Jay Z Claps Back at Beyonce’s “Lemonade” in PR Stunt?

jay z beyonce lemonade response

Beyonce’s allegations of Jay Z cheating on her are turning out to be nothing more than a PR stunt. Sources report that after the singer spilled her guts on her latest album, Lemonade, Jay Z is prepared to clap back.

According to Us Weekly, Jay is “working on an album telling his side of things.”

And you do know how all this will end, right? Probably with a joint world tour that will net the Carters millions of dollars.

Can’t be mad at that…


    • Agreed the Carter's marketing genius I cannot say a bad word about them. They are doing better than most black couples.

    • Now what have we learned from this ??
      If you wanna run the world …start at home first !
      Real divas No how to take of their man and children !

  1. Here's the funny part: Isn't Becky supposed to be a white woman? So why did Superhead say she was the Becky?

  2. Can't hate the player, hate the game!! Great strategy on their part to make millions. After all people love drama fiction or nonfiction.

  3. Well they seem to be making lemons out of lemonade, but the tell tale signs of unhappiness are in Beyonce's eyes. I've never been a Beyonce fan. However, after seeing her reactions and the way she seems effected by what has been going on behind the scenes, I actually am starting to feel sorry for her. I'm sure Jay Z has his side. It's like being married to the person you are doing diss tracks about. What a living hell that must be for both. But they seem to be cashing in that $$$-ade!!!

    • Are you serious Beyoncé is a beautiful fit married black woman with a husband who loves their child she's living better then oh 99% of black women including you. Your fantasies you don't need to feel sorry for her feel sorry for yourself.

      • @ 12:22 Yup. I feel sorry for her. There are many things that money CAN buy you, and there are many things that money CAN'T buy you. One of those things that money can not buy is that super cosmic soul connection with that Soul mate that is unbreakable and slut-proof. Something so deeply spiritually connected that the words, "what God has put together let no 'man' put asunder". Because said man would never want to, nor would he allow any one come between him and said woman. Maybe you're one of those types who are Marriage for Hire and don't care about a true connection with a man beyond what he can give you. If that is your case, I feel sorry for you too! But the story is not over yet, and already it is coming apart at the seems. If you've ever been in a situation remotely close to that (sham), you'd be able to see it on her face, too. So, yes, I feel sorry for her. You'll know about it soon. No human can keep up a farce like that for too long. She may have really thought she found true love, but it is obvious that she is not happy. At some point the heart's longing for REAL love gives in. The tell tale signs are there. What am I responding to you for, you probably won't ever know what true love is in this lifetime. Just remember, "I told you so."

  4. I'm all the way tired of this gimmick. Can't wait for it and the Kardashians to end.

    • I'm pro black I would rather see the Carter's gimmicks 24 hours a day then the Kardashian's for an hour so I would rather get rid of the white trash

  5. I think it's true about him messing around. However their marriage is based on $ not love. All is well in the Carter's house

  6. Who believes their crap anyway. They do this drama to sell music and tours. Now he's coming up with his made up nonsense about her made up nonsense. Only dummies believe their nonsense.

  7. Believe it are not it's some truth in there look in her eyes it's one thing that you can't hide the truth.

  8. SUCKERS ALL OF THOSE WHO BOUGHT THE ALBUM and tickets for the Tour
    Whose gonna buy an album ti hear him say negative things about his WIFE?
    Blackfolks will do any degrading thing for a $$$.

    Im done with both of them . BlackLove on sell at walmart


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