Faith Evans Lashes Out Over Gay Allegations Surrounding Biggie Smalls’ Son


The image posted by Faith Evans and Biggie Smalls’ son may now be deleted from his IG… but CJ’s possible message behind still resonates. Don’t believe me… Just ask Sandra Rose, who Faith Evans blasted for reporting CJ may have marked his high school graduation day by coming out to the world!

Check it:

biggies-gay-son faith-evans-vs-sandra-rose

The apparent Titanic movie-inspired image isn’t the first time CJ has used social media to blast his close relations with his boy-BFF. Just three-months back, Christopher Wallace, Jr. put this pic out there…


Here’s what a source had to say:

“Although we don’t what is exactly is going on in the photo, it appears that the two young boys are posing like the classic Titanic scene where Rose and Jack were pretending to fly at the front of the ship.

Whether Biggie Smalls’ son is gay or not, his graduation should be the only thing that matters at the end of the day.”

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  1. it does not matter,if he is gay so fricking what, he is human. magic, isiah thomas, jason kidd, r. kelly,michael jordan have a gay child,

    • Just being human doesn’t cut it. There is a movement afoot to cram homosexuality down everyone’s throats and make it acceptable and dumb ass coons don’t even realize that it is being pushed because it is a depopulation plan. Google Bill gates , bildeberg and population co.trol if you don’t believe it.

      • LOl, I’m from Atlanta born and raised, and I’m going to say that GAY SHIT only exists in Mid-town Atlanta, and some parts of East Atlanta among a lot of newly arrived White and Black College graduate who are making upward to $100,000.00 annually

        • Yes, but what do they show you on tv. Not young straight family men . It’s all either ass clowns like Stevie J or queen strutting around in red bottoms, skinny jeans tighter than mine and full beards. Scary as shit.

  2. …A young up-and-coming actor of famous parents, one of which is martyred? Why wouldn’t he be used to push the ‘gay agenda?’

  3. Someone pointed out the high percentage of celebs with gay kids. I can think of several.eight off the top of my head: MIKE Jordan, Magic Johnson, Annette Benning and Warren Beatty have a trans kid, Alex Baldwin, Diana Ross, R Kelly, Will Smith etc. There does seem to be some sort of sins of the father thing going on. I really don’t understand it.

    • I think you might have something here! Now Michael Jordan’s kid someone please elaborate!

      Also…. so many women are worried about having daughters because they were wild and they believe that their daughters will be wild also. Could it be the same thing for men?

      • GP:

        Jordan has a gay daughter. Isaiah Thomas has a gay son. Alec Baldwin’s daughter, Ireland, the one he referred to as an ungrateful little pig, is gay. Ireland is dating rapper Angel Haze.

    • Soy has something to do with it, as well as the hormones in meat, chicken, milk, eggs; believe it or not, many of the beauty products: lotions, shampoos etc.. are laced with estrogenic chemicals. If I has a child I would not feed them anything with Soy or hormone filled meats and by-products. And get a good water filter to filter your drinking water and shower head filter too, the plastic bottles also leach chemicals into the water and the tap water is crap.

      • Yes!!! Too many hormones in the food. All of these chemically treated, unnatural processes to make cows, chickens, etc. grow larger. And now they’re genetically modifying fish. Smh

      • well I don’t know about making you gay. But that’s why my name is Gluten Putin cuz I grew up it normal food and being on welfare and it turns out I have an immune disorder where I can’t digest corn or gluten or animals that do and its really insane. Especially how many people who had a good life growing up:-) and wind up with the same thing! So when people are trying to warn you, watch out what’s in your food ,you should listen. I’m stepping off my soapbox now.

