Jamie Foxx Walks Out On Interview When Asked About Katie Holmes

jamie foxx walks out interview

Interviewers are going to learn that asking Jamie Foxx about his relationship with his rumored girlfriend Katie Holmes ain’t the move!



  1. The only reason he would get mad is if he don’t like her or he embarrassed. It wasn’t that deep.

  2. i’ve never seen this man date a black woman. why? can’t control them? hmm…

  3. Everyone knows. The secret is out. This will not end well for Katie. The fact that they were sneaking around, being undercover, and secretive, was part of the allure for Jamie. Now that the secret is out, it will no longer be exciting for him.

  4. Rumor is they are married! But she has a contract with Tom Cruz to not speak about her relationship with Jaimee.

  5. He is a f@g and she is his beard. Crazydaysandnights.net was saying that she had some really bad botox that left her looking like she had a stroke. I guess I see it in the top pic. She is also a raging alkie –

  6. Probably don’t want folks to think he may have HERPES because she sure does ✌

    • If 48%of us have herpes, where do u think we would have gotten it from since The CDC says 60% of blk males over 30 are infected with herpes. How old are you?

      • That’s right. and the same CDC that these buffoons are so quick to ascribe to says 50% of Black males have HIV. What idiots. Anyway, I can’t trust a center run by the devil’s children and headed at that time by a white female. Anyone who knows anything about white females know those are the most filthy breeds on the planet. They fuck all kinds of farm and domestic animals and have no qualms about it. Yes. even your clean cut beckies are into some sadist shit. Watch a movie called “Sleeping Dogs Lie” by bobcat goldthwait in order to see what they hide in plain sight. Cropophilia is a “roman’s” aka neanderthal sport. If those CDC reports are true about black woman, it’s because the white bitch blew the pitri dishes apart with their filth.


    • Never!!! Jaime is no black womans dream guy. Now if we would’ve lost Allen Iverson, Idris Alba, Michael B Jordan, Steph, Lebron, Deion Sanders, Nas, Martin, Mike Epps, Lance Gross, Method Man, Obama or you know any real nigga that actually matters, than we may roll one eye one time. But I can assure you that nobody is tripped off of Jaime.

      • Michael B. Jordon doesn’t date black women.. Get your facts straight..Deion is no prize for black women..Mike Epps is dating an other..

      • But Lebron wants a white woman. He can’t stop lusting after then. He is a disgrace to black females. Toxic ?

    • Jamie Foxx ugly af and he’s gay. All the white women that are with self hating coons are doing black women huge favors! Trust we gives no fuck ????

      • Aman… Bottom feeding beckies are the shit eating shrimp for the black community.

  7. HSK has the oddest comment section full of assumptions and outright lies about blk men and women. Are any of you REALLY blk? Smh

  8. news flash⚡THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS THEiR OWN BUSINESS… not the worlds.. As such to any other couple… Are we so brain washed as to think putting all our relationship bussiness out in the street love in hip hop style is the norm? And if u not doing that some thing is wrong with u?…. Smh… What is this world coming too…

  9. He hosts mansion parties because I know someone who got invited to get on the party bus and had to give up their phone. It looks like a fetish when bm keep on having babies with ww long after their prime like eddie munster murfee.

  10. Without makeup Katie Holmes is just as ugly as the crazy white bitch Tonya Harding!

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