Dame Dash Says Jay Z is a Police Informant

Jay Z Police Informant

Dame Dash revealed that he believes his former business partner, Jay Z, is or was, a police informant.

Here’s what Dame put down:

“When I read about Jay’s affiliation with informants, that he’s in business with certain people. It’s tricky for me to say, but based on where I’m from, I can’t have nothing to do with that. There’s paperwork. That part of it scares me, because I know [Kareem Biggs Burke] is in jail. I know Irv Gotti has been harassed for years over s**t he didn’t do. I know they’ve been f**king with me for years. So it just means I need to stay over here.

I love Jay, but let’s say I found out any of that s**t – I can’t f**k with him at all. Because that’s how I was raised. It ain’t no disrespect. I don’t know how anyone else was raised, but that’s it. There ain’t nothing else to talk about. It’s real serious for me.


    • If he hadn’t snitched and sold out that white house would never have allow him in it. Doesn’t take a genius to know he had to disassociate himself from his sordid pass by snitching.

  1. I’m just an outsider looking in but from what I can see is Dame must know something or have someone in his ear because he keeps bringing up things every now and then about Jay Z .I hope nothing goes down and someone ends up hurt it always seem to play out this way.

  2. We have known this for over 5 years, this was your boy and you ain’t know it. Dame should have known something when he found a copy of the remix to The streets is watching called the FEDS is watching now…..lol

  3. This isn’t news Dame, everyone knows what Jay is. Dude needs to stop talking about Jay and start focusing on making some money.

    • This is the only time the public will pay attention to Dame is when he’s spewing disdain for JayZ.It’s all for Shock Value than he’ll start his bullshit double talk by saying he loves Jay.Its been 12 years since Jay crumbled the Roc and Dame is still bitter that he lost his CashCow.Dont belive Me? Check out the Beef DVD when Dame was almost in tears talking about Jay and the Rocafella breakup.

  4. Jay Z, Diddy, and Suge Knight are all gov’t informants. Oh and lets not forget T.I., Jessie Jackson, etc. They all sold out their own people.

  5. @ Anon 9:55 I agree… Martin L King had a Dream Jesse weak Azz didn’t even go to sleep that night…lol… Naw but for real Dame better watch out. He’s doing to much talking.

  6. If Jigga is a snitch, and I have zero doubt he is or was, then so is Dash. No way they all ran so tight the way they did for Dash to have any new revelations or be surprised about anything about Jigga. Go sit down DD. You rode the wagon until you fell off or got kicked off. Now it all just sounds like you crying over spilled milk. You knew then and now what Jigga is all about and you was a okay with it until the checks start coming your way. Now you gone tell it all, huh? SMH. Bitch made Negro.

  7. I got a ?…where did Dash read abut Jay’s affiliation with informants? What paper was this in?

  8. Dame must be dense. Jay Z is a bonofide snitch and style jacker. Kanye is also a squealing bitch that Jay has under control.


    • Calling a man a snitch without any concrete proof is a jealous bitch move.Jand stole Rocafella away from this clown over 10 years ago and he’s still Salty.Nigga,you’ve had 10 years or more to show the world you were a MadeNigga and not the JayZ dick rider everyone accused you of being by daying you couldnt make it without Jay and you failed miserable.BLOCKSAVY, That CEO clothing line and the clothing line you funded for you’re Gold digging EX heathen Wife Rachel Roy before she kicked you to the curb all flopped like Vlade Divac.So,who’s the real hustler Dame.Jealousy A Weak Emotion.

      • The whole reasoning behind this Snitch comment by Dame is really about his jealousy that Jay is doing business with Steve Stoute whom he hates and this is his way of letting Jay know that he’s pissed that he’s no longer invited to the party.Thes no reasons for Dame to make presumption about not ever wanting to do business with Jay under his socalled cloud of supposedly being a Snitch because Jay stole the Rocafella brand and his Masters from Dame over 12 years ago than Blackballed him.

        • No wonder he is still stuck on Jay. The problem is he needs to let it go. That’s like going to the graveyard and digging up those old bones. And we all know if you go looking for trouble,, U gonna find it. Let that shit go Same. It ain’t worth it.

          • You and BA are both right on this subject.

            I have seen tearful brides who were left at the altar recover and get back their dignity faster than Dame has recovered from being dumped by Jay. And the Steve Stoute thing is just further salt in the wounds of his pain.

            But it’s time for DD to pull up his big boy draws and get on with the net chapter if he hopes to ever make anything of himself as a solo.

            Next to Kanye, no other male artist engenders as much contempt from the readers of HSK than Jay Z does, and most of it is probably justified. But say what you will, the man has built a mini-empire from whole lotta nothin in 20 years, and it must just eat the hell out of Dame to have to watch Jay and Bey being treated like American royalty by whites and blacks, knowing that it could have been him by Jay’s side if things had gone down differently. He should be glad that he got a good taste of it for a while, and then move on. He’s starting to act like a “starter wife” does when she watches her ex-husband out and about with his new trophy wife. Not too cute.

            • The first thing Same needs to do is get himself right with God. Without God, Dame will never peace. The second thing he need to do is ask for forgiveness. That too another reason is to move forward. See if Dame will walk up to those that he had hurt or anything, he need to ask forgiveness. If he does those two things, watch how mighty Our God will do. Open up doors, open your eyes, repent and forgive. He can move forward. That is really wrong with us. We don’t take the time to talk with God. That’s why there is so many malice in this world today. We done forgot who we were and not give thanks to God for the things he had done for us. We can some good home some people if we can do that.

