Azealia Banks Shades K. Michelle Over Canceled Tour

azealia banks k michelle concert

Azealia Banks is still in her feelings over a canceled tour from summer 2015. The rapper was teaming up with K. Michelle for a joint tour… up until K. Michelle pulled the plug on the whole thing!

Never one to just STFU and keep it moving, Azealia proceeded to drag K. Michelle once again after a fan brought up the tour cancellation.

azealia banks k michelle

Wait, did she just call K. Michelle a “bird bitch”? LOL. Pot meet kettle…


  1. Azealia is just a silly coon with no talent who can only create headlines calling people out because nobody is checking for her music.

  2. Who are these two ratchet looking black women? I never heard of them. These two black chicks look just as ugly as the strippers at the Barbary Coast!

  3. You obviously havent listened to ABanks music. She's VERY talented. Agreed she has TOO big of a mouth but I cant take her talent away. Girl can sing AND rap. Her "Broke with Expensive Tastes" Album is da shitz. Check out 'Heavy Metal and Reflective' among a few other nice tracks on that album –

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