Is Patrick Goines Legendary Author Donald Goines’ ‘Whoreson’?


Is Patrick Goines Legendary Author Donald Goines’ ‘Whoreson’?

“His stories weren’t fiction, by any means. Donnie was using people. Real people, man.” ~Ralph Watts, Goines family friend

HSK Exclusive – He was born less than two-years before the publication of Donald Goines’ gripping story of a son conceived between “a beautiful black prostitute and an unknown john”. Now, not only is Patrick Byron Goines [aka Patrick Byron McCloud] aiming to continue the story-telling legacy of the late ‘Daddy Cool’ — the 42-year-old Atlanta resident is suspected to be the living inspiration behind Donald Goines’ 1972 novel ‘Whoreson: The Story of a Ghetto Pimp’.

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According to Patrick Goines’ “Unfinished Business” book-listing, “Patrick is one of best selling author Donald Goines eight children.” The problem is Donald Goines had a total of seven biological children — five with Thelma (Howard) Powell, and two daughters with Shirley Sailor. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Marie Richardson.

Thelma Howard (left), Donald Goines (middle), surrounded by author’s seven biological children.

Donald Goines with Shirley Sailor, who was murdered with the iconic street author on October 21, 1974.

“Besides his [Donald Goines] books being a success after he got out of the pen, he also settled down with Shirley Sailor who he met while pimping.”

Reports reveal, during her common-law relationship with Donald Goines, Shirley Sailor didn’t only give birth to the pair of daughters she shared with the iconic author — she also gave birth to another child, fathered by another man [suspected to be her John], who Donald Goines raised as his own. That child is suspected to be Patrick Goines.


Though his criminal wrap sheet is nothing, compared to that of Donald Goines, Patrick Goines — who also goes by the street name ‘Cheez’ — has had a few 2008 run-ins with the law — a pharmaceutical drug charge, and a probation violation. Most recently, Patrick’s taking to Atlanta’s club scene to promote his novel led his wife Nadja to drag him to television ‘Divorce Court’ — citing suspected infidelities going down behind Patrick’s book ‘promotions’.

“What I don’t understand is the connection between being at the club and selling extra books online. Unless there’s some Amazon stands that I haven’t seen out in the Badlands of North Philly, that is. I’m proud of being married, but he tells girls he’s single. He’s not single. He said it will sell him more books.” ~Nadja Goines


Patrick published his debut novel “Unfinished Business”, back in December 2005.

“On a steamy summer night in 1991, five boys from the Bronx run into five girls from Harlem…there was plenty of sex…and then murder the next night when the boyfriends of the girls catch on. The Bronx boys come back and try to take the lives of everybody involved…but they miss one girl. She took to the south and hid out. Fifteen years later she is discovered in Atlanta by one of the Bronx guys. Instantly, her worst fears upon her, she must decide what to do, should she run or kill them? With searing wit and devastating detail, Patrick Goines takes us deep into the mind of a desperate mother who is no longer the young girl that ran, and the killers that consider her Unfinished Business.” ~Patrick Goines, “Unfinished Business”



  1. I know this story is over 2 years old but I just came across it. First I would like to say that Shirley Sailor is not Patrick Goines mother. Pat's mother is Joan the sister of Donald Goines so that would make Patrick Goines Donald Goines nephew not son and definitely not the whoreson of my mother Shirley Sailor. I was very disappointed, confused, and highly upset when I saw the picture of my beautiful mother with that disrespectful ass title. My mother had only one child by Donald Goines and it is not Patrick Goines. Also that picture is not real n I don't know who those children are but there not Donald Goines legitimate children I was two when my mother and father where murdered and I am the last child of both of my parents.- Donna Goines

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