Kanye Getting Desperate for Cash, Pleading for Work on Twitter

kanye west broke

Kanye West is really desperate these days. After admitting he’s $53 million in debt, the rapper is realizing it’s going to take more than the occasional album drops and clothing collections to feed him, Kim Kardashian, their two children, and their lavish lifestyle.

So Yeezy has gone into overdrive on Twitter, and he’s using the social media platform as his very own Monster.com. The rapper has been tweeting out fellow celebrities and business owners to give him a chance to do work for them. Just recently, he reached out to Steve Ballmer, the owner of the Clippers.


He could have at least @’d Steve, right? How hard is that to do Yeezy? Smh.

On top of that, the rapper is ready to step it up when it comes to releasing his music and clothing collections. He promises to torture us with 3 album releases this year, and 6 clothing collections.


Kim must have given him an ultimatum to get his money right or bounce!


  1. the elites is getting ready to take these negroes down they are tired of you niggas kayne what shamed you used your mom as a sacrfice

  2. This is getting bad for this man they let this man hit Rock bottom for one reason they are about to take him out Kim will be divorce very soon lights out I hope you enjoyed the toys Satan giving to you because now it's time for him to collect times up.


  4. Wait a minute! Didn't Kim just brag on twitter that she transferred money into their joint account? Last week, when she posted that nude photo and people got in her ass about it, that's when she tweeted about her money that she made from her games.

    • That was Kanye on her phone saying that just to save face Kim don't even talk are type like that and if she does say it it's always a private conversation not for us to hear are see.

  5. I don't understand why he can't get some money from Kim. She owns Shoedazzle. Can't he ask her for the money. She can scrape at least 50 million out of her sofa.

  6. Comment:
    kanye lost millions on his clotrhesline that flopped.

    he should be getting royalties he produced a lot of artists over the years why is he broke he got to be spending more than hes making.

    • He's lost money on every one of his fashion endeavors. He's not making that much because his stuff is too expensive. He must produce it with his own money and hope to make it back on sales. It's not happening and he is getting desperate.

      • YEP. Lets not 4 get dat Confederate Flag Bullshit Clothing Line a few years ago!

        KanGay, U No U can't come cry N back 2 us after dat!

  7. Who is they there are only 2senerios here. 1is he doesnt want to spend his own money so he will file bankruptcy. The other is this is a cry that jay z isnt paying him what he wants . Making j look bad but doesnt want to directly call him out. Thats who his contracts are with right?

    • Kanye must produce his album and then go on tour to make the money Jay Z would have had to front for the album first. He is not going to sell on those albums nor will his concerts sell to be able to pay Jay Z back. Jay is not stupid. The problem is that he owes JayZ money and maybe JayZ did not want to have this man go into further debt knowing he's not making the cash.

    • He's already maxed out on the money he is going to make. Anything from here on is residual money. He will not do mega sales on albums, fashions, concerts. The is tapped out and he knows it. His problem is that he is married to a woman / family that want a super expensive lifestyle and he is not producing that for them. On top of that there is the two kids he has to provide for. What is Kim portion in this marriage. He knows she will suck him dry at some point.

  8. Please don't tell me that you guys are buying this? Broke? About to be killed by "The Elite"?

    Are ya really that gullible? Why isn't Lamar dead now? He was very close, and yet he lives and breathes. Could it possibly be that….GASP…..the KKKs don't actually WANT them dead?
    Witches, "elite", sacrifices and Satan. It's 2016 and yall talking like it's the 1800s.

    If the "elite" control everything, why are the Koch Bros, Soros, and the entire political donor class shitting their pants over Trump getting the nomination? Surely they could have "sacrificed" him eh?
    Yall look for the boogie man in everything and he just doesn't exist. Just like the sky fairy.

    • Comment: Satan most certainly is real , and the entire world is lying in the power of the wicked one. This explains the horrific conditions of the Earth, people, and everything that is bad.

  9. This guy tried to be so avant-garde and iconoclast and he just wound up like some big old public fool. He cannot possibly be st8t with a wife who shows her putang all over the place and "escorts" European men to New Year's Day concerts. How does he get to be a designer, you gotta study for that.

    And that is Kanye's problem. He thinks he can do it all without study.

    • He thinks his name will deliver him to the promise land just like Kendall's last name got her modeling gigs. He has to learn about fabrics, patterns, sawing, tailoring, seamstress detailing, merchandising, and all that. He thinks he can just hire some seamstresses and drop his name on his stuff and people will flock to it like bees to flowers. He is delusional and he is losing what little of his mind he has left. That family is just waiting for him to drop because they won't get rid of him as they have Kim's other men.

  10. kanye knew the path he was choosing when he decided to go overboard. he was very aware that this would be the end result. remember the "wrong way" sign? he noticed the synchronicity just like everyone else.

  11. Comment: This is Kanye's Brittney Spears moment, as you can see she hasn't been right since, and neither will he. The industry however will continue to make money off of him.

  12. Kanye shows what happens to sell out coons who think that ww actually give a shit! I know many of you punks on here can't stand your own mama cause your bum ass dad booked so you uplift ww.

    DUMBASSES. WW give birth to the police, idiots!! Every coon who marries or breeds with a ww, is just giving his LEGACY MONEY right back to the police. And you f*ckas got the nerve to be dissing BW? Thats why I don't march for no bm, unloyal hoes. Thats what Kanye and the rest of the coons get for ass kissing.

  13. Kanye is a sucka and nothing but a trick who need to cop some antipsychotic meds with the quickness, because those evil Trashians are keeping him sick to help Kim rob him blind.

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