J-Lo Jocks Channing Tatum & Gets Dissed!


jennifer-lopez-channing-tatum If Jenny from the block had her way, Channing Tatum would be giving her a taste of his Magic Mike! But according to what we’re told, Tatum “isn’t interested.”

You’ll recall back in April, J-Lo came across the ‘Magic Mike’ actor during her spot at MTV Awards. “Jennifer Lopez took the reins and commanded Channing Tatum to get to twerkin,” a source recalls. “J.Lo was none too pleased when the boys moved to the side of the stage to give her a moment to say a speech.” Since then, sources say she’s been pushing up on a very married Channing Tatum — with Tatum “paying her no mind.”

Did J-Lo pulling out all the stops to trade in Casper [who was previously busted trolling a trans]. I don’t know … What do you think? Let’s Go!



  1. A…..dudes likes dudes as well stop sleeping ijs…..
    He’s been caught cheating with his co stars!..
    Maybe he’s not into Cougars ?!?

    • Hell yeah ! 2yrs ago he was I love with a co star supposedly was getting a divorce how do you think he met his wife on screen co star ! Dude a lil fruity !

  2. She looks good for her age but she’s pushing it, like Madonna. They have to remember that these dudes first heard about them when they were kids.

    • GTFOH…dudes have been doing this shit for years…no prob.
      If women want to do the same and can get away with it, more power to them.


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