Cardi B Backs Out of Bruno Mars Tour: ‘I Underestimated This Whole Mommy Thing’

cardi b bruno mars tour

Cardi B swore up and down that getting pregnant at the height of her career wouldn’t ruin anything about her professional life. But now she’s finding out the truth: being a mom is hard work!

The rapper has decided to pull out of the Bruno Mars tour, saying she underestimated how hard it would be to recover mentally and physically after giving birth to her daughter, Kulture.

Is she making the right decision?


  1. “Is she making the right decision”? – Is that a real question? SMH.

    • Her no good husband told her she wasn’t touring with Bruno Mars.
      Anyone will tell you this——- if Bruno Mars is doing anything for you, you have to have sex with him., That’s just a fact

  2. AND yet the SUPPOSEDLY RICH 52 year old Janet Jackson is dragging her old azz around the world with an infant.

    • Tiny’s pig lookin azz wanted to take her daughter on tour like it wasn’t shit to it.

  3. This is a show that keeps on running so long as there are people who like watching the drama.
    They chose her for their purpose, whatever that is. I don’t find it interesting. However, I do find it tragic and whole bunch of more adjectives!

  4. You can tell her illiterate ass aint write not a word of that statement. Thats at least a high school education to write that. Offsets fuxked this bish over litterally

    • Yes he has and she’s living it.. I just don’t understand this new generation of young people.
      Offset has cheated on her and does whatever he want and she still there.
      She needs to take her child and run as fast as she can. He’s the one calling the shots, she’s
      Just a puppet and I don’t listen to no new music at all……
      Offset is her handler and she’s really miserable ? with him. Her child should give her
      joy and happiness, because he surely isn’t giving her anything positive.. Don’t he have
      another child on the way pretty soon?????!

      • Another dumb bitch advocating single mother hood…. Hope the fuck you know she ain’t happy? You live in her house? Never understand why some dumb bitches want to tell another dumb bitch about how she should live her life ..

        • She is a young girl, making young girl mistakes but Janet Jackson is an Old woman setting bad examples.

        • Stop calling people out their names.. I’m definitely not a bitch at all..
          He already have children and someone else is in the process of having another child for this man.. Read over your post it doesn’t make sense.. Yes I say she’s going to leave him because he’s still cheating on her.. I know he’s her handler but he’s a very jealous man and she’s hotter than him at the moment.. What you need to do is worry about those welfare women, that you men leave and don’t come back.. You’re ignorant and complacent.. Do your research

  5. Yes she is making the right decision. See it easy to be on top when there ain’t no competition. Nikki and Takashi bringing the heat with Fefe. She ain’t ready and she knows it.

  6. Cardi b being on tour would be a bad look for Bruno Mars. Cardi represents the death culture which is promotes violence, hatred, drug use, gangs, etc. I’m sure Bruno is happy that he doesn’t have to be associated with the ratchet industry plant.

    • I’m sure Cardi’s team is happy she doesn’t have to be associated with a talentless loser gay dwarf whose entire career rests on doing a sh**ty impression of something black people did over 30 years ago.

      Bruno doesn’t represent ANY culture. He isn’t proud enough of his own to make music from it. He’s a lame using black culture to get laid and make money.

      • “talentless loser” ??
        “gay dwarf” ????
        “whose entire career rests on doing a sh**ty impression of something black people did over 30 years ago.” ???✊?

  7. I am not convinced she actually had a baby! Her tummy always looked prosthesis perfect.
    Where the baby photos at? Or will they switch photos after the public realizes the child looks nothing like either one of the parents?

  8. @Anonymous 22:41 I agree with you on whether or not she had the baby. Seeing is believing. The same goes for the kardashian /jenner famliy with all their lies. Oh and let’s not forget about Beyonce’s fake pregnancy with Blue Ivy. Katie Couric exposed her!

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