Jazze Pha’s Bromance Put On Blast!

Jazze Pha is Downlow

HSK Exclusive – A Bravo bromance is being revealed, surrounding one “The New Atlanta” cast member. Sources say that’s why Jazze Pha is pulling BFF Jevon “Vawn” Sims into the spotlight. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Mona Scott Young.

“The New Atlanta” reality show is set to being airing on the network this fall. But don’t expect Jazze and Vawn to be open about their DL relationship. Know why? Not only is Jazze reported to be trapped in the closet, he’s also said to keep his sponsoring of Vawn’s monthly living expenses on the low.

Wait…That’s not all!!!

Jazze Pha Bromance

The Dekalb County apartment is said to be where the pair share secret smash sessions together — while a nanny cares for Jazze’s daughter. This while Vawn — who insiders call a “gossip queen” — is reported to be hoping this TV gig will jump-start his music career.

Here’s the drop:

“All of Vawn’s songs flopped, so he’s thrilled to be on Mona Scott’s Bravo show. Vawn used to date a nightclub owner named ‘Sheep Dog’ before he got with Jazze Pha. As for Jazze, he’s still bitter and jealous over Cee-Lo, because he claims Cee-Lo stole his Liberace swag. Jazze has been flaming for a longtime and he’s also known for hiring male strippers to entertain him during late night studio sessions.”

Gay Rapper in Hip Hop


  1. Fuck u all i have known can for years he is not gay so leave him alone scooter Robinson he’s a very good friend to all that knows him call me and I’ll tell you more

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