Jay Z’s Blondie Side Chick Named!

Jay Z & Beyonce Divorce?

An insider has blown the whistle… calling out a VIP hostess from New York City’s 1 Oak Chelsea nightclub as Jigga’s secret side chick! Her name is Casey Cohen.

“Create the things you wish existed.” -Casey Cohen

This news comes shortly after word broke of Bey beginning the process of divorce from Jay. Though we can’t tell you much about Jiggg’s random, she’s obviously been bitten by the fame-bug. Know why? Not only has she taken at least one prior attempt at modeling… she’s all of a sudden accepting “booking inquiries.” One can only image what those “inquiries” could be.


Here’s what an insider reveals:

“Jay probably sees her twice a month. He visits her while she’s working and then they slip away for an afterparty, She’ll hang out with him all night, flirting with him and touching him. . . . “

Jay Z Mistress Casey Cohen


  1. Dam , by the time they go on tour, they ain’t gonna have nothin to give, yall takin all tge energy every chance ya get!

  2. If true, where are the men who don’t cheat? Men-who-don’t-cheat, PLEASE stand up because you have a legion of women vying for you and the fact that “all men don’t cheat.”

      • I’M sorry but I also believe ALL MEN don’t CHEAT.. There are still some good loyal and faithful ones out there you just have to find the right one.

        • All FAMOUS men cheat. A man is usually as faithful as his access to willing women. Therefore Joe Blow around the corner has the potential to be relatively faithful, but any man of any color who has beautiful girls throwing themselves at them 24-7 365 days a year has a very low predictability for marital chastity.

          The same goes for very good looking people to a lesser degree. It kills me when a friend is bragging about how faithful her unfortunate looking spouse is to her. I’m like, “nobody but you wants to have sex with that gremlin boo.”

          Marry a man who looks like a movie star(even he he bags groceries) and you never have a moment’s peace of mind. I know this well.

    • @Alexis there’s no such thing are a cheating man because we men can have multiple wives,its in the bible.

      • That’s bullshit and even assuming you could have multiple wives (according to the new testament and what apostle Paul said, you can’t) if u sleep with some slag that aint one of your 740 wives , you are cheating. Marriage is more than a sex act. It’s a spiritual commitment that is supposed to be a physical manifestation of the Lords love for his people. That’s why ring and vows are exchanged. That’s why a ceremony of some kind is performed. It’s more than just boning whomever u like, smh

        • The only times its considered cheating if the woman in question has a man or if she’s a concubine from a different nation.Other than that,its not a problem.

        • Marriage is not a spiritual act,its a Sex act. A woman becomes a man wife after he humbles her thru sex.Wheres the scripture that says it’s a document,ceremony or spiritual act?

          • @Anon 13:06 This scripture proves sex is marriage Deuteronomy 21:13 And she shall out a raiment of her captivity from off her,and shall remain in thine house band bewail her father and mother a full month:And after that Thou shalt go in unto her(sex) and be thy husband and she shall be be thy wife.(Case Closed)

            • You are wrong. Sex is very spiritual which is why adultery, promiscuous, and fornication are not allowed. Corinthians 7:2 says each man must have his own wife. Wife ok. Not wives. And Genesis 2:24 says that each man must leave his father and mother and join with his wife, and they become one flsh. Again, itss wife. Not wives . I dont know about you but to me one flesh is one flesh. Hoe are you one flesh with 2 or 3 people? Or more? The math doesn’t add up

            • I agree. If sex is not spiritual why do we do say gay sex is a sin. Doesn’t gay sex open the valve for demons or something.

            • @ Killarny, yes. Very true. Sex and blood have very spiritual components way beyond what we think of in the natural world. And that is why a christian person, well all people really, is not supposed to spill blood or seed carelessly. The spiritual consequences can be deadly.

            • @Anon 17:02 Duetoronomy 21:15 And if a man has two wives,one beloved,and another one hated and they born him children both the beloved and the hated and if the firstborn son be hers that was hated.(This proved we can have more than one wife)

          • Black, when God presented Eve to Adam and Adam received her and named her, that was their marriage. This is where we get our modern day tradition of a father walking his daughter to be joined with her new husband. And this is why (traditionally) the woman is renamed, from fathers last name to husband’s. And when Isaac manservant prayed for gods guidance in choosing a wife for his masters son, he de idea upon a ritual of finding a girl that would offer water to a tired traveler and his flock of camels, which was a lot of work for one woman. Rebekah did it willingly and proved herself worthy, so the servant gave her heavy gold earrings and bracelets. The ring a man gives his bride at engagement and that make a couple married. it obviously varies by culture AND time period bit the basics remain because God doesn’t change..wedding is symbolic of this. These are all ceremonies acts

            • Ceremonial, I mean. And I’m aware that polygamy exists in.some instances in the bible especially early on. God appears to have allowed it . Maybe for you it will be your choice. I hope then you find like minded spouses. I choose to be a helpmeet for my spouse and him alone . One flesh.