        • I think the hormone packed food is a more plausible theory than the “pushing the gay agenda to depopulate” theory. Because, no matter how much the so called PTB may wish to push a gay acceptance agenda, you can’t just go up to a young hetero man of 15 to 18 and say, “you should start liking other boys” and have them do it. I’m sure all you straight men would agree that just because someone in power told you to switch your orientation, there’s no way you could do it.
          Now, this is completely a different issue from the fact that men in entertainment have to submit to sucking dick to get ahead. That does happen. But that above picture tells the story. That young man didn’t suck a dick to get a gig, he is showing affection for another male.
          One is bisexuality in exchange for riches and fame, the other is young men genuinely becoming gay in greater numbers than ever possibly due to the dietary imbalances mentioned above.

          • TPTB R not going after the 15-18 year old bracket.

            They R going after the Elementary School age Kids.

            Starting with Books like “I have 2 Mommies” that Teachers R exposing the Kids 2 in Public Schools.

            • Curious as 2 why U think 1 thing but not the other, as if TPTB don’t Multi-Task????

              I Believe BOTH R very Real, but then I am Wide Awake!

              R U?

          • Why would u walk up to a teenager and say _Be gay…that would be weird and unsettling. It’s mire subtle than that but at the same time kids are bombarded with this stuff. Stars like Lazy CaCa and gay athletes and shows line Glee and modern family have gone a long way in de stigmatzing homosexuality . Kids are naturally more experimental than adults. The soy and hormones in so much food means young people are already sexually ambiguous and open in their orientation because they are steeped I. Innate qualities of the opposite sex. I mean, EJ Johnson has titties. GTFOOHWTBS. Ugh. Anyway pushing the gay agenda is why all these unnecessary additives are placed in food in the first place. It’s so they can keep the population unhealthy and dumbed down and already predisposed to be open to sex behavior that otherwise might have been foreign to them. They are pushing homosexuality and depopulation. They just use food as a very first step in doi g both.

            • Bunch of idiots. It is an occurance in nature. Idiots. Yeah homosexuals werent around since….forever. Ugh. Stupid uneducated vapid homophobic pigs. Go to school.

            • Lol…nature my ass. If it was all so natural there wouldn’t be so many chemically engineered additives in food and vaccinations. Go back to sleep, idiot.

    • Genetics. If one or both parents secretly harbor and have acted on homosexual tendencies I believe it triggers something in the DNA of the offspring.

      • Truth Serum, that is some truth!!

        I will go further:

        Male and female whores have f*cked up spiritual DNA and thus, gay kids.

        Sexual revolution was the set up for gay pride

    • Just as many closeted poor and middle class children. Money allows access to do what thou wilt. A factory worker’s son doesnt have a trust fund so has to take that punch in the chest or run away from home.

      Don’t think CJ is gay just seems like they were clowning on the graduation photo.

  4. I dont care how acceptable society tries to make being gay okay I wouldnt wish it on anyone.

    • You dont need to wish it. And guess why you wouldnt? Because of homophobes like you.

  5. CJ is just doing what his father did. I wouldn’t trip off of the Titanic pose if CJ’s hands were placed higher. Faith need not get upset at Sandra Rose for SR stating the obvious. Faith needs to get her own self in check, because she is definitely to blame for her children’s issues. All of her kids have different fathers. Let’s see her blame SR for that.

  6. Why do people care so much?
    Listen, as a heterosexual male I don’t give a flying f*ck who another man is sleeping with. The only time I would possibly even care is if a man was coming on to my wife. Any self proclaimed”straight” guy who does otherwise might need to reexamine his own shit. Gay people don’t bother me at all. I find them to be a lot more productive then the people who bash them.
    I understand people’s views on it but there are seriously more important thing to do than wonder about Big’s son sexuality, especially if you’re heterosexual.

    • As a heterosexual male, you should care about men presenting themselves as being heterosexual when they are bisexual. There are a lot of men in denial about their sexuality. One or several of those men could have been involved with your gf or wife.

      In this case, it’s alarming to see so much questionable activity occurring amongst our youth. I just saw a 6-year-old child on tv who is considered transgender. That is stupefying. The child is white, but that doesn’t stop me from wondering what the child’s parents are thinking by allowing a child to be defined in such a manner so early in their lives. This is most assuredly not the will of God.

