Janet Jackson is Pregnant

janet jackson pregnant

Janet Jackson has confirmed she is pregnant with her first child. This will be Janet and her husband, Al Mana’s, first child together. They’ve been married since 2012.

Back in April, Janet backed out of the U.S. and U.K. legs of her tourto start a family – a decision that left many of her fans ticked off.

“We’re in the second leg of the tour and there actually has been a sudden change. I thought it was important that you be the first to know. My husband and I are planning our family, so I’m going to have to delay the tour,” ~ Janet Jackson




  1. Talk about a PR relationship, they don't seem to have any chemistry. I can only wonder what Janet gets out of this "marriage".

    • She gets all the p*ssy she wants. And he gets all the dick he wants. That's what they get out of this marriage

      • Well is her 50 year old ass is really pregnant, I guess their slaves, I mean servants can breathe a sigh of relief for 9 months. No one will accidentally die in their fun and games.

  2. **OFF TOPIC **
    2 Pac's mom left his music to a former head of Warner Bros. Nothing to husband. Seems odd. Jacky, Any further details?

    • From what I know of the situation her & the husband have been not getting along & on the outs for quite sometime. It's be discussed that the feeling was that he's long felt "over-entitled to a certain lifestyle & accouterments funded by the proceeds of her son's career" & she didn't appreciate it & neither did others close to her.

    • As much as I love Janet I'm really ashamed of her on this one. She knows how she's handled or rather denied her past situation. Now she's going to defy common sense & have a baby at 49 yrs? I'd have so much more understanding on this if she came flat out & said they're going t use a surrogate. Honestly, whether they tell it or not I hope that's what they do. This is so not a good look no matter how much she pretends & plays it off.

  3. Shes not pregnant. Her secret daughter is, and Janet's gonna raise the child as her own. Allegedly.

  4. Until this daughter by James aids infected ass is confirmed I'm not believing that one

    • Uh…that's what I'm saying. This is going to be the golden billionaire baby so she'll be all in on this one. She'll be bucking for Mommy Of A Lifetime Award on this one.

  5. Didn't Kim Fields have a baby at 44? Another so called Black woman (non-celebrity) had a baby at 56 if I remember the news correctly back then. I always knew that the Original woman could conceive healthy babies past that bogus 40 year mark contrived BY Neanderthals FOR Neanderthals. Again, even the medical stats so called Blacks are being measured by when you go in for your check up are standards made for Neanderthals – then our people wonder why they are leading in health issues. You're being measured by non-Original standards. Watch some Dr. Jewel Pookrum (Original woman) on youtube. I had my suspicions about that 40 year Neanderthal BS. I'm keeping hope alive.

  6. More like she delayed her tour because ticket sales were low. Who the fuk wants to be Prego at 50 lawd these celebrities are so strange I bet the child's name will be tree or princess pear some stupid shit

  7. No if it's a boy his name will be little moonwalker say say thriller beat it to give back to her late brother lol.

  8. We all know this ain't her first child, but whoever is carrying this child whether it be her or a surrogate, congrats to them!

  9. There is no baby. She did this because of the fuss around her cancelled tour. She will sadly announce a miscarriage in three-four months and no one will doubt it because of her age.

  10. i wish her well but who gets preggers when they have a tour to finish, we cant get our money back till she cancels, irresponsible at best, never buying another ticket.

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