WTF?! Jeff Van Gundy Compares Khloe to Ayesha Curry

khloe kardashian tristan thompson ayesha curry

NBA announcer Jeff Van Gundy stuck up for Khloe Kardashian and her relationship with Tristan Thompson last night during the Finals game between Golden State and the Cleveland Cavs.

Jeff said it wasn’t fair to blame Khloe for Tristan’s performance during the finals. He also tried to compare Khloe to other real NBA wives by saying people don’t blame Ayesha Curry and Savannah James when Steph and Lebron don’t play well. He called it a double standard and said Khloe deserved an apology.

Peep the video:

Do you agree?


  1. Obviously this assclown doesn’t know the history of the K witches and how they exploit men, so it explains his comparison of rotten hamburger meat to filet mignon. He’s the one that owes the world an apology. Khloe is the slime in the bottom of my shoes.

  2. Ever since my hero Ayesha Curry exposed the NBA for being fixed, she hasn’t been shown on tv. The white owned NBA continues to sucker black people into watching their fake sport. Fact: over 90 percent of the NBA players are black. There is only one black owner. Why do we continue to watch this racist fake sport?

    P.S. Lebron James will win the NBA Championship in seven games in Oakland

    • Did you watch Game 4. You may like Lebron but you have to admit the NBA didn’t want a sweep and the refs saved the day for Lebron. Or do you turn a blind eye on that because it’s your team getting slaughtered. Aysha is absolutely right and is paying the price of silencing for speaking the truth. What are they going to do to Green’s mama.

  3. I agree with Jeff V. The whole discussion is low rent. So he’s now an official member of the low rent crowd. Additionally, let me give a shout out to Mark Jackson’s condemnation of the officiating of the 2017 NCAA finals. His pronouncement that they need to use NBA referees was particularly compelling. Oops …. 2017 NBA Finals game 4!

    • The NBA refs were the 6th man for the Cavs. They needed to step in and extend the series. NBA wants the coins. Smh.

  4. Well for starters Khloe is not his wife. Then We supposed to forget Lamar Odom almost died. Khloe is not a good woman. A good woman would not date a man with a baby on the way. Ayeshas name should never be in the same paragraph with a Kardashian, unless they comparing 2 opposite woman.

    • Right on. Khloe is not a wife but she is trying to get her hooks on this stupid young man. But give it time. When the Cavs finally won, social media articles were about her cheering. What about the Cavs winning. When the Cavs lose, they will quietly give Tristan some options about her. If he decides to keep her, they should trade him to OKC. Khloe will not do OKC but then again she’s so damn desperate she might go and make a pest of herself there. These opportunists witches will get their comeuppance one day.

  5. Lebron will win the NBA Chamnpionship on Father’s Day. Lebron is Nike’s number one sponsor. Next season the NBA’s official sponsor will be Nike. It makes perfect sense for the NBA to rig the games in order for Lebron to win the NBA Championship.

    P.S. Nike paid the NBA around one billion dollars to be the official NBA sponsor

  6. Lebron James is Nike’s number one athlete. Steph Curry is Under Armour’s number one athlete. Next season Nike will be the official sponsor of the NBA. It’s in the best interest of the NBA to have Lebron James win the NBA Championship. The NBA wants Nike to beat Under Armour. The NBA is fixed. Everything is a rich white man’s trick.

    • I can’t remember what team came back from 0 and 3. They will have to do a lot of referee magic or whatever they do to hand Lebron the championship. If that happens the NBA should go down and get exposed once and for all. Aisha and Green’s mom are not lying. They know what up.

  7. White sluts are treated differently and this whole family is a low rent pack of whorer including the mother.. The white mans knows how to get wealthy black men money.. Send them white sluts to service them.. My son broke at LSU on signing day, he came home and told them, he don’t like white women.. One of his fellow football player in High School lost everything behind a lie.. He told him son you’re not Black, so why do you care??? His answer I have 1/8 Black in my ass so I’m Black and so are my parents.. Grandmother also, show how much you don’t know..

  8. Quote from Rasheed Wallace, “The NBA wants to extend the Finals to seven games because of the whole money thing.” I’m not making this up; Rasheed Wallace said this ten minutes ago on Sportscenter.

    • Why do you act like you are spilling tea?

      There are plenty of us who know this already.

  9. She is the only reason I want Cleveland to loose. The negative energy against that team is all thanks to her so go Warrior. I’m not even a Warriors fan.

  10. First of all, she is chasing after a man who’s way younger, secondly she should discreetly and casually date instead sitting in the stands wearing the man’s team jersey and of putting him in a storyline on a reality tv show, and thirdly, he has a NEW baby with another woman. Let him be him with her. She is wrong from all angles. She’s had her chance to be with an NBA baller, and she should give up on the idea that she deserves another.

    It’s as if she’s using him for the publicity and tv attention out of embarrassment for what happened to her and LO, and poor Trist who is young, inexperienced, and blindsided needs a wake up call. Trist should spend all his time training, getting leaner, and more physically fit to better serve his team while improving on his shooting skills. He has the chance to become a better player upon staying focused and not allowing someone to take his spotlight. Back up off this man and let him do his job. All about herself running around here talking about having a baby with a man she’s not even engaged to. Slutty shame!

    • I understand exactly what you are saying, but he’s the damn fool that not with the woman who held him down, when he was down.. He’s the one not with his child, and if his child is a girl, he better get his black ass in her life.. If not Tom, Dick and Harry will be her daddy, when she hit her teenage years.. Those witches destroy any man around them, like vultures..No one put a gun to his head to be seen with this old plastic surgery Stank ass tramp.. Yes I called her a tramp and whorer.. How many men have she had since Lamar, too damn many., If she was black they would have her posted everywhere as a whorer.. He’s the dumb ignorant fool and I gave no empathy or sympathy for him.. I’m sure his buddies have told him an earful about that tramp..

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