Jackie’s Daughter Rants on Twitter After Watching Tonight’s Premiere of Basketball Wives LA.

Jackie’s daughter is ranting on Twitter about her mother after watching tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives…


  1. So what is your point of this article? You have to put more depth into your writing instead of just cutting and pasting from the internet. What is tweeting about? What’s got her so upset? Is she upset or just selling something? Investigate and then post the article with more description. Journalism 101.

  2. This mother/daughter relationship is bitter and broken, so she watches this ratched show and praises Lozada to get a rise out of her mother. Mommy could care less about her but she wants in on mommy’s life and is creating her own side drama. That’s all I got.

  3. Jackie treats that young lady like crap. I watched all seasons and she has made it very clear that she doesn’t give a damn about her daughter. That young lady created that go fund me because Jackie would NOT help her and Evelyn reached out to help her because she knows how Jackie feels about her daughter and treats her. I’m​ not a fan of Evelyn but I do believe that she did this out of the kindest of her heart.

  4. Black mother’s hate having darkskin kids. Black kids are better off being adopted by white women in Hollywood. … oh wait! That’s already happening.

    Please stop breeding kids just to abuse them

  5. Mark my words. Jackie gone see these days again. You don’t treat your child like that in any fashion. What goes around…..COMES hunty. Believe that.

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