Janet Jackson Cancels U.S. Tour Dates, Time to Retire?

janet jackson concert canceled

Hmmm..something’s going down with Janet Jackson. The singer has been canceling tour dates left and right without any explanation!

The entire UK leg of her “Unbreakable Tour” was cancelled last week, and now she has canceled a few of her U.S. concert dates, too. Tucson, Albuquerque, Birmingham, North Little Rock, Moline, IL, Milwaukee, Norfolk, Hershey, PA, Manchester, NH, Providence, Tulsa, OK and Winston-Salem, NC dates have been wiped clean from her official Facebook page. It’s only a matter of time before more cancellations are announced.

What do you think, is it time for Mrs. Jackson to hang it up and retire?


  1. Janet can't sing and she is damn near 50. Let us not forget that her face looks like plastic and her boobies are fake as Kim K's ass! I will always listen to Janet's classic songs; the ones produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Let's face facts, Janet is like Kobe Bryant; she is too old and no longer in physical prime. She should just retire and thank God she had a brother who was the greatest of all time!

    • She sounds better than 90% oh these artists today.
      And 150% than these rappers that have no business trying to sing.
      And most of tge cant rap either.
      Face it RAPPERS AND AUTITUNE DESTROYED The music industry.
      Janet is no Mariah Cary, but then neither is Mariah these days

  2. Women like Janet, Madonna and Rihanna need to get a clue. Most people are not going to pay $200, or $300 dollars to see a singer who can't sing. Give me Patti Labelle or Stephanie Mills any day and any night! I'll pay top dollar to see them perform!

  3. Maybe she sat down and said to herself, I don't need to work and I don't have anything to prove to anyone. Also didn't she have surgery on her throat. Maybe something is wrong…i hope not.

    • COCAINE! HOLY SHIT! I wonder where Janet wuold learn to do such a destructive habit (Debarge)

  4. I guess the fact that her dad is dying means nothing. Everyone that bought tickets to the show has seen Janet before…and its the same show since the 90's. Let that woman take care of her dying father. I'm sure Ms. Katherine is a mess.

  5. Geez. She didn't cancel the UK leg, she cancelled the european leg and no, she's not cancelling US dates. All of them are still on her official website and available on Ticketmaster? Why are people too stupid to check their facts, before they post something?

    • Why are people so stupid not to check their facts regarding past cancellations of concerts.

  6. Janet is very private.
    We will find out eventually.
    She keeps everything very very very close to the vest!

    She is married to a Billionaire, doeant need the money.
    As far as OLD. She is in better shape that most blackwomen in their 30's.
    Check out her body, now go to the mall on a saturday… Compare .
    Janet is doing fine.
    If she is ill, pray for her. Dont talk about her!

  7. Her dad is sick and as of today her mother is 733 million dollars richer….I would have never sold that catalog. smh

  8. Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul. Two females who hit it big in the music industry but could not sing for nuthin. Since they could dance and had good songs/beats, they got over.

    • Agree. That catalog is worth billions. They should have held on to the Beatles. Apparently MJs music wasn't apart of the deal. Oh well

      • I still don’t think that people realize just how much that catalog was worth, it was beyond priceless. With the money that they say was made after his death they should have been out of debt so why did they sell it? Baffling…But yeah, MJ was right when he left Sony, Tommy is a devil.

        *Stare longingly at tin hat in its case*

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  9. Janet is done. Rihanna is done. She can't sell her concerts either. Must make that money to pay off the albums advance. Hmmmm,

  10. 104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#5
    Don’t believe the hype. This former A++ list singer, who also acted back in the day is not bailing her tour because of scheduling, she is bailing because no one is buying tickets. When you are a former A+ lister you don’t want to play places that are not even half full. Hey, at least she didn’t go with the now popular vocal injury. That way you can still go out. Exhaustion or other excuses makes you look bad when you go out. = Janet Jackson

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