            • Rebekah is our mother sweetheart and Genesis the 26th chapter clearly tells you that her and our father Isaac became married after a sex act.Our father isacc had just lost his mother and was in a tent and Rebekah came in and consoled him and they then had sex and became married.Have a seat!

            • See it was just a discussion and then u got disrespectful the ay you do. You have a seat. And marry as many broads as you like. I know what the bible says so I’m gonna leave and cleave. U go right ahead and sex your harem king Solomon style. Nobody cares.

            • @Anon 20:12 Yeah,that’s usually the response when you’re losing the Battle.The Wicked Flees When None Pursueth.

            • @Anon20:12 You don’t Want This War!We Israelites Know the bible Front To Back.Bring It On!And continue getting Slayed with this truth.

            • Battle? Slay? …plz. the only one who thought this wad some sort of bible study death match was you. To me it was just a discussion until you got Insulting and rude . That’s a hallmark of yours , you cannot handle a different opinion. Anyway I too study the bible, which is how I knew what genesis and Corinthians say about the subject

            • I never said there was no polygamy in the bible. There’s incest too, ( Cain and Seth must have married their sisters). I don’t have a dog in this race, if you want to marry multiple chicks by having sex with them all do your thing. Maybe your spouse with all of them will be as passionate and strong as the one I have with my lone solitary spouse. But I do not need to curse you out or tell you to sit down over it. No need to talk to a fellow israelite as if they are a mere dog. U may want to work on that urge to put down if you really see yourself as an elder or scholar preacher worthy of respect

            • @Anon 21:24 The more you talk the more you Expose yourself.Have you ever heard of the Curse Of Cain?Well,Whites of today are his living descendants and that’s the main reason why they don’t have Pigmentation because of his Wicked Ass!The try and teach me the damn scriptures because women are not to teach anything to a man.Who gives a damn about Cain when his ass was cursed and the Laws were not given to him.Bye!

            • @Anon 21:24 I’ll close the curtain on you with this scripture because you are to easy of a target.1 Timothy 2 11:14 Let The Woman Learn In Silence With All Subjection I Suffer Not A Woman To Teach Nor To Usurp Authority Over The Man But To Be In Silence.(Do as the bible says and shut the help up!)

            • . You’ll close the curtain on your own inability to articulate a clear match point. Just proclaiming yourself the victor of this imaginary battle isn’t gonna cut it. I already effectively ended the conversation. Until you can disavow my points you git nothing. And to do that you would have to dismantle those scriptures , and prove them wrong. Btw , Cain had a forehead mark. Naaman was the one cursed with leprosy which made his skin white. Mariam was similarly cursed. But I would never endeavor to teach you anything because its impossible to pour anything into a cup that’s already full, lol . But I can teach other (baptist) men…with my hair properly covered of course ,lol. That’s it. I’m done.

            • @Anon 22:08 Other Baptist men?SMH.Sweetheart do you not know that the Baptist Church was started in the 60’s by the KLuKlusKlan?Black people started to join to keep from being lynched in those days.Goes to show once again,you know nothing because the KJBible don’t deal with Religion at all.Girl Bye!

            • @Anon 22:08 Stop following the whiteman bullshit religions.Our Israelite for father and mothers never embraced Religion.Moses at MT.Sinai was given Laws statutes and commandments, not Religion.Stop being a mental slave to the white man and return the laws that we’re given to you or pay the price.

            • @21:15 you summed it all up and right on point .Someone needs to be right all the time and turn it into an argument ….speaks volumes lol

            • @Anon 17:03 Someone needs to Kiss My Ass!Find you some business.I’ll call you next time my grass needs cut.

            • @Anon 17:03 Everything I said was backed up with scriptures so you mental slaves hates the most high as well as the truth.FCK You

            • Duetoronomy 21:15 clearly states a man can have two wives which means more than one.So,good luck to all brainwashed Slaves who’ve allow their White Master to Mislead them with his false church doctrine.Aldutery is not sex before Marriage because sex is Marriage and all adultery means is Transgressions of the Laws.

            • Fornication is not Sex before Marriage because according to scripture Sex is Marriage.Fornication is Transgression of the Laws and there’s over 600 Laws in the bible.Fornication and Adultery means the exact same thing in the bible.If the scripture don’t come from the KJV Bible its false so don’t come at me with falsehoods from fake bible.Where’s any religion in the bible.I’ll wait!

          • Well he was Turkish, like most nations the cultures at the time didn’t exactly revere women as teachers . But he was very respectful. He just didn’t really care to live with any woman. He advocated remaining single and dedicating oneself wholly to preaching the word. however he said if you were going to marry, have one wife.

