Fox Tells LeBron & Kevin Durant ‘Shut Up & Dribble’ After Trump Criticism

fox shut up dribble lebron kevin durant

Fox News’ Laura Ingram unleashed on LeBron James and Kevin Durant after the two NBA superstars voiced their criticism of Trump. After calling their comments “ignorant,” she then instructed them to “shut up and dribble.”


  1. @Blackman…Shut Your “FAKE HOTEP” Ass Up!!!…This Ain’t No MF Roman Times….A**Wipe!!!

    • But yet black people pledge to the romans & greeks last time i checked & they the blacks wit the most $$$ ?

  2. he’s entitled to say whatever but
    I do think that those millionaires need to be conscious of the rest of us because we all out here trying to pay bills and survive while their problems are different from our problems

  3. Tell Laura to shut up and keep taking d*** for her joke job on a joke network because the Weinsteins will replace her in a hot minute with some other pseudointellectual bimbo. LeBron and Durant actually have talent that makes billions of dollars for multiple industries. She needs to shut her thot mouth. And as Americans, they have every right to speak on the clown president.

  4. shut up and play ball. worry about stop cheating on your wife and hiding that illegitimate child! I can’t…w/the foul mouth.

  5. They need to put their money where their mouths are and start their own leagues. Stop making the white owners rich on top of rich on top of rich. All of these white owners children are in top ivy league schools getting the best education off of the backs of black people. Its slavery all over again. Stop this cycle!

    • Opinion isn’t what got her the job or why she still has a show. Not on that network.

  6. Every time Lebron James scores a triple double, his owner, Dan Gilbert makes a billion dollars. Then Mr. Gilbert uses that billion dollars and buys a bunch of property in Detroit. #BlackLaborWhiteWealth

  7. Black athletes have yet to figure out the game. No name white reporters will say stupid, racist shit about black athletes so they can boost their careers. If you don’t believe me ask Tomi Lauren. Lebron should have just ignored that ugly white bitch!

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