Alexis Arquette Calls Will & Jada “Gay Hypocrites” – Exposes Them for Being Homosexuals!

alexis arquette will smith gay

Welp, this week isn’t looking too good for the Smiths. Not only did they just get an epic read from Will’s former co-star, Janet Hubert a.k.a. Aunt Viv, but now, actress (actor?) Alexis Arquette is spilling all of Will and Jada’s homosexual tea!

Following Jada pleading for blacks to boycott the Oscars after Will wasn’t nominated for his role in Concussion, Alexis took to her Facebook to air them both out.

According to Alexis, Jada is indeed a lesbian, and Will is gay. We already knew all that, but what we didn’t know was that Will’s first marriage to Sheree Zampino ended in divorce after she caught him digging between the cheeks of his sugar daddy…music producer Benny Medina!


alexis arquette will smith gay


  1. Look at that smile on Will Smiths face! He must have been thinking about his undercover gay lover Benny Medina that day!

  2. In the Smith Family, Jada is the husband and Will is the wife. Guess what the children are?

  3. Oh well that's them the whole fresh prince cast was fruity like Alfonso ribero who acted gay on several episodes and don't get started on that gay ass butler and Jada started on different world which wasvz lesbian show

  4. Why Benny Medina tried to hide his gayness hell he had queer written all over him now the whites and gays who hung around will and Jada are outing them whites showing us how they really feel ask cosby

    • "whites" never stopped showing their true colors, dumb azz kneegros just failed to listen, watch and stay away from them.

      Envy not the oppressor and choose none of his ways. – Proverbs 3:31

      We could have been far along in advancement now, but kneegros want to be, do and follow this devil to the end. smh

  5. That picture of Will Smith smiling on all fours tells you how he became a hollywood celebrity! #butt plugged #Quincy Jones, #Benny Medina

    • You keeeep bringing up gay shit. Talking about all fours. Freak ass keep watching that gay porn as you sit and look at will pic. ??Will is on the walk of fame doing him, your gay ass got a dirty mind. ??

      • @Puss most of the "males' posting here are e-thugs or pissy sissies they always talking about gay sex white male penis and trashing bw women= gay as the day is looong.

        • No different than you changing names to promote white penis knowing you won't ever get that experience cuz you don't wash you stink kit Kat bitch .. Now go f*ck off troll !

  6. exactly thats why everybody is saying that if 2Pac never disappeared then Jada would still be strictly dickly LMFAO0O0O00O0O0O0O

    • The industry is hard at work. I bet these two needed the money and they set up to go after the Smiths. They are discovering they are neither indispensable nor invincible.

      • No, salt rocks not salty rocks, you are using it out of context which explains a lot about you are.

        pissed, upset
        She was salty because she lost the game.

        You can be salty or on salt rocks but never salty rocks, follow me?

        So you can kick salt rocks, suck on salt rocks or douche with salt rocks. Your preference "stink puss", heeee hee!

  7. So this white fag is reminding will and Jada they're not only blackbbut both of them are gay and we don't give a damn about exposing you

    • No homie this the illuminati telling them stfu or more dirt and more mk ultra clients will be outting you !

      • Surely Will and Jada knew this was going to happen to them. All those millions and they are not protected. What have they done to those kids. I think it's time for them to quietly slide into the background and save themselves and their family. But I think it's much too late.

      • You sound FUCKING stupid they don't care if ya ratchet ass watch the OSCARS or not they ain't sending them crazy ass ratchet Queens no messages about some be quiet BULLSHIT. Nigga you can't be serious right now with that f*cker.

        • Stfu argue with vagisil bitch .. Wash your ratchet stink twat ! Fuck being a defender of celebs … Defend your smelly cunt with soap and water !

    • When white people start to expose black celebrities, their fame and fortune will soon come to a end!

  8. Wilma Smith will never have another hit movie! Jada better try and movie in with King Latifah and start eating her p*ssy! The black community no longer gives a f*ck about those two homosexual satanic demons!

  9. Lol who did they piss off in scary wood for that to be let out their time must be out and it's about to go down can't wait. To see it all come out one by one. And all this time they were thinking Satan is their best friend.

  10. Well, they started bitchin' about Will's no nomination for Concussion and boycotting the Oscars. You don't do that. The Oscars is like the main high satanic worship day. They went too far outing the racism in Hollywood and they are being told to STFD and STFU OR ELSE!!

    SEE HOW YOU CAN'T BE REAL IN HOLLYWEIRD. When they finally act like truthful and all, they get cut down.

    Says more about the industry and environment than anything.


  11. All this bitch did was confirm what everybody already suspected about Will and Jada for years. I noticed back in the day how Jazzy Jeff got out of the business. He was not down with that homo shit.

  12. Taylor Swift is REALLY Tom Cruise. Will Smith walked in on him transitioning. It was the darnedest thing!

  13. while i don't agree on how the transsexual is going by conducting it, however, this is such old news about Will being a dicktaker. and being that as it may, Will may never come out verbally and say so. it's also been said that he and his in-the-closet lover and best friend Duane Martin (Google him if you don't know him), which is Tisha Campbell's husband, are in a discreet relationship and on occasions the two of them take out-of-the-country random trips together without their wives. why do you think that not a soul EVER hears a peep out of Duane? not even making guest appearances with his "best friend" at events and stuff?…yeah exactly. Will is perhaps paying him handsomely as well to keep quiet because after all, Duane is a D-List celebrity whom hasn't been in a movie for umpteen years now. so the only thing that needs to transpire now, once and for all, is that Will needs to come on out the closet because he has already on a several instances refuted and denied that he's not gay and is one of a many men married to a woman to cover up the fact and that he is lover of the male penis, and the same goes for Kim Fields' husband – another that's needs to come out the closet because he's been with men and is too a gay man but married to a woman having kids to cover up the fact. also hence the reason why Will keeps having failed marriages and can't stay married to women. conclusively, it has also been said that he and Jada aren't happy living miserable lives together, in which i definitely do believe with all that forced hugging up and kissing on the red carpet, etc that they exhibit, because he stated that he doesn't so-called believe in divorce. really nigga? come again? you and Sheree, your first wife, are what? SMDH.

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