            • Paul was Turkish? Laugh Out Loud!All prophets in the bible were Black Israelite men.Brainwashing at it’s finest.SMH.

            • There was a huge black population in Turkey and Rome then. Comment@ 13:13 said he was Turkish. That’s,an ethnicity, not a race . You would think your racist ass would know that since you get all your ‘facts’ from youtube, maybe find some videos explaining where Tarnas and the trade routes connecting Damascus are, asshat.

      • And in many matriarchal countries women can have as many husbands as they want. It’s in the artifacts that predate the bible….

        • Well sex is so spiritual that the bible says if u lay with a harlot u 2 will become 1

          • And People are so greedy thats why the want more then 1 life. But women can only settle 4 one loser man? smh. If men can have more then 1 wife, women should be able to have more then 1 husband

            • Lol…can u imagine that? These clowns want polygamy because it means a variety of as. They aint ready for they woman to be riding multiple dicks. The minute you throw a little equality into the deal it loses its appeal, haha

      • Unless he thinks white is right. The type of dude that wants a top knotch black chick but so far up whitey that he will take what he can get.

      • Plz, all these chicks have to do is show up being white. Gwyneth is basic too. And so is that Belgian . But they have blond hair which to these coons is the gold medal of whiteness. Whatever.

        • The Belgian girl was hot. I’m being 100% here. she was. But this chick is nothing. special. You can find 50 of her shopping in Macy’s in ATL any day of the week. I find it hard to believe that Jay would risk pissing off Bey any further right before the tour by openly cheating with her.

          • I respect your opinion but to me she was regulation yt girl. She was alright, but no way in Beyonces league. IMHO. I feel like us as black women have to be scintillating hot to get the same level of awe over our looks. Yt girls just bleach their hair and dudes be like yaaaaasssssss, lol.

          • shes a white girl nuff said but jigga could have goptten a better looking white girl.

            she got ger a sugardaddy.

      • I’m no Beyonce stan, but girlfriend is far from a basic Becky even with the skin bleaching. Whether you like her or not, she is a knockout. Well, the Beyonce we knew before all the string hair and heron chic body.

      • Lol…well there’s that. But even tho she’s a vapid mindfart that gets on my nerves she was drop dead even before the nose job and skin lighting. She really doesn’t need all that but she has no personality or brain cells so what canya do, lol.

  3. Poor Beyonce. As hard as she’s worked to try and be a white woman, it still wasn’t good enough. haha

  4. I don’t know about this bunny but I at least hope the divorce rumor is true. Time for Bey to separate her brand from camel face.

  5. Hey I wouldn’t know the side chick down. She might be already rich but wanna to network her way. Meaning knowing the meaning of hardwork instead of being lazy and live off of a trust fund.

  6. GAY Z is Gay ok he’s Bi…I agree @ Kevy Kev that’s why she wants to be white to try to keep him…coonery to the fullest

  7. This may or may not be true. What we DO KNOW is that Bey is A-OK with these stories being put out there. Now why would she wanna be seen as the “poor cheated on wife”? So she can cash out in the divorce of course….

    • …And on their upcoming joint tour. They know their fans are obsessed with them (Especially Beyonce’s) and will eat up any story posted about them, which helps to maintain their relevancy. The elevator shit was probably an anomaly, but it didn’t hurt either of them…yet?

  8. I can hardly keep up with all this “dirt”. It’s like every other day we read more about the Carters. What’s really going on in Carterville? Did they piss someone off?

  9. when it rains it POURS…i guess if true. Bad news come in 3’s. baby(not even on a break),Soloange, and now this, oh heck they have so many skeletons that someone is THROWING outta their closet.

  10. This is the chick from “Long Island Princesses”, which is one reason why she takes booking inquiries – she was on a reality TV series.

    Jay needs to Google & watch that show, she was a trip, just a spoiled, self-entitled young woman with rich parents who encouraged her bad behavior.

  11. Like an earlier poster said, the whole reason why you are hearing about all these women that Jay-Z is supposedly sleeping with is because this is going to cover the reasons for divorce (end of their buisness agreement) from Beyonce. This bolsters Jay-Z’s image as a player and make Beyonce look clean and make it seem like he was influencing all of her ratchetness. When she restarts her career with Destiny’s Child, the divorce will give them a storyline to reel people in. Beyonce and Jay-Z are not going anywhere anytime soon, they are valued puppets just like Madonna…

    I. PEARL

    • atrractive??? she bleached her skin she wears blonde weaves and wigs

      jayz probably wanted the real thing not s cheap knock off

      she was attractive before but not anymore

  12. Homo Jigga can’t have becky killed like he did Cathy White! If this ugly becky brings down Jay-Z’s homo satanic empire, I won’t lose any sleep. Fuck Jay-Z!

