range where reproduction is still possible, then they tend to be ugly/ fat/ unpleasant. The idea is to erase the notion of the black female as a good ‘mate’. The I R agenda at work.

    • 02:15 That is by design. Let me tell you, they would not have too many intelligent, slim, gorgeous, natural haired sistahs on TV, unless they were trying to use them to gain the attention of the neanderthal male!… It’s all by design. When I go somewhere, I have neanderthals looking at me like a unicorn because they expect all black woman to look like this mammy on this show. NOT SO! The “Precious” theme aka mammy is one of the most beloved stereotypical archetypes used in the media against the black woman.

      • True. Take BB they tend to use fat black on there too. If not fat they are eith too ugly to join in the sex stuff / flirting etc or, they are too old (i.e., the only black female in the house but also the oldest). They try to avoid any coitus with black women. They do the same on TV – daytime esp. Reinforce the notion that the black female is, well, irrelevant. Don’t pay them any mind. Nothing to see here. Move right along. Good to be black isn’t it?

        • Yes, Scrop… I have noticed this too. Also, I have been boycotting Old Navy ever since they’ve been trying to erase the black woman and black child. They continuously promote ads with authentic black males and white females.

          I think the most obvious of the agenda was when hollyweird tapped Zoe Saldana to play Nina Simone.

    • She may be overweight, but she is talented & smart as hell, she has a degree in engineering. She’s also attractive, we all have different tastes; believe it or not, not everyone find slim/skinny women attractive. I like her skin tone. Interesting how some ppl want to focus on her weight which is secondary. I guess it’s too hard to fathom that she was probably hired for her talent & what she brings to the show. They already had another full black woman on the show Tamar who is not overweight, & look how that ended up. So this argument is weak. These last comments have discrimination against weight AND age. Wow. With the way we down ourselves, who needs the white man? At least these comments sticks with the subject of (extreme) self hate.

      • She doesn’t have an engineering degree. STFU.

        She was hired to support the racist fantasy of CACs.

        Tamar doesn’t count as a black woman, and she’s had so much surgery, she looks like Michael Jackson. She was also brought on to satisfy racist fantasies.

      • Your comment, “Tamar who is not overweight, & look how that ended up.” You fell for the Okey doke too, I see.

        Do you not see the issue? Obviously Tamar did not fit their underlying program…
        This is Science we are discussing. Watch the patterns and don’t get so far into your feelings about weight and age.

        • The original post about this asked why was the only black woman on the panel really overweight. I just pointed out that they did have 2 black women, 1 of which was not overweight. So this assessment was wrong from the jump. The focus was on Loni’s weight, then age, not mentioning her talent & education. Again, this argument was weak from the jump, & I pointed it out. I’m entitled to be all in my feelings because I’m tired of black ppl dwelling on superficial bullshit. Maybe some ppl need to be more in their minds & bring actual facts to arguments. But looks like some ppl are in their feelings too about their opinion just to try to prove a point without real facts. Again, this woman’s weight & age was focused on without making mention on her impressive background. Negroes are real good about talking what they don’t know & then being arrogant as hell about their ignorance.

          • That fact is that there is a repeated pattern and it is done by design. Like it, understand it, believe it or not… There has been a concerted effort to paint the image of black woman a certain way. #FACTS There has also been a concerted effort to paint white females a certain way #FACTS What Scorpiess brought up is completely factual and a repeated pattern. In the past moreso this media technique was forced upon us growing up watching “TV Programs” in order to indoctrinate certain subconscious messages. #FACTS The ones who run media KNOW that Anyone with eyes will look at Loni’s weight before ever considering that there is something behind that. And they bank on the fact that blacks aren’t the only ones doing that, AND FORMULATING GENERAL CONCLUSIONS! Now, nice to meet you kettle – thanks for your self righteous soapbox talk.

            • No, not everyone is simple minded, simplistic, & basic like that. There are actually those of us who want to know what’s inside the person/what they are about & not just the appearance/image they see. Looks can be deceiving. To use your weak argument, one could also look at it as alot of us grew up on seeing skinny white women on tv & think that’s the standard of beauty. So we should all try to bleach our skin & starve ourselves to look white. I’m glad there are fat black women on tv- & they are doing they damn thing! I don’t think Oprah, Shondra Rhimes, Precious, etc. give 2 shits about what you all are talking about. Too busy getting paid. 😀

        • The thing about AA is that they’ve spent so long with the demons/degenerates, that their idea of what’s normal is totally F’d.

          No black person should look at something like that and not see a problem.

          It’s a testament to how sick and disgusting the US is. That’s where black people are raising their children. It’s disgusting.

  12. boy this crazy everyone in agruing about whos black and white really? becasue a tranny said so these comments amazing

    • There’s no debate. Paris and the older boy are white. But “Blanket” might be MJ’s son.

  13. Folks arguing over who says they are black and who says they are not
    While executive orders are being signed and rights r being taken away
    Wow! smh

      • Cosign… They are both “brothers” anyway. Made of the same cloth. Mixed breed. 1 just speaks Spanish, the other speaks Farsi

    • Not worried about it. Everything is lining up nicely for US to go back home. This is prophecy in the making – If you are a Descendant of the TransAtlantic Slave trade and are 3 Generations deep. You better start looking into your real nationality. That’s what the world’s axis has been spinning on. This hidden truth! Everything has happened up to this point just as it was said to and everything here on out, is happening right on time! #The2ndExodus

  14. So annoying that Asian bitch was going on about how people shouldn’t be asking who her father is, when everyone knows Asians are strict to the point of racism. A person that looks like Paris can’t claim to be Chinese, Japanese, Korean or any type of Asian, but she’s talking with authority that people shouldn’t be asking if Michael (a black man) is the father of Paris, a white girl, not even biracial

    • It’s cool. The days of that sh*t are numbered. The Wongs are getting put out of Black America. And Trump is scooping up the illegals. There’s also gonna be better H1B management.

  15. And that mixed girl on the panel tells her son, who from the looks of it is 75% white, that he’s black & the stupid audience claps in agreement. Sadly alot of blacks agree, not knowing this just adds more problems & confusion in the black community.

    • Black people don’t really agree. Yes, some brainwashed AA believe that, but most black people don’t believe that nonsense.

  16. All this will costs us. If the US government decided they’ll be giving reparations to black people, you’d find people that look like Taylor Swift standing in line

  17. But is it really a wonder why Paris is confused? Look at what family she comes from. The Jacksons obviously hate blackness & are all about a certain image. I don’t get why they were mad about a white actor portraying MJ, MJ wanted to be white. He probably would’ve love the idea. As far as I’m concerned like has been said before, The Jacksons are a bunch of self hating coons with fucked up values. MJ’s nephews recently did a reality show-all 3 were either married or involved with nonblack women. It’s my understanding that the fat one’s babymama/common law wife/whatever is half black. Still, these women are all light skinned. The babymama is real thirsty; on her social media she often brags about all the celebs she knows because she was a caterer. Looks like she doesn’t have that much to show for it. Anyway, these nephews were on The Real a while back. Since the discussion has been about Loni & what image she may or may not portray, why wouldn’t these nephews date/marry her or someone like her? She’s cute, funny, educated & paid. Why wouldn’t she be good enough? Because of her skin tone & weight? So these dudes would rather get w/non black, uneducated, ( 1 of them is ignorant as hell) women because they are the perceived standard of beauty & image? I was looking at some old school photos of these dudes-all of them have had nose jobs and/or bleached their skin. The one who has joint custody of MJ’s kids was actually about a shade or 2 lighter than Loni-this negro was much darker. The 2 nephews with kids children all came out looking multiracial/other, the black has just about been wiped out. What’s wrong w/having little brown babies? Guess having light babies with “good” hair fit the image better. However, I will keep a degree of respect for Latoya & Jermaine for their initial books. They give some explanation behind the madness. Jermaine on Celeb Wife Swap however was not a good look & he has since divorced. Guess Jackson men don’t know how to treat women. I also feel that Bob Jones & Stacy Brown’s book told the truth.

  18. paris is not black. it doesn’t matter what her adopted father “Michael Jackson” said, she’s not black. People need to stop. Her mother white and I am sure the sperm donor was white(by choice)… So if he wanted her to be black and even look black her father would of been black… Don’t get mad a Joseline because you’re cooning… why don’t some of you black people walk around saying your white and see how fast white people check your black ass….

  19. put 5 women together they gon gossip and be stupid.
    like that asian beezy was saying ‘how dare they try to validate her race blah blah blah!” “its so sad she went through the trauma!!” everyone claps, then one person says what they believe she is a certain thing. one dosent agree.. then the next goes “well why do we care!” well because you have a damn show about it, and youre having a topic about it and conversating about it, yet all the sudden you dont care when it becomes a topic?

    its a debate where theres a bunch of people with different opinons. thats the point of having this dumb ass show. a debate with people on different sides.

    yet youre gonna have a bunch of crazy bitches in the audience that believe that theyre half this and that because their dad split out on they moms for skanking out. or maybe the dad was fucking more than one bitch. yet what happened is they damn near dont know what race they are in the audience, if they momma cheated, they dad wasnt around for them to know them, mom lies about the dad,quite possible the dad they know as ‘dad’ wasnt even the dad because the mom held such a grudge, ppl that get too involved in shit like this have they own problems growing up, and then side with shit based on they trauma, all these bitches including the audience are a mess, and yall know it, plus the bitch they talkin bout, paris jackson.

    my opinon is shes white and ima leave it at that, just because MJ changed his skin color dont mean he wasnt black as hell, and you dont lose that during knocking someone up, im black and creole, meaning i have french/Caribbean in me, my girls asian, our kid aint all the sudden gonna look white, keep it real we know what mixed kids look like, and the girl talkin bout her mixed kid, look at her to begin with, that wasnt MJ’s skin color so she cant use that as a topic to equate to MJ’s situation.

    anyways, all these bitches are nuts, and a bunch of gossiping ass bitches. and the audience are all nutsos.
    i wont see the reply to me but if you got sumn to say, whattup to jacky tho. vinnies vixens in the house holmes straight up

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