Toronto Turns On Drake, Bans ‘6 God’ From Turnin’ Up At NBA All Star Weekend

Toronto Bans Drake NBA All Star Weekend Parties

Did the NBA pull a pimp play on Drake when they invited him to serve as “Global Ambassador” of the Toronto Raptors? And, was the play made for the sole purpose of using Drake’s celebrity in the team’s rebranding campaign surrounding 2016’s NBA All Star Weekend? Of course! Just ask Masai Ujiri.

HSK Exclusive — Our intel reveals The City of Toronto has banned Drake from headlining any after party during next month’s NBA All Star Weekend in the 6. It all boils down to the violence that continues to surround Drake, his crew, and the events he’s connected to have tarnished the rapper’s name in Toronto. But the tipping point for Toronto was the Aug.4 2015 shooting deaths of Duvel Hibbert and Ariel Navarro-Fenoy.

“No one has yet to book an NBA weekend after party with Drake’s name on the flyer & that’s because he’s currently going through litigation for the deaths at his Caribana after party.” – Toronto Tipster

Reports reveal board members for Toronto are looking to squash Drake’s annual Caribana OVO event from going down on city grounds. What’s more? Sources say it’s not just the 6 that’s done with the 6 God, now members of the NBA are following suit…

“Drake is not allowed to attend the NBA weekend after party being thrown by Kenny Smith (former NBA player turned TNT sports commentator) because the club doesn’t want to have anything to do with Drake’s crowd.”

The Drop:

“Toronto ain’t digg’in Drake due to the violence OVO Fest and his after parties have present. The most recent, the Aug. 4 2015, shooting massacre at Muzik nightclub, the spot where Drake holds OVO Fest after parties. It’s also the spot where a 23-year-old was shot dead within the club’s radius.”

The current litigations Drake’s facing could be just the beginning for Drake… Just ask Pedro Sacadura, the Toronto man who asked Drake for an autograph only to be delivered a beatdown from a set of 6 God’s goons. The stage? The front entrance of Toronto’s Muzik nightclub. The date? Aug. 4 2014. The event? Drake’s OVO Fest after party.

“Pedro Sacadura is suing Drake, Muzik nightclub, and five members of Drake’s security entourage for $100,000 in personal injury damages.”

Take a look at this video clipping of Pedro’s beatdown.


  1. He's a winning team jock sniffer, nothing more. He recently discovered the NBA and followed Lebron to Miami and all that. Now suddenly he's a Toronto supporter. What are the chances he will show up with Cam Newton in the locker room and after parties if they win the SuperBowl. He will show up in New England or Denver, because he is a huge fan of whoever will be the winner.

    • No the he can't!!! He bring his ass to Charlotte if he wants to but they will escort his ass to Charlotte-Douglass International Airport real quick! They don't nplay that shooting shit! Look at Rae Curruth. Look at what he did to Cherrica Adams and their son Chancellor. Diddy can't host another party in Charlotte because of that after party he had and folks was shooting. These celebs think they can do whatever they want because they got money? Bullshit! The Carolinas are very tight knick when it comes for that.

  2. It would be nice to see a man go all out like that for a woman but not when a man is going so far for another man. Sad times we are living in that man is in love with them .

  3. Does anybody see all his shi# started when he was kissed by the aging 80's rocker and rebuffed her?
    His look has changed and there is always some new controversy. Maybe it's all hype.

  4. Now does this mean meek can visit the team since flake cocked block meek . Then the raptors banned flake ,wondered if they called him on they cellphone…..lmao

  5. Good! It's about damn time somebody put a stop to Drake's NBA locker room hopping, sack-chasing and jock-shopping for an athletic dick to ride. Word has been out on this dude for a minute. Contrary to what the media says most women do no like him especially around their boyfriends and husbands.

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