Is Drake Wearing a Lacefront Beard?

drake fake beard

Drake is being clowned all over the internet after this photo was posted. If you look closely at the picture above, it sort of look like his beard is detaching!

What do you think? Is the 6 God sporting a lace beard?


    • Nah…maybe it got you but I never listened to that bullshit. Drake been a phony from jump so I’m not surprised about this one bit.

  1. Drake is the male version of Nicki Minaj. Everything about this motherfucker is fake. Dude is not from the hood, he is from Toronto, he co starred on a Nikolodeon tv show, wore blackface, now he has a fake beard. Anybody who listens to Drake should be ashamed of themselves!

    • True dat! He is also just like the rest of the hybrid, biracial fake ass wannabee black.

  2. What do Drake, Tracee Ellis Ross, Halle Berry, Jesse Williams, Tamera Mowry and Kamala Harris have in common? They are tragic mulattoes! It’s no coincidence that hollywood and the government promoted these bastards to top boule elite status; white people are determined do dehumanize dark skin black people, thus destroying our melanin. These half breeds receiving fame and six and seven figure fortunes is a reference back to antebellum slavery. Light skin bastards worked in the big house, the full blood black people picked cotton and marijuana in the hot humid fields. Don’t trust the mulattoes!

    PS Tracee Ellis Ross’s real name is Tracee Silberstein

  3. You can tell when a black man is bitch made when he wears fake hair. That’s what women do, not men!

  4. The beard is a fail but I love Drake’s song one dance….I want to dance every time I hear it, him seems like he’s the type of dude that trys too hard to be tough when we know he grew up in the burbs.

  5. His beard always looked too perfect to be real. And didn’t he ‘grow it’ start wearing it after some type of drama? It’s been a while.

  6. I love Drake and he’s getting sexier with age. In a few years he will be a complete Adonis!!!

  7. One day all his money will be gone, for some unknown probably forgot reason he’s allowed to bite and make bullshit music and money

  8. Don’t believe everything you read. Some $hit just be put out there to have people talking about choices other people make. Top picture dont even look like Drake. Second pic, beard looks real. Put the same amount of time and energy in making yourself, your kids, and your peeps awesome. Reading and commenting is cool but beware some stuff is put out there to keep you distracted from DOING YOU!

        • I’m so paranoid. Idk. I’m sorry. But no matter what…I’m the bad guy. Judge much? OK..u can b the bad guys too huh. Lonely much..?

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