Jamie Foxx Heroically Saves Stranger From Burning Car

jamie foxx car crash

Jamie Foxx heroically saved a stranger from a burning car wreck.

The actor, musician, comedian, and all-around dope dude had no problem risking his life to save someone from an overturned car.   Foxx saw a car get in an accident Monday morning around 8:30pm in Hidden Valley, California.

jamie foxx car crash 3

Apparently, the car had skidded off the road and landed in a ditch upside down.  Instead of just calling AAA, Jamie ran to the passenger’s rescue.  The accident took place near the actor’s home, and he heard the car crash into a ditch.  He then called 911 and ran to help the person because he was afraid the car might explode.

jamie foxx car crash 2

Jamie reached in and unbuckled the victim from his seat and proceeded to drag him 30 feet so he was at a safe distance from the wreckage.  The flames were so bad that the driver was rushed to hospital once an ambulance arrived, and was treated for major burn injuries, amongst other injuries.

jamie foxx car crash 4


  1. Must have been a movie. I don't buy any of these stories and they usually come out at a time when they are doing something. The last story was former Patriots, Vince Wilfork saving someone – right before the Super Bowl.

    • Or maybe just maybe a lovers quarrel broke out he the victim of the crash. Threatened to out him as well as this being the week of outing black celebs who so called angry all they dick sucking and clit bumping was all for nothing 2yrs in a row !
      Maybe just maybe fox attempted to stop crash victim the same way tigers wife attempted to stop him and victim wound up in a ditch ? Fox is no hero ask plies when them goons came looking for plies fox took off first !
      Then called plies a bitch for doing the exact same thing fox just did !
      So now he hears a commotion and he's first on seen hmmmm..
      He's next on the shit list his times almost up that's why he sleeping with shitty left overs !
      God fearing man f*cking a Scientologist hmmmm how does that ever work ?
      Just a thought ?…..

    • Victim is the name they used story is big enough to report but the hero saves a no name person really now ,victim …..made Zimmerman look,like a hero and T.I when's the last time u saw a hero ever in real,life !??

  2. Comment: really. the story says in the morning at830 pm. story than says saved the guy dragging him 30 feet yet the only pictures is ofa lil girl??? lets do some fact checking

    • Umm I'm pretty sure that is a stock photo from some film work.

      Wouldn't it be a bit odd for there to be actual photos of the rescue at three am?

      Use your heads people.

  3. This "story" is just to overshadowed the news that came out earlier this week about is alleged "marriage" to Crazy Tom's Ex, with all the white women in the world, he just had to go with that one, he deserves anything coming his way, at this point.

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