  13. She doesn’t care, she probably has her own thing going on the side. I can guarantee you Beyonce knows more about Jay Z’s jump offs than we ever will.
    BTW- What happened to Julius? He’s been ghost ever since elevatorgate.

  14. alot of these rapper are dumb as hell
    do their honeslty think if they wasn’t rich
    white asian latino women would be interested in them???


    they care about the money and fame while on the another these
    black men treat black women like shyt while their give their non black women
    lavish gifts and make a big fuss about them?????

    black women we need help??

    beyonce is karma she treated her bandmates like crap

    i bet she wouldn’t like it if her daugther was in a girlband and lead singer’s parent treated her like
    shyt i bet miss beyonce would be ups

    • Hey guess what? Many rich white men wouldn’t get any play from women if they didn’t have money. Fukking for a come up knows no color.

      • ask any nerd who did’nt get any but all of a sudden you gets all p*ssy thrown at you when you become rich.

      • Stop hating! I see handsome white men all day, from television to the streets. People are just so stuck on this white/black thing they miss their blessing. You don’t know what type of package God is going to put your gift in. Don’t end up missing out because you thought the wrapping was suppose to be that one way.

    • Beg to differ. I love in Cali and the BROKEST black dude stays getting CHASED by chicks of all races. They are after our DNA and known sexual prowess. It has nada to do with $$$.

      • 12:37:

        I am a born and raised Angeleno. Your statement may apply up North, but it is most assuredly not applicable to Southern CA.

        I know several upwardly mobile, professional men of color with advanced degrees who cannot get or keep women.

  15. At this point this so called “side chick” is about neck and neck with Beyonce in the looks department. Beyonce looks rougher than the soles of my shoes!

  16. Bye is checking out a chick in that top photo anyway. Their body language says it all.

  17. I belived he married her to get access to the exclusives. Jay was accepted to a certain level of success. B. was performing for the President. When he got with B. he met clout and big money–she crossed him over–and up. If she’s divorcing him then I hope she had a prenup for any money she made before the marriage.

  18. Russel Simmons got these ghetto rats dazed and confused. Sleeping with peroxide blonde chicks does not make you better than other blackmen…Cut The BS Brothas

      • I am NOT prejudice but when certain black friends of mine say they found a white man and hooking up with a white man with joy and excitement I say ok and …….????? as if they are coming up and accomplishing something .Brain washed .

          • Yes you are correct about me being a true friend and being happy for her.That changes when she’s putting black men down as if she’s grouping them all together just because of bad experiences so guess her White prince will rescue her.

        • I bet you the same one applauding Kanye, Lil Wayne, Kobe, Mike Jordan and Ice T. Yall hypocrite kneegrows need to take several seats. BM been dissing BW for 30 years in rap. You are a jealous hater and you need to quit your friend, you do not deserve her.

  19. Hollyweird is different from regular life, They all sleep around like we change are underwear

  20. Jay-Z looks like he has a big ole dick. I pity any woman who has to handle that.

  21. Casey isn’t cute, but her plastic surgeon did a fantastic job on her rhinoplasty. Kudos!

  22. You’ll close the curtain on your own inability to articulate a clear match point. Just proclaiming yourself the victor of this imaginary battle isn’t gonna cut it. I already effectively ended the conversation. Until you can disavow my points you git nothing. And to do that you would have to dismantle those scriptures , and prove them wrong. Btw , Cain had a forhead mark. Naaman was the one cursed with leprosy which made his skin white. Mariam was similarly cursed. But I would never endeavor to teach you anything because its impossible to pour anything into a cup that’s already full, lol . But I can teach other (baptist) men…with my hair properly covered of course ,lol. That’s it. I’m done.

      • Why bother arguing with a person who thinks the Baptist church was founded in the 60’s? BA is daft…you know it, I know it, pretty sure Jacky knows it too

        • lol ….you already made lots of valid points .It’s not a battle when you know your scriptures kudos to you @ 22:09

  23. In regards to Bey’s looks… And as much as I love her as an entertainer…One word. ALCOHOLISM. It’s finally catching up with her looks- pushing through past all the Botox and surgeries.

    Stop DRANKIN B!!

    • You have got to be kidding. I don’t know any drunks who are as TONED and FIT and B is tell the truth and shame the devil. She has NO drunk bloat her face ain’t bloated her body is not bloated. An example of a celeb drunk is LINDSAY LOHAN she is skinny AND bloated. Trust, I do NOT ride for Mrs. Carter but you gotta be real here.

  24. This must be true because Beyonce is always trying to take pics that look just like that corny ass Becky!!

  25. Bey gonna be like “I was your white women for 11 f*ckin years” lol *waiting to exhale*

  26. Stop hating! I see handsome white men all day, from television to the streets. People are just so stuck on this white/black thing they miss their blessing. You don’t know what type of package God is going to put your gift in. Don’t end up without because you thought the outer wrap was suppose to be that one way.

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