            • K U maybe laughing now, but there a lot us need to seek God. I don’t care if it ain’t a slice of bread and a cup of water, I’ll take it and thank God for it. A lot of these soulless folks in this world done forgot what the true meaning of life. Didn’t God said we are entering our darkest days? Of coarse! Dame is a lost soul and still wondering why he is still bitter. He has to think about all that stuff he did, what folks did to him, and not to mentioned, what his future holds. Its never too late, to make a change. And right now, he is need to make a change. All he need right now is cut his losses and charge it to the game, cut ties with folks, and start over.

          • Wise words; “All he need right now is cut his losses and charge it to the game, cut ties with folks, and start over” …minimal, yet brilliantly effective. I learned.

            Thanks DaRadiant1!

  10. It’s true, Jay-Z snitched on Dame Dash, Irv Gotti, Suge Knight and Jay Prince. Those four brothers were going to start a record distribution corporation together. Jay-Z found out and snitched to federal law enforcement. The PTB (Powers That Be) rewarded Jay-Z with hundreds of millions of dollars, a extremely small percentage of ownership with the Brooklyn Nets (1/15 of 1%), and alot of fame and power in black hollywood. Along with Al Sharpton, Jay-Z is one of the top five coons in black America!

    • I agree NBA. There is no way jay made it himself. He was handed everything when he joined the club. He think he smart, but we all know how it ends. If he ever thinks about getting his soul right, the mirage will come crashing down. I watched he’s wife turn from happy go lucky full of life singing and dancing machine to drugged up thot who’s only topic now is drugged out sex. Just they way they want em. Role models. Ha role models for sell outs.

  11. See how these faggot niggas do….. I don’t know if Jay is a snitch or not BUT HE WAS YOUR HOMIE FOR 20+ years……..Dame need to have a paperwork party or get DP’ in these streets. Dame said he heard there’s paperwork on JayZ but in the same note he don’t know if it true or not. (What the f*ck is that???)
    In the streets, you make this kind of accusation and can’t provide anything…..you get dealt with! He definitely should know what paperwork look like …he made movies on 2 of the biggest rats in the world ( Alpo and Nicky Barnes). So he know what paperwork look like. dame you’re embarrassing Harlem with this scorned bitch shit.
    We all know why Irv got jammed….they was building a case on Preme since he came home the first time. as for Biggs…..he was hustling , that shit don’t last forever. An nigga with an open case could have gave him up.

  12. Boom! and there it is! So right, finally someone has told the whole truth – this is why Ms. Tina and Solange have separated themselves from the Carters. Heartbreaking for the Knowles family.

  13. I listened to the whole Sway interview with Dame…… He’ s ALLUDING to JayZ being a snitch. You can’t go halfway on shit like that. The game already f*cked up with these sideways talking niggas. Let it be known, you know him better than anybody else. Niggas used to get killed for these kind of accusations, if they didnt produce paperwork.

    • Its not hard to get paperwork. The problem is who is willing to give U to form to fill it out and give it to you without somebody in that circle that is going back snitching. The folks can be the most crookiest people known to man kind. But if U get the right person to get the paperwork, like somebody who would never suspect, Boom! Mission Accomplished.

      • dame claimed he saw it….so these excuses wont fly. He also says hes not concerned about it anymore…he just cant talk to JayZ no more. That shit dont even sound right….if my right hand man checked out on me… I definitely want to know….instead of this maybe shit. You’re as solid as the company you keep. do the math.

  14. dame is responsible for his own demise he rub people the wrong way he thought he was the shit. dame has a lot of secrets. dame knows the truth about aaliyah death was no accident but own her family plays a part in as well because they knew too. but that’s another story you won’t get.dame has a gag order on him if he talks too much he and his kids get killed. t.t.p.b took his wealth and blackbailed him he should keep his mouth shut. sorry yall my TIN HAT” is hurting right now! lol

  15. the problem with dame is he’s scared to put his money where his mouth is most people in the industry are informants like diddy, suge, master p, etc . if he’s going to tell truth(which he isn’t) he needs to clear everything up and be willing to die for it.

    • He might have to. I don’t believe that Jay can be dethroned at this time. Nope. He has too many of the “right” people behind him now. He’s a made man in his world. And that is precisely why Kanye wants so badly to be him.

  16. Dame was referring to an article in NY daily newspaper from 2014. Rocnation president’s wife is a former DEA informat basically from the early 90’s. I think the president and his wife was long time friends of JayZ and did bussiness with rocafella records back in the day. Look like the wife got exposed messing with the A rod contract with NY Yankees/MLB,lol. Read it for yourself tho, interesting article. Link below or google


    • Good looking on the article……who Knows Dame might be right…..especially with all them ” hot” ass niggas in the camp. It’s just ironic he didn’t call OG Juan out ( a fellow Harlem dude that Dame knows very well)… Especially when da homie wife been wearing wires n shit.

      • That is so true. I willing to bet it is going to be some major drama and somebody is going to end getting hurt or end up being dead,

  17. This ai’n’t even a mother f*cking issue who snitch on who. It’a all about money talks and bullsiht walks. Dame ain’t got a pot to piss in or throw out a window. As much as I dislike Jay am in agreement with this lyrics when Dame tried to say he made “Hov” and Jay said “make another Hov” (Lost Ones). Whatever crumbs dame had, he squandered and made nothing for himself and his life. All them video’s him pouring Crystal on hoes and never wearing the same shirt twice and shit has caught up with his ass.

    If a nigger ain’t true to himself, then who can be be true to? Say what you want about Jay and other greasy niggers, but you got to handle your shit and come real with shit-You’ll alway sseem to come out smelling like roses–although there’s a deep hole in hell for your ass…I am in no way in agreement with Jay, but this is how niggers like Jay stay relelvant and dudes like Dame stay lame.

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