John Singleton Wanted to Defame Tupac With Rape Scene

john singleton tupac rape scene

John Singleton got blasted by LT Hutton and Benny Boom during an interview with The Breakfast Club.

In 2014, Singleton signed on to direct the Pac biopic, but by 2015, he quit and said the people involved were not “respectful” to the late rapper’s legacy.

But come to find out, Singleton was the one who was out of pocket!

Benny and LT said Singleton wanted a scene with Tupac attempting to backdoor a white groupie, showing Afeni Shakur in a threesome, and another scene depicting Tupac getting raped during his prison sentence.

Benny also said Pac and Singleton weren’t even cool during the rapper’s last days of his life. In leaked audio, Pac called the director “a coward.”

They also pretty much called Singleton an Uncle Tom in the industry.

Peep the video starting at the 10:50 mark:


  1. Well just talking about it even though it’s not in the movie makes it exist. smh

    • If Tupac really did get raped, it should be shown. F Gary Gray should have shown Dr. Dre beating up Dee Barnes and Michel’le in Straight Outta Compton.

  2. I have never liked singleton or his pathetic movies. People with NO INTEGRITY will do anything for attention, and this b8stard is one of them.

    Tupac was a LOVER of women. Why dont the coward tell the truth about the fat b8stard who ruined every woman’s life he touched.

  3. If John Singleton is a coon, he got played real bad by the hollywood mafia. He hasn’t don’t anything significant since the movie Four Brothers. I will give John Singleton a compliment; one of the greatest movies of all time (In my opinion) was directed by Singleton. The movie was Rosewood.

  4. I’m not watching this film at all, why did they put it out after his mom passed?

    They been had this idea because they been talking about it for the last couple of years. I hate to hear that a man gets raped that is the most humiliating thing ever, but Tupac addressed the rape rumors and said they were not true and I believe him. He did not seem to lie about anything else.

  5. As a matter a fact his response was “I would be dead before I let a mutha fuc…. rape me and you know this”

    Ive been warned by enough ppl this movie was garbage and I’m not supporting it. It don’t seem this is something Afini approved of and really I think they just trying to push him to come out from hiding. Tupac is like the big brother I never knew.

  6. Ppl do lie you know.
    Pac used to chump off those correctional officers on the daily so why not create a fake rape rumor.
    He was slim and nonugly so it’s easy to “visualize”it.
    Micheal Jackson had the purest heart of them all….after reading jermaine’s book i don’t think he touched those kids, but he loved kids so he liked having them around him.

    • Yeah mike had the purest heart by sleeping with kids in the bed may that albino tranny rest in peace

    • Yeah mike had the purest heart by sleeping with kids in the bed may that albino tranny rest in peace

  7. If PAC got raped you would have heard all these stories by now and interview
    One dude called PAC gay cause he left no kids behind well PAC wanted kids songs like happy home, and word to my firstborn shows this PAC didn’t have time to make babies

    I wasn’t a dad til I turned 29

    PAC a closet homo there was a song with Nate Dogg called me and my home where PAC praise his homeboy and say that’s all he need while saying fuck you bitches

    So afeni was bisexual sad waited til she dead to put that in her and john looks kind of bisexual himself I don’t put nothing past no Hollywood director you can tell John didn’t get no pussy til he got famous

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