      • There was something like that story on a morining new show over here. The host for the show we’re agreeing that the kid at 8 year old should be able to start taking drugs to start altering he’s hormone levels. Disturbing.

        • Extremely.

          As an aside, children were being diagnosed with autism and scientists were attributing it to vaccinations. Parents have no clue what their children are being injected with when they get flu shots and other vaccinations. All I know is vaccinations reportedly give people strains of the diseases they’re supposed to protect people from. I am by no means saying that vaccinations cause homosexuality in children, but there is definitely something in the water or the milk, so-to-speak.

          • True the vaccinations have something in them. I seen two woman one who constantly shakes and the other crippled (confined to a wheelchair) due to being vaccinated.

            • Yes, but have you ever seen a child with polo because they didn’t get vaccinated? In an iron lung. to 16:53

              Flu shots are dubious but vaccinations prevent misery and death from many diseases which were rampant until the vaccinations were discovered. Pres. Franklin Roosevelt was in a wheel chair for all three terms of his presidency due to his drinking some polio infected water from a country well.
              The hysteria which arose about vaccinations and autism has done a disservice to our kids and the medical research industry.
              Again, I am not talking about flu shots.

            • Yup. That’s why they give you all that hormone laced milk and cheese and peanut butter, all the better to infect his with allergies and autism. And this is the stuff we know about.

          • I’ve refused my children having most shots and it didn’t go well with the school, in a nutshell I told them to kiss my ass and that was that! I do have to say my kids DON’T get sick but every few years, no flu shots etc! I’ve even quit a job forcing mandatory flu shots! You have no clue what they’re shooting us up with and I’m not taking any chances. Tuskegee airmen anyone??

            • I hear you, and i won’t take a flu shot either, but as far as the Tuskegee comparison, it doesn’t really fit, because they flu vaccine is widely distributed to clinics, hospitals and doctors. Any person of any race can go in asking for one at any given time. It’s difficult to formulate a conspiracy with that data.

            • Maybe its difficult to formulate a conspiracy theory , but its not hard to see the TRUTH. Tuskegee was a practice run. Now the depopulation agenda has been expanded. No longer are blacks the focus. TPTB want 2/3 of the world population reduced. Not conspiracy. facts. It’s what they Bildeberg group discusses. It’s Bill Gates pet project. And ask FEMA why they have so many regulation black caskets stored in warehouses right here in the USA. It’s because they think they are going to need them. Right after they complete phase one of their plan- gun control. Because rights to bear arms is constitutional ,its going to take a while to dis arm the public. But once they do there will literally be no way to fight back. Obama basically signed martial law into existence. So you see, Tuskegee is mire relevant than you think. All these plans ultimately work together

    • It is really those that are closeted and wish they could come out. They hate those that do. Simple as that.

      • Lol…keep dreaming. Gays swear everybody is gay and everybody wants to be gay and if they don’t like gays they are gay and if they think they are straight they are still gay blah blah blah. Such bullshit. I’m straight up tired of seeing gay this gay that everywhere. Like get another political agenda and push that. Shit is getting tired is all

  7. first it was the govt making kids retarded and now they making kids gay and you all continue to procreate…hilarious

    • Yes . God wanted us to be fruitful and multiply. While we are aware that TPTB would like to euthanize the lot of us, we won’t give in. We will continue to procreate . And we are waking up to the realities of the evil world we live in, and become more and more aware . Due diligence , everyone has to do their due diligence , even and especialLy when it comes to raising children in this dreadful worn out plague ridden world.

    • exactly. If learning about conspiracy fills you with rage, fear and bigotry then youre doing it wrong. Blaming whitey/homos is easy, taking responsibility as the creators of all is not.

      • I’m not big

        Like I said, there’s more important things going on in the world.

        • No darling. This IS what is going on in the world. Please pay attention. When I was little anyone of me and ny friends could go to each others houses after school and eat baloney and cheese or LBJ sandwich and milk. Now kids can’t eat shit. Either they can’t handle glutin, they allergic to milk or they have an egg allergy. And peanuts? We ate them by the handful. I think my generation , age 28 and anyone older were the last to get by unharmed. Now you have to fight to keep your kids healthy. And wasn’t every key and they mama and son gay ,neither. Something has changed. So pay attention to what going on in the world, its all important.

          • Ever wonder WHY they have a Food and Drug Administration? (FDA)

            Dey put Shit in your food to make U Sick, so that you will take Drugs to Mask the Symptoms, Make you Dependent,and sicker from the side effects.

            Farm conglomerates, and Big Pharma Corporations got dey hands into our Govt BIG TIME, through Lobbyists.

        • The true Hebrews used to eat honey and locust. That’s what we should be eating.

          • Honeys good but ain’t nobody crunching on a green grasshopper. Nuh uh. Ain’t happening.

    • The same BIG who rapped lyrics like, “You look so good, uh, I’d suck on your daddy’s d!ck” and “I’d f*ck RuPaul before I’d f*ck them ugly ass Xscape b*tches”?

      BIG showed us who he was. We just didn’t believe him.

      • I wonder if peps even listen to the music lyrics. M&M even expresses his desire for boys in his music among many others. It blatant.

      • Not to mention the crazy underground sex parties of the early 1990s he engaged in with Lil Kim and others.

        • It has always been my belief that when BIG didn’t want to participate in homosexual activities anymore, he was murdered. That’s what industry people do, kill of the non-compliant ones. Don’t forget, BIG was murdered leaving a Vibe magazine party when Quincy Jones was still Vibe’s owner.

            • Yea some of Biggie’s lyrics were questionable like the line where he said something about raping the kid and throwing him off of the bridge smh I don’t think Big was as clean as we would have liked for him to be

            • Lola:

              Puff had guardianship of Usher at age 12. Usher was exposed to all types of debauchery as a result of being in Puffy’s care. If BIG rapped about raping a child, it’s safe to assume BIG learned from his mentor.




          • Big was just experimenting with shock rap. It was just what wayne Williams was accused of in atl child murders. Fuckem in they ass throw em over the bridge. Nothing to see



  8. What or who isn’t gay now?! Gee, everybody’s gotta be skittle thou fruit!!

  9. At some point, blackwomen like Faith gotta feel the heat. These sistas are among the most ardent supporters of this insanity, but, don’t wanna accept part of the blame for our youth being brainwashed like this…It’s Nauseating! Blackwomen need to wake the hell up, worrying about their stylists and weaveologists all the damn’ time. Yet, complain about all the gay and dl blackmen running around…Catch-22!

    • true most black women these day care more about their man’s dick then their own child!!!

      • Whatever, white women raising biracial kids seem to produce most of the gay population. They’re too damn passive as parents, raise your DAMN kids, don’t let them raise you!

        • What? I never heard that. I know at least 6 biracial men and none of them is gay. II can’t count how many white and black gay men I know well.

        • They don’t wanna raise no kids. The kids are fetishized, just like the way their marriage or relationship is. I don’t know about bein’ gay, but a lot of biracial black kids are fcked up.

    • @tyrone, so true. When discussing CJ with some BW, they agreed that CJ is sharp. Of course I disagree. After the discussion I realized that some bw do not know what a black lil boy needs to become strong and vibrant.

  10. th needs help she seems weak
    black women are not usually weak (only when they date/marry white men)

    • Does the same apply to black men? I’ll tell you now, I don’t care who calls me whatever I love black men the same as white men.

        • Are Kanye, Lil Wayne, Ice T, Kobe and Micheal Jordan weak (married date/white woman)? Yall slave kneegrows are killing me with your swirling hypocrisy.

            • blaque people think marrying a white person is going
              to solve any thing but it doesn’t

              blaque people ain’t in the same league as white people

              as for faith she’s half blaque and half Italian maybe that’s
              why she’s soo angry

  11. It looks like they’re just being silly. I don’t see how this means the kid is gay. On a sidenote: Faith has some STRONG genes.

    • He is gay black ppl got no gaydar what is wrong with you young boys don’t pose like that with nobody but their boo.

  12. faith you really made your self look ignorant didn’t you???
    back in the day women would’t of dared to say that but today geez

    if she didn’t like it she should of said something else

    this is the reason why the world is phucked up

    • It was a very childish and immature response! Your grown child set himself up for the world to assume! No one cares if you’re gay, they just don’t want their intelligent played with!

    • I agree. I used to like her. Didn’t know about the different fathers to the kids thing. Social media is destroying a lot of images. Think before you type and hit send!

  13. Leave these kids alone, damn. They’re just goofing off and being silly. Do none of y’all remember how immature and goofy boys are in high school???

    • Naw. Gays kids stayed in the closet. Shit wasn’t cool back then in the early 2000s

      • Back in the 90’s they weren’t in the closet but everyone knew they were different by the way they acted or dressed and it went without saying

      • I’m a 70s baby and most black dudes were wearing cut-off shirts to play b-ball and platform shoes to hit the disco. They weren’t gay…

        Anytime a black man isn’t acting negative or aggressive with another man they’re labeled gay. Kids can’t even be kids and just be plain silly mocking a movie that several grown men have even spoofed. Damn shame…
        SN: folks weren’t label James Franco and Seth Rogan gay when they spoofed Kimye.

        Yes, I understand that there’s a plethora of gay children. But not every child is gay and slandering one’s orientation based off a goofy photo taken at an exciting moment like HS graduation is just wrong.

        Black ppl have become their own biggest bullies.

        • I want to agree, and not overreact to a photo, but in my gut they look a bit to comfy with his head on the shoulder and his hands r a bit limp and to close to a restricted area.

          • And I think Seth and franko r huge queens.,they call it acting. BULLSHIT.

  14. That boy is gay and so what at least he is out and proud and not another boring closet case or down low thug, ugh.

  15. LOL coming out to the world. Like the world really cares what Jr. does.

    All these Celebs with gay children sounds more like children not getting the attention their father shoudl be giving them. But then to be atthe top of your profession you have to be a self centered a-hole. No surprise their children may have issues (I am not saying ther eis anything wrong with being gay).

  16. Yea nothing is funny about playing gay. That’s serious, a homo is a homo. Teach ya boys not to wear bags and heels, it’s not cute and you will destroy your child’s man/women hood before it even start, smmfdh.

  17. being the son of biggie and all cj should be posing with girls instead of with preppy ass white boys.

  18. Yea CJ Gay, the GAY agenda is real. What’s right is wrong, what’s wrong is right. The Devil is working…smh


    • I do NOT vote and I almost fell for that mess too.Its all apart of the conspiracy

  20. the gay situation was out of hand way before obama was elected into office.

    obama did help push the agenda just like bill clinton did.

  21. @ Lola I don’t vote either. It doesn’t matter if we vote or not. The President isn’t elected he’s selected. So it doesn’t matter if we vote or not

  22. Black people can be so ignorant. Smmfh… gay agenda, not voting, food makes you gay…. maybe you see more gay shit now because people are no longer in the closet. And the president promoting equal rights is what he suppose to do as the leadernof a free democratic country where we all are free to live our lives… you are free to go live in iran or saudi arabia where you wont have to deal with gay people. The biggest agenda you are missing is your adoption of the white mans corrupted bible and his version of christianity. What fools take on the belief system on their enslavers. And you cant even do that right, since black women are having babies for every nigha with a johnson without being married… if you believe in the bible so much stop being whores, take care of your kids, push education, and stay out of jail that will go a long, long way to defeating any conspiracy your community.

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