Funkmaster Flex’s Soft Rant on Dame Dash…


Fagmaster Flex fired off shots, but kept the audio under wraps out of “respect” for Champagne Dame.

After yelling “cut the song!” Funk Flex dove into a lengthy diatribe, filled with stories and explanations about how he came to know Dame, his experiences with him and why he believed his “culture vultures” insult was out of line.

“Right now, stick to artwork and clothing and slippers,” he said. “Do that. That’s all you. That’s your lane. Let me do this music thing up here. I got this. Roc-A-Fella didn’t give me any money to play nothin’, always had paper. Nice try!”

“Culture vultures? What is that?” he continued. “People who are not of his color capitalizing on the culture? Is that what is being said? Don’t try to say you ever paid me to play records. Tell the story of how you was tryin’ to pay the person next to me to get me to play records. You remember that conversation?”

Flex then dug into his archives for the origins of Jay and Dame’s storied music label and how it took a “culture vulture” to get things off the ground.

“[Jay Z’s]‘Ain’t No’ with Foxy Brown woulda died out here if Def Jam didn’t pick it up,” he said. “There was a movie soundtrack, Nutty Professor, that picked up that single. I remember it clearly. Remember when the culture vulture cut you that check?! I’m tellin’ you what this is ’cause I been in the game and a lot of people can’t comment on this and that’s what this cornball is banking on. If that didn’t get picked up by Def Jam you woulda been Boo Boo Records, OK?”

While hip-hop has moved towards independent labels and guerilla-styled music videos, in the ’90s, video and album budgets teetered into the millions.

“When your label situations get signed in the ’90s, he was getting $2 to $3 million in overhead,” he said. “He was getting million dollar video budgets. He was getting million dollar album budgets. The culture vulture cut him those checks! Who put a gun to his head to sign those deals? Everybody woulda took those deals and he took them and was successful at it. He’s a sore winner. The culture vulture allowed you to call yourself the cakeaholic! Def Jam let that logo live! You don’t wanna look in the mirror and take the mistakes you made! Don’t be mad at me ’cause I’m still current and you’re not. Don’t be mad ’cause I stuck up for my friend.”

Next on Flex’s list was the unpaid artists that Dame has allegedly left in his wake.

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  1. Dame u reach’en son lol yo pockets mus be mighty low mane u look’en real thirsty son lol dame I can remember you being a ass hole extreme when you was wit j and rockafella was on top u treated people why f*ck’ed up I’d say everything you get u deserve u were a complete ass hole thought all your money and so called fame and yowho u tthought was your boy j was fa ever hu? Well he shook rockafella and jet’ed on u and u hit the ground like a safe and u ain’t what you was now u try’en to get back up but you ain’t doen it right o wate you was nobody to begin with you ain’t no rapper u was ride’en coat tails wake up son like i said you reach’en look’en and sound’en crazy well u always looked crazy but u try’en your best to stay relevant lol

  2. What FLEX is saying is true, but should Black Artists be beholden like slaves to a Music Industry that doles out Multi-Million dollars record deals to a Black Artist and his or her team just so that artists project (album) will have a fighting chance to sell among thousands of other major label releases in a month’s time? The Music Industry will make Million more than the Black Artists and his or her teams that the artists

  3. So the culture vulture is? Jay Z is just really greedy. What happened to all the dudes he was close with? Jazz O and Memphis Bleek?

    • He is still friends with Bleek. He has him working in one of his companies and he said in a song he’ll never have to work again or release another album

  4. What about state property, beenie siegal, peedi crack, chris and neef and them. Alot careers ended when Jay took the roc and left Dame in the dust and lets not forget Dipset.

  5. Fuck,em both sore winners,these niggas is losers for real! And f*cked in the ass by flex is sooooo 90,s,bend over flex,those checks are not as big as they use to be,now go put on a down south record,and scream over the vocals,new York rap is dead flex!

  6. I agree with Dame. Aint Flex the only person of color on that manilla folder show that loves to instigate racism.

  7. Isn’t greed the name of the game? Isn’t the object to get the most you can as fast as u can? Those other Rocafella artists were good, but they weren’t business saavy. They were dependent on J for to much. That’s why they fell to the wayside once J left. Each one of them had the talent to do it in their own, but they didn’t. How is that J’s fault? Nothing is forever. Not one thing. I’m not a JZ fan, I just don’t understand the backlash where him Dame Dash and Rockafella are concerned. Dame should have been able to pick up the pieces and move on to rebuild his empire after dude left, but he didn’t. All he did is complain. Dame is super bitter, and it looks terrible on him.

  8. big lips jay z helping that known racist jutin timberfake back in 2004
    him and his band mates called his former manager a n1gga!!!!!
    then he made fun of a homeless black guy with no teeth at his wedding receptions

    then he used pharrel didn’t even thanks him

    (white people always show their true color eventually)

      • you must be that self hating coon on the other threads
        your more like jay z the big lipped coon who sucks up to white people’s ass’s

        justin timberfake is racist he uses black people for credit he looks old
        is true what they say white people ages badly



  10. I want to know as to when Funk Flex is going to come out of the closet. It is so obvious that he enjoys the taste of weenies!

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