Joe Budden Confirms “It’s Known L.A. Reid is a Sexual Predator”

“It’s known in the industry and all the label execs are complicit.”

After years of Jacky telling you what was what with one-time music industry heavy-weight, LA Reid, Joe Budden is coming out with more confirmation to the fact.

According to Joe Budden, L.A. Reid made too many fumbles as a label head and always spent more than he would recoup from an artist…. Joe also brought out that, he’s a sexual predator (declines to put an “allegedly” in his statement) and goes on to say that he’s been preying on teenage assistants.


  1. No offense but Jackie is not how I knew about this or most of these others.

    The so-called secrets in the industry have never been much of a secret for those who know the game.

    I am still looking for the any truly good people in the industry, that would be the shocking story.

  2. Joe is taking this personal and it ain’t about his records flopping,joe needs to tell how la asked him what?

  3. Now we know that Pebbles lied on Chilli about messing around with La Reid right? How can she accused chilli when she (pebbles) was married before meeting LA Reid herself. Left her other guy she was married to, and got with La Reid. And he had a girl friend also. Threw the woman stuff out of his apartment. Accused Paula Abdul & Whitney Houston going with her LA Etc. Smdh. She (pebbles) should be a shame of herself I mean really. And miss Ashley Reid your real daddy was a pimp right? I heard on the low a close source told me they (t-boz & Chilli) was trying to get Ashley Reid real father to testify in court about pebbles schemish ways. But he refused.

  4. Is the hollywood gay mafia going to attack LA Reid? We see what they’re doing to boule Bill. Is LA Reid next to have his legacy and his fortune destroyed?

    • STFU dummy…all these dudes who are being outed are not worth the dog shit on a shoe.

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