Jeremih is a Flip-Floppin’ Cop-Caller … Ask Breezy!

Jeremih vs. Chris Brown

Not even 48-hours ago, Jeremih didn’t give a second thought to callin’ cops on Chris Brown.

Now, this fool seems to have suddenly caught himself a conscious! You know, being that Breezy could be left facing another battery charge … all from shooting some hoops with a sore loser!

“Jeremih told Las Vegas police early Monday morning, crying about how Chris Brown assaulted him during a pickup game of basketball.”

Word is Jeremih is now pleading with Vegas police, hoping to convince them to drop the charges. Can you believe this guy? “Jeremih called and he wanted to drop the case,” reveals an LVPD officer. “He did not explain why.”

Fiddy had this to say about Jeremih:

“Jeremih will fight anybody over a basketball game. He was gonna fight Floyd one night at the 24 hour fitness.”


  1. Fuck Jeremih color struck motherf*cker, always putting in non Black Women in He’s music video’s

  2. I’m not feeling anyone of these crappers meant rappers n RnB tough divas kicking ass since when they do fight they jump ppl or stay tucked away in they vehicles like nothing matters !
    But talk copious amounts of shit!! But quick to hit women !

      • Well if you could read ! You,would see an understand the point I was making ! So allow me too reiterate, yes I’m African American ! Just actually paid attention in school ! Grasp all knowledge you would know this if you were an intelligent African American male !

  3. Guess this is an underlying code that their secret part time romance is over.

  4. 1st Frank Ocean got Chris in trouble now Jeremih, If Justin Bieber smashed a bottle on a Nicca’s head
    These nicca’s wouldn’t be snitching on that red neck!!

    Hollywood Nicca’s are coons

  5. Damn Ms Reg….you were SERIOUS???
    When she told us this at the buffet the other day we laughed it off like she was joking. Ooooohhh!